Assignment 8 draft 3 part 2


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Assignment 8 draft 3 part 2

  1. 1. Evolution of boy bands
  2. 2. • The boy band phenomenon all started with the "mania" surrounding The Beatles and the latest boy band One Direction have now been made into action figures and other advertising forms, boy bands are changing.• Over the past 50 years, there have been a number of coordinated, harmonizing boy bands, each of them just a bit different from the previous.
  3. 3. The audience are more interactive with the boybands nowadays because of..• Meet and greet concerts• Social media sharing photos and whereabouts to fans• cd/book signings..
  4. 4. However audience participation could be declining.. • Because of the misuse of social networking sites, forms of audience participation could decrease as not all audience agree on audience participation techniques.
  5. 5. Evolution of girl bands
  6. 6. • 1950s – several girl bands started to produce songs that mixed doo wop harmonies and blues music• Usually trios or quartets where there any lead vocalist, the others supported a background vocal.• Girl bands flourished during the 1960s, constant presence in bill board charts
  7. 7. • Now girl groups are being formed through talent shows such as Girls Aloud and Little Mix.• The audience now have a say in how girl bands progress and their formation
  8. 8. Celebrity Case Studies
  9. 9. Marilyn Monroe• An American actress, model and singer. Starting off as a model then got a film contract with 20th century Fox for which she is most known for.• She started off the label ‘blonde bombshell’• She’s still well known for her beauty and intellect, many still get inspiration from her quotes.
  10. 10. • She’s still a celebrity brand 50 years after her death• However audience participation didn’t start until after her legacy
  11. 11. Kim Kardashian• Didn’t find fame through talent but instead a leaked video, showing how media now has a lot to play in initial stardom• Audience is very participatory in her daily life as she and her family members have a string of reality tv shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney and Kim Take New York etc
  12. 12. How are celebrities famous?
  13. 13. TV• From being contestants on reality tv/talent shows to becoming presenters and artists.• Gone from ordinary to stars• Reality tv provides a platform for ordinary people to become famous
  14. 14. Internet• Youtube allows ordinary people to post videos that are viewed by millions.• Home videos can be projected to worldwide platform• Ordinary people can develop new personas through Youtube
  15. 15. FilmOne huge film can turn ordinary people into global superstars
  16. 16. Importance of franchises..• Celebrities rely on franchises for consecutive work like Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.• Successful movie franchises means that actors are expected to reprise their roles for each sequel, increasing their fame and net worth.
  17. 17. SportOlympians have now been fasttracked to the world ofcelebrity:• Tom Daley is now getting celebrity attention on Twitter• Victoria Pendleton is now a contestant on talent show Strictly Come Dancing
  18. 18. RoyaltyRoyalty are instantly propelled to fame, right from birth. Especially if they are royalty in a strong and influential nation, for example Great Britain
  19. 19. Even those who are not royalty themselves but have connections with members of the royal family achieve celebrity status. Chelsy Davy Pippa Middleton Ex-girlfriend of Prince HarrySister of Kate Middleton Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Friend of the family
  20. 20. MusicOne great single can evoke a string of albums and decades of success.Example• After the popular single Wannabe, Spice Girls have enjoyed decades of stardom. With each member still current in showbiz today.
  21. 21. The role of Web 2.0 and Social Media on society
  22. 22. What is Web 2.0?It’s the term given to describe a second generation ofthe World Wide Web that is focused on the ability forpeople to collaborate and share information online. www.webopedia.comYoutube and Twitter are great examples of thespread of Web 2.0
  23. 23. What is social media? interactive platforms via which individuals and communities create and share user-generated content WikipediaSocial networking sites are great examples of Social media
  24. 24. Web 2.0 and Social Media impact on society• Web 2.0 has integrated members of society through the world of the internet.• Web 2.0 has made audience more participatory and in control of the media being shown to them through the internet.• Society members are slowly becoming more hegemonic as they have control of the material they upload on the web.
  25. 25. Story board
  26. 26. Script
  27. 27. Actors• Presenter – casual clothing (t-shirt, scarf, jeans, boots), folder, relaxed body language, informed on topic already• Public interviews – the younger generation (teens, young adults), mature adults (30s/40s/50s)• Expert interview – sociologist, psychologist
  28. 28. Location
  29. 29. MusicEmeli Sande – Heaven InstrumentalsTinchy Stryder – Help Me InstrumentalsBecause..• Its familiar to younger audience• Change paces a lot reflecting change in nature of celebrity and audience