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Assignment 11 draft 4

  1. 1. Convention Use/Develop/ Purpose and Examples fromDrama Challenge Description filmsTension Use – audience Purpose – to make the follow a character audience fear for the Kidulthood not knowing what is characters and to create enigma going to happen Description – all the Develop – audience characters are shown in is given the the school playground. impression that The camera isn’t somebody is controlled and is filmed watching them at Dutch angle which conveys the impression that they are being Boy in the playground watched creating texting on his phone. tension.Conflict Use – argument Teenage daughter Precious between mother comes home after giving and daughter birth to her daughter. The mother is jealous Challenge – and angry as she has escalates into an given birth to her argument that has husband’s baby. She quite graphic and becomes so angry that extreme violence she throws a TV at her. Mother throws a TV down the stairs at Precious
  2. 2. Convention Use/Develop/ Purpose and Examples fromDrama Challenge Description filmsRelationships Use – friendly loving Purpose – to give the 4321 relationships audience insight into Develop – unfaithful obstacles in different relationships relationships and how Challenge - domestic they are handled abuse in the Description – After relationship attempting to seek revenge on the person she thought was her boyfriend, Cassandra gets attacked by him. Cassandra getting attacked by the boyRealistic settings Use – familiar Purpose – to make the Freedom Writers settings that are film seem more real to the audience and make relatable them to relate it Description – The teacher is telling the student that he can make it and be successful which is something the target audience is familiar to. Confrontation between the teacher and pupil
  3. 3. Inspirational Films 4321 • We were inspired by the • We were inspired by these close• We were inspired by the day point of view shot shown in up shots of Shannon and Joanneand time shown in the film the film. shown in the film.• The addition of the date and • The point of view shot allows the • It clearly conveys a lot oftime makes the film more real audience to share the view of the the characters’ emotion toand clear as the audience character. We are going to include the audience. We are goingalready knows the background point of view shots in our opening to include close up shots ininformation of the scene. We sequence. our opening sequence.are going to include the day andtime in our opening sequencetoo.
  4. 4. Inspirational Films Precious • We were inspired by the town and year shown at •We were inspired by these establishing shots the start of the film. shown in the film.• The film is given a personal touchlike somebody’s story is going to •These establishing shots show the lack ofunfold in the film, creating enigma. privileges Precious has in her life throughThis is what how we want our these images of her deprived community.opening sequence to come across tothe audience. We will be using thistechnique in our opening sequence.
  5. 5. Distributor Film BudgetRevolver Anuvahood $1,000,000Entertainment (estimated)Revolver Kidulthood £600,000Entertainment (estimated)Revolver Sket $1,000,000Entertainment (estimated)Revolver Shank £385,000Entertainment (estimated)
  6. 6. Why we chose Revolver Entertainment• They are able to work with flexible budgets• They have operations in both London and Los Angeles, so a variety of influence will be obtained• Most films they distribute were filmed in London• The films they distribute are mainly targeted at a young audience• The central characters in the films they distribute are young and troubled• The films they distribute are very similar to our opening sequence which features drugsFor these reasons we believe that Revolver Entertainment will beable to distribute our film effectively.
  7. 7. Distributor Film BudgetUniversal Studios 4321 $4,600,000 (estimated)Universal Studios Alpha Dog $30,000,000 (estimated)
  8. 8. Universal..• Distribute movies similar to ours such as 4321 and Alpha Dog• Distribute some films centred around young characters like our opening sequence.• Are experienced in releasing drama films• Is based in America, however they have filmed in British locations and have had British actors feature in the film
  9. 9. Warner BrosDistributor Film BudgetWarner Bros Altered States $15, 000, 000Warner A Home at the $6.5, 000, 000Independent WorldPicturesWarner Bros Conspiracy Theory $80, 000, 000
  10. 10. Warner Bros..• Have distributed a lot of drug related films• Is a long established film distribution company• Have distributed a variety of drama films
  11. 11. Social withdrawal Unable to concentrateOversleeping orinsomnia Signs Strange or irrational Expressionless gaze statements suspiciousness Failure to cry or Depression Extreme reaction to express joy criticism
  12. 12. Effects of Schizophrenia• Relationship problems – Due to isolation and paranoia• Disruption to normal daily activities - due to the sufferer’s delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thoughts• Alcohol and drug abuse - used to try to self- medicate or reduce symptoms.• Increased suicide risk – sufferers are highly likely to commit suicide during psychotic episodes, during periods of depression, and in the first six months after they’ve started treatment.
  13. 13. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – Someone lies, Purpose – To keep the Paranormal ActivityFalse Ending won’t keep their audience thinking; Cliff promise. A man. hanger. Change the way Develop – A woman. you view curtain Challenge – Something situations. demonic and scary giving Description – We through false hope. Keeping there would be a new audience scared not just equilibrium, but it ended annoyed. with a cliff hanger and the Ending – Demon still in her. demon is still inside her. Use – Young girl. Purpose – To make the Disappearance of AliceInnocent Develop – An older age, audience feel sympathy Creed possibly a man for the character and toVictims Challenge – Almost shock from her killing the being the villain, the villain victim ends up killing the Description – At the end villain. of the film the woman taken hostage ends up killing the men that took her showing no remorse over it. The Victim kills the villain. Convention’s based on our film
  14. 14. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – Middle aged male. Purpose – To show the Law abiding CitizenEscaped Develop – Female. mentality of the character – how smart and cunningconvicts they are. Description – The man planned his escape from prison before her went in to out smart the police and get justice. Planning an escape from prison. Use – Kidnap film. Purpose – To shock the The Human CentipedeShock Develop – Making it audience, showing a real psychological. life situation in a Challenge – Making it disturbing and terrifying horrific and unexpected. manner. Not predictable . Description – The villain Disturbing. holds 3 people hostage and shocks the audience in doing some extremely unexpected disgusting the Takes people hostage and audience creates them into a human centipede. Convention’s based on our film
  15. 15. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – A man get’s away At the end of the film The TownRelief at and starts his life again the guy gets away and else where. start his life againthe end. elsewhere with no attachments Develop – It becomes At the end of the film Devil scary and it plays with the man is sorry for your mind. what he did and he is rescued yet there is still tension about where the devil goes next. Challenge – Making it so At the end the police The Human Centipede disturbing and horrific - come over and even although your relieved, though theres loads of your still disgusted and gory killing the girl in feel uncomfortable. the middle will be recued.
  16. 16. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use (villain) – Can’t see You don’t see the PsychoVillain and details, remains a villain killing nor whoVictim mystery. they are killing the Use (victim) – An woman in the shower, attractive innocent woman. it makes the audience wonder who it is. Develop (villain) – You Scream can hear that it’s a male The villain is a male in their voice, not that and you see the girl he much of a mystery. killed hurt but you Develop (victim)– Both don’t see how he killed makes and females, you can see them hurt but her or the gory details. not them getting hurt. Hose of wax Challenge (villain) – Very The victim is a male shy and insecure. who is killed by a shy Challenge (victim) – and vulnerable villain, Male, showing him in a you see the victims get gore like manner hurt. killed and in detail what it looks like.