Assignment 9 part 2 final


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Assignment 9 part 2 final

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 9: GETTING INTOGROUPSDebbie, Maria , Milka
  2. 2. Done by:Debbie GENREDramaReasons: Most of our inspirational films were drama related. Personal interest. Our story is suitable only for this genre. We want to get a better understanding of the genre, therefore by picking it will be a great start. Original.
  3. 3. Done by: MariaConventions Use-Develop- Description Examples from Challenge and Purpose filmsArgument or Using Heighten theConflict conventions of tension to(DRAMA) arguments emphasis between mother emotion. You and daughter. develop Challenging the sympathy for convention the daughter because the and hate for the violence turns mother because into extreme mother starts violence arguing with her and throws a TV at precious.
  4. 4. Convention Use-develop- Description Examples challenge and purpose. from filmsHappy ending- • Freedom writers- • Not knowing using a real life whether theRelief situation of when teacher is going(DRAMA) racism has taken to change the place and has minds of these made the society children because separate. no other teacher Challenging it by could. using a Middle-class • She realises posh woman to what has been change the minds of happening and these young people. she cares unlike Relief at the end the other that everyone has teachers. The united and love the audience has teacher and are all sympathy for the going to be in the kids as they same class again have had a hard with the same life. teacher. Done by: Maria
  5. 5. Done by: CONVENTIONS USED IN OURDebbie FILM conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/ description Arguments Use Description :Husband  Between protagonists and wife arguing , wife Develop  Starting to be more aggressive slaps husband , as she by hitting. thinks he does not love Challenge her, he hold her wrist ,  Unusual hitting such as using trying to calm her down , some kind of weapons  Weak protagonist winning and stop her from doing any other kind of physical aggression. Purpose: Build up tension.
  6. 6. CONVENTIONS USED INDone by:Debbie OUR FILM conventions Use/develop/challenge purpose/Description Conflict Use Description: By what  Getting the wrong idea wife understand , her about something or husband does not love someone. her anymore, because he  Causing violence or does not show any argument. affection for her anymore. Purpose: Emphasise emotion and develop sympathy
  7. 7. Done by:Debbie CONVENTIONS USED IN OUR FILM conventions Use/develop/challenge purpose/Description Emphasis of Use Description: emotion  Showing emotion  At first emotions will be through behaviour and coming just from wife, how you treat other but by the end husband people will be sending out I.e.: Affection. strong emotions too. Develop  Showing no kind of Purpose: affection for someone  audience feel more into you love. the film , because they Challenge will know what each  Sending out an image of character is feeling. an uncaring character.
  8. 8. Done by: CONVENTIONS USED INDebbie OUR FILM conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/ description climax use Description:  Main characters point of  After some view changes from what accumulated it was at first. tension, wife explodes and ends up hitting the husband, leaves house and gets run over. Purpose :  excite the audience.
  9. 9. Done by: CONVENTIONS USED INDebbie OUR FILM convention Use/develop/challenge Description/Purpose Use of symbols or Use Description: metaphors  Showing of something  Showing the wedding that symbolises or rings at the informs the audience of beginning of the an event/date opening sequence to show it is about a married couple. Purpose:  Tell the audience more about the character, in a more original way.
  10. 10. Done by:Debbie CONVENTIONS USED IN OUR FILM convention Use/develop/challenge Description/Purpose Happy Use Description: ending/relief  Protagonist end up  Husband promises he together. is going to try and Get what they were change and to start to fighting for throughout the show more of his movie. emotions. Develop  Wife starts to  Protagonist are not a understand more the couple. husbands point of Challenge view.  Get completely the opposite of what they tried to gain throughout the movie  One of the protagonist dies.
  11. 11. Done by:Debbie convention Use/develop/challenge Description/Purpose Realism or Use Description: realistic issue  Using real issues such  These kind of as love problems that problems happen a people can relate to. lot in our everyday life.  Couples tend to be shy and scared of showing and expressing their own feelings. Purpose:  Get closer to the audience as they may have similar problems.
  12. 12. Done by:Debbie conventions Use/develo/challenge Description/purpose Moral Use Description:Love is not message Drama films all tend to love if its not shown. have a moral message behind it, each story has their own message.
  13. 13. Done by: MariaINSPIRATIONAL FILMS Titanic grease  . I liked this movie  .The “I‟m flying” scene inspires because it sent out a me because of the message it good moral message. sends out. It is like both of them  . Its moral message was are on top of the world and that you should not nobody around them can stop change the way you look them. for someone just to  I liked the way the camera attract them. moved around them so they emphasises that point really well.
  14. 14. Done by: Maria IF ONLY  . Our film can be based on this . I find that the notebook was very movie. As the moral message of it inspiring because the romance is based is the same. on something real.  . This movie is inspirational . I also find it inspiring because many because it shows that you should people go through this, and the moral always appreciate the one that you message of it is to not let someone you love, or you can end up regretting love go. it. . You should never give up on love.  . It also shows that if you do start to appreciate her, then things will go really well and you can show her how much you love her
  15. 15. Done by: Maria . I find this movie inspiring because it shows that even though the one that you love is terminally ill, you should not leave them, but stay by their side. . This movie also inspires me, because it shows that love can change someone for the good and not for the bad.
  16. 16. Done by: Debbie THEMES Discrimination Jealousy ObssessionSuicide AdolescenceJustice Theme Poverty Conflict Supernatural Revenge Science Racism Religion Depression
  17. 17. Done by:Debbie CONCEPTS Love affairs HIV Pregnancy Alcohol Hidden feelings Prostitutioncancer ConceptsDNA drugs Memory loss Homosexuality guilt
  18. 18. THEME / CONCEPT  Our theme is conflict.  Our concept is guilt. We are going to show this by the husband feeling guilty of what he has done.  We show this by flashbacks of the two arguing.
  19. 19. Done by: Milka IDEA DEVELOPMENT In our first group meeting we:  Put all our ideas together  Come out with the main idea.  Make some changes according to our different opinions It wasnt too difficult because we all had very similar ideas of what we wanted our opening sequence to be about.
  20. 20. Done by:Debbie IDEA – WHOLE FILM  Married couple where wife does everything for the husband  Husband shows no affection for her  She gets fed up and they both argue  She gets run over and put into coma  He feels guilty and believes it is time to change as he realises how important she is to him.
  21. 21. Done by:Debbie IDEA- OPENING SEQUENCE  Close up shot of wedding rings  Husband having flashback of him arguing with wife and him hitting her  Door shutting  Car screeching  Him running shouting „no‟
  22. 22. Done by:Debbie IDEA DEVELOPMENT At first we did not have any ideas for what our moral message was going to be therefore made things harder. However now we have a very clear idea of what message we want to send out. Moral message :  love is not love if it is not shown.  We only realise what we have after we loose it.
  23. 23. Done by: MariaENIGMA We are going to create enigma by not showing who was the one who has been run over.  By both of them leaving the house we are left curious as to which one of them has been run over.
  24. 24. Done by:Debbie TARGET AUDIENCE  Age : 15-20  Gender : mostly females  Ethnicity : any  Location : United Kingdom  Hobbies : going out with friends, having fun, going cinema etc  Social class : Middle class, working class Target audience would be interested because :  It has a lot to do with love  Very common problems in this age range  15-20 year olds interested in finding out new things about love.  Can be a good way to start showing their emotions more often.
  25. 25. Done by:Debbie CHARACTERS Girl : sophie Boy : danny •20 year old girl •20 year old boy •Fashionable •Aggressive •Loving •Stubborn •Caring •Doesnt like to •Wealthy show emotions •spoilt •Difficult •„family‟ background background •hegemonic
  26. 26. Done by:Debbie COSTUME & PROPS Girl Hair down most of the time to Boy fashionabl e cover face Fashionable Always keep straight facia expression Casual clothes Macho Casual clothesProps Weddin g rings
  27. 27. Done by: Milka IDEA FOR LOCATIONS Debbies house in her living room, were most of the filming would taken place • Door scene of where someone leaved the house without showing the viewer who left.
  28. 28. Done by: Milka OTHER LOCATIONS • we are going to film outside Westfield for the scene where girl is walking and thinking about the situation • Also to film the car screeching will be in Westfield as she is leaving there.
  29. 29. Done by: Milka NARRATIVE We will be using non-linear narrative in are film as there will be flash-backs and flash-forward
  30. 30. Done by: Milka THEORIES WE WILL INCLUDE  Claude Levi-Strauss - constant creation of conflict/opposition propels narrative.(love/hate, control/panic).  Tvzetan Todorov simply equilibrium, disequilibrium, new equilibrium
  31. 31. Done by: Milka HOW WE WILL GET THERE  our parents will drop us, or we could get train or bus. There is no health & safety danger in these locations.
  32. 32. Done by: Milka IF LOCATIONS IS ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE I do believe that the place we would be filming is always available, as it is one of the group members house. As we wouldnt need to make an official promotion to film in are location.