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Opening sequence draft 2 part 2


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Opening sequence draft 2 part 2

  1. 1. Part G Chosen Conventions and how it develop Convention Use/Develop/Challenge Description and Examples from film Purpose with still shot Conflict and Use- this convention of conflict in a drama This is the scene where Precious film is kind of predictable, as most drama Precious and her mum Arguments films have arguments between characters. were fighting after Precious gets home Develop- We will develop this convention in with her new baby. This our opening sequence by using close ups and challenges the extreme close ups with an addition of convention as it have gestures and movements of the characters. high violence between characters. Love Triangle Use- this convention of love triangle is rarely This scene is when she Closer scene in a drama film, but in a drama- told her husband that romance films are possibly have a love she’s seeing another triangle or a challenge for the couples. guy. This uses the convention of love Develop- we will develop this convention by triangle, because it is a using another girl, so that the girlfriend of confession that she’s the boy will think he’s cheating. However, seeing another man. there will be a twist and it was just a misunderstanding
  2. 2. Who are the Characters & who theyPart H represent Draft 1 Ramina: Nevaeh The Boyfriend’s close friend Clothes: Black clothes to show jealousy, and darkNeil: John Ina: Lily The Boyfriend/ Fiancée of his girlfriend John’s FiancéeClothes: Semi Smart clothes when proposing Clothes: Semi formal clothes while he’s proposing Jeans and Hoody when going out with to herother girlfriend Jogging bottoms and Top when she saw them holding hands
  3. 3. Who are the Character and who they represent Draft 2 John’s Semi Formal Outfit Name: Neil Guevarra - For their Date with Lily Age: 17 Character Name: John Character Age: John’s Non- Formal Outfit - When he is with NevaehCharacter Clothes•Wears semi-formal clothes when he’swith Lily on their date•Wears jeans and hoody when he’swith Nevaeh in the park Phone when Lily calls him The necklace that he willPart H be wearing throughout the film
  4. 4. Who are the Character and who they represent Draft 2 Lily’s Semi Formal Outfit Name: Ina Bayson - For their Date with John Age: 17 Character Name: Lily Character Age: Lily’s Non- Formal Outfit - When following John to the Park with NevaehCharacter Clothes•Wears semi-formal clothes whenshe’s with John on their date•Wears jogging bottoms, and topwhen she saw John and Nevaeh inthe park Phone that she The ring that will be using John will give Jewellery that shePart H to her will wear ing their date
  5. 5. Who are the Character and who they represent Draft 2 Name: Ramina Arlauskaite Age: 18 Character Name: Nevaeh Character Age:Character Clothes•Wears black clothes throughout thescenes Nevaeh’s Casual Outfit - When she is standing outside the Café - When she is with John in the Park Part H
  6. 6. Who are the Character and who they represent for (draft 2) opening sequence Name: Neil Guevarra Age: 17 Character Name: John Character Age:Character Clothes• Grey and Black hoody• Black Jacket• Grey/ blue jeans• shoes Both pictures represent an average teenager with normal clothes Part H
  7. 7. Who are the Character and who they represent for (draft 2) opening sequence Name: Ina Bayson Age: 17 Character Name: Ina Character Age:Character Clothes• Dark blue skinny jeans• Pink hoody• Black jacket• Thick Scarf Both pictures represent an• Shoes average teenager with normal• Pink top• Blue and red polo clothes• Necklace• Mack upPart H
  8. 8. Part I Location/Setting Draft 1 • Cafe: where John proposes to Lily, while Nevaeh is outside looking at them.
  9. 9. Part I Location/Setting Draft 1 • Round wood Park: When Lily saw John and Nevaeh holding hands
  10. 10. Part I Location/Draft 2 We are going to use the Park (Roundwood Park) for our whole Opening Sequence. This is the place where Lily would see Nevaeh This is the place where and John John will propose to her We chose this place, because we want to make the audience think that why would he be with Nevaeh in the same place, where he proposed to Lily.
  11. 11. Part J How are we going to create enigma • Showing pieces of the puzzle – Not showing everything – Building suspense • Flashes of clips – There will be a flash forward
  12. 12. 5 bullet points of what is going toPart K happen in the whole film • John and Lily got engage and move in together • Lily becomes very over protective and thinks that John is cheating on her • They always argue on simple things • John’s old friend (Nevaeh) text’s him to meet up, and Lily read it and become’s suspicious • John picks up the phone and meet up with Nevaeh. He doesn’t know that Lily is following him and Lily ended the relationship and John explains that him and Nevaeh are just friends • Tries to work thing out and they’re not engage anymore
  13. 13. Part K 5 bullet points of what is going to happen in the opening sequence [Shows the date and time] • John and Lily meet up in the park, because he is going to say something important to Lily. • He proposed to her, and she was speechless, shocked, and happy. • Shoe accepted his proposal, he put the ring to her finger. [Next day: Shows the date and time] • John was on the same park with his close friend Nevaeh, talking and playing around (like what friends do). • Lily saw them, shocked and gets jealous, because she doesn’t know who Nevaeh is.
  14. 14. Part K 5 bullet points of what is going to happen in the whole film for draft 2 • Ina (girl character) is sitting in front of the laptop looking through the internet (Facebook) • She went to an album of pictures of her and her boyfriend (fiancée). • She became very happy seeing their pictures together and having a great time. However all these changed when she got a message from someone who she doesn’t know • After talking to the stranger she became curious about her boyfriend John and what is he finding from her. • In the end, she couldn’t take the curiosity anymore and she argued with her boyfriend and broke up with him when she finds out that he have another woman.
  15. 15. 5 bullet points of what is going to happen in thePart K opening sequence for draft 2 • The girl character (Ina) will be looking through Facebook looking at her and her boyfriend/husband-to-be’s pictures. • While looking through the last 3 pictures she will get a flashback of what happened in each of the pictures, showing what kind of memories they had together. • After looking at the pictures she had a message from a girl who she doesn’t know. • The person started talking to her as if the stranger wants her to know something. • Ina became curious about what the information from the person will be and the stranger told her its about her boyfriend.