Digital profiles in 2012. 10 tips for AITD presentation in Adelaide


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  • percent of micro businesses have a web presence!??? What year is this? Many consultants have no online profile either. It’s not hard to get an online profile and quickly. Recruiters are searching for you online, so are your students, colleagues, clients and bosses. Once you are online though you need to be found. Make sure your presence is optimised by including words, phrases, job titles and programs that people will be searching for you on.
  • Innovation is born from risk. Take a risk or two. If you don’t have one why not? What are the barriers holding you back from getting your profile into the online space?
  • The TED imperativesBe interested.Be generous.Be interesting.Connect.
  • Email: how many email accounts do you have? Keep one account which you own that you use for your online subscriptions etcClients: The relationships you build with your clients are yours to share with your employer. LinkedIn gives you the ability to maintain those clients as contacts beyond your employmentNetworks: By joining groups and discussions you will grow your online profile and reputation that will stay with you as you move through your careerKnowledge: Be aware of the knowledge you bring to an organisation spell out your capabilities. You can use online tools to retain the knowledge you bring Tools: Dropbox, the cloud, Google Docs, Google apps and other tools are transportable and can form part of your online profile management.
  • Understand technology.You don’t need to be in IT to understand technology. Make your online profile reflect your abilities to operate and understand technology. In 2012 the days of the luddite are long gone. Gather people around you in your Personal Learning Network who are technology gurus and learn from them.
  • Get out of the dark.Don’t be a mushroom. Find and follow your contemporaries. Connect with them. Stay informed through RSS, Google updates or anything you can think of.
  • Be prepared to share. Just being there is not enough. Just like networking in a face to face environment, an effective online profile needs to exhibit evidence of sharing.
  • The digital immigrant argument is no longer relevant.
  • Embrace change. Technology changes constantly and rapidly. If you are leading the way in any field, showing evidence in your online profile that you are comfortable with technology can only enhance your online reputation.
  • Seek endorsements. Be happy to seek recommendations from people. If they tell you that they are happy with your performance then hopefully they will also be willing to attest to that in writing. That little bit of effort can go a long way in the future.
  • Digital profiles in 2012. 10 tips for AITD presentation in Adelaide

    1. 1. The online profile in 2012 10 tips 20 Minutes Rhys Moult eBusiness Strategic Advisor City of Salisbury
    2. 2. “just 33.2 per cent of micro businesses have a web presence” ABS 2011
    3. 3. Do what TED says
    4. 4. BYO and TYO
    5. 5. Get outof the dark
    6. 6. Embrace change
    7. 7. Seek endorsement
    8. 8. The online profile in 2012 10 tips 20 Minutes Rhys Moult eBusiness Strategic Advisor City of Salisbury