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Lgaonline Creative Commons for SA local Government


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Lgaonline Creative Commons for SA local Government

  1. 1. Creative Commons and Open Datafor SA Local GovernmentExamples and Challenges#LGAonline
  2. 2. CC Licences CC = alternative copyright licensingAttribution: Share Alike: Noncommercial: No Derivatives:BY SA NC ND
  3. 3. The Precedent
  4. 4. Re-use
  5. 5. GILF (don’t Google that) Government Information Licensing Framework These screen shots from (CC BY)
  6. 6. Local Government Exemplar Mosman Readers by Mosman Library
  7. 7. Table of ContentsIntroductionPurposeScopeBenefitsTerms usedLegislationCommunity Engagement Strategies - OverviewStrategy 1: InformStrategy 2: ConsultStrategy 3: InvolvePrinciples Checklist
  8. 8. Choosing CC(why “you can’t say no”)•Cost savings through the reuse of CC licensed materials•Enhanced reputation through reuse of your Copyrighted materials•Greater flexibility for the users of our data and materials•Increased awareness of the possible reuse of our materials Image (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) noisyspoon on flickr
  9. 9. Resources • CC and Government Guide • Mosman Council Case Study • Mosman Council Community Engagement Strategy • GILF Licensing Review • Salisbury Flickr Page • CC Video