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Assignment #11 draft 6 part 1


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Assignment #11 draft 6 part 1

  1. 1. Assignment 11: Getting Into Groups.Opening Sequence – Final Draft Key Code: Abigail: Gledis: Joanne: Vera: Group Work:
  2. 2. Teacher Assessment – Draft Four Opening sequence:
  3. 3. Peer Assessment of Draft Four - Opening Sequence:
  4. 4. Peer Assessment of Draft Four - Opening Sequence:
  5. 5. Self Assessment of Draft Four - Opening Sequence:
  6. 6. Feedback of our forth opening sequence: •We definitely succeeded in scaring our audience which was one of our main aims.
  7. 7. Feedback of our forth opening sequence: •All of our audience feedback was very positive and many enjoyed our opening sequence.
  8. 8. • From draft four to our final draft, we made a few amendments to our opening sequence idea.• For this, we had to change the ending as we received feedback stating that it wasn’t exciting and that there wasn’t a good climax.• This is essential for a thriller opening sequence.
  9. 9. c• This was a challenge, as we were limited for time, however we were able to justify going over 2 minuets as we had to create suspense.• This change helped us to improve overall because it made our opening sequence more appealing to our target audience, as it became more exciting and scary.
  10. 10. New Idea.• Drew sits at her desk uploading a video she recorded onto her blog of when books were falling from her shelf. She has a flashback of this event. Suddenly the door opens slowly.• Drew gets up to look if theres someone there but there isnt so she closes it. As she walks away it open again more violently and drew shuts it in fright. As she stands against the door the TV turns on by itself, Drew grabs her camera to record this.• She tries to switch it off with the remote, then she presses the button on the screen but it doesn’t turn off. Suddenly the TV witches off and Drew sees a dark figure walk behind her in the screen reflection.• She turns to record this but nothing is there. Out of nowhere the closet doors start aggressively moving and banging. She walks towards them still recording. She quickly opens the doors and finds nothing but cloths.• While filming inside of the closet she hear her necklaces jingle. She turns with her camera and sees them moving. She backs away and runs to the door in an attempt to leave the room but it wont open. Struggling to open the door she feels something behind her and turns quickly in horror and gasps.
  11. 11. New Storyboard.
  12. 12. Slide shot• The close up/Extreme close shots we use are to highlight importance or clearly show emotions• Ariel shots used are to give a clear view of the area so you can make connections to reactions• Long shots are again the same as Ariel but with long shots we show the audience what the character doesnt see
  13. 13. New Script.
  14. 14. New Script.
  15. 15. New Script.
  16. 16. Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Fatal Use- Someone Attraction becoming obsessed after a relationship Challenge – using a female as the stalker instead of a male. Stalkers/ Obsession The Fan Develop – Instead of being obsessed with a woman and or a family, De Niro is obsessed with his favourite sports star and stalks him.
  17. 17. D Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge The Hand Challenge- it does it That Rocks through using a The Cradle women as the crazy killer stalker who seeks revenge instead of the normal use of a male Stalkers/ Obsession Stir of Develop – Its more echoes obsession as Kevin Bacon tries to find the answers to an ever haunting mystery
  18. 18. D Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Eye For An Eye Develop – A woman is used as the person seeking revenge for the crime rather than the typical use of a male character. Crime The Ambulance Develop – Not giving the audience a clear understanding of what the crime actually is at first.
  19. 19. D (Possible) Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Challenge/ Develop The Others Challenge – In this film they made you aware of the wrong ghost, whereas in regular horrors, the ghostly figure is clear. Ghosts House On A Use/Challenge – They Haunted Hill used the ghost to create fear amongst the audience and for the characters. They challenged it by making the ghost physically scary.
  20. 20. Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Use/Develop. The common feature of wrongful accusation was Primal used and it was developed because the Fear character accused was religious, young and didn’t fit the stereotypeMisidentification of who would be or Wrongful accused. Accusation. Challenge – It seems to the audience like there has been a The wrongful Usual accusation, as the Suspects only survivor is then questioned about the incident that occurred and this typically doesn’t happen.
  21. 21. Convention Explanation Use/Develop/ Challenge Our character is Using – We’re using haunted by a ghost this as we are doingGhosts/Spirits in her home. possession which can be quite a typical feature. Mysterious things Using– We’re are keep on happening using this to the character, and convention by Mystery as she becomes included mystery all aware of this, these the way through the happenings get plot. worse. At the end of film, Developing – We’re our character is fully developing this possessed. But because our Possession during the opening character is sequence, the possessed slowly character has a close and is aware of this encounter with the possession. ghost.
  22. 22. Inspirational Films E What I found Inspirational about this scene is the kind of lighting they used through out the more dark scenes emphasises the emotions of the actor /actress
  23. 23. EInspirational Films Black Swan What I found inspirational from this movie is the use of close up shots which was clearly present in this film It gives a clear picture of the characters emotions and helps the audience to connect with the character by seeing their emotions so closely.