The Game-Evaluation Part One


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The Game-Evaluation Part One

  1. 1. EVALUATIONBy Alice Spuffard
  2. 2. IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP, ORCHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? Throughout our Crime Thriller title sequence we have used many common generic conventions which has been used throughout many scenes. For example we used the idea of the ‘Catch me if you can’ title sequence. This inspired us as we thought we could use this idea and incorporate it into ours as if it’s a blue print with the titles being revealed from this. One reason why we decided to have our titles displayed in this way was because it challenged the conventions of a real media product.Catchme ifyoucan See (0:05-0:08) See(0:41-0:45) In our thriller we have used many other conventions which have helped us to explore the genre and also develop the generic conventions. Another common generic convention in which we have used is a sequence of action, then the title sequence and See (00:33) See (0:17) then action again. We have incorporated this into ours between our scenes. From our research we found out that this is quite common. See(01:30)
  3. 3. Another convention in which we developed wasthe use of close ups. We felt that it wasimportant to use this type of shot as it allows forthe audience to see the facial expressions of thecertain character helping them to establish moreabout them. This generic convention was noticedwhen watching the opening of Memento. Here aclose up of the mans face has been used. See (01:36) Memento-See(1:20-1:24) Another convention in which we started to develop and change was the use of lighting. We wanted to break the typical stereotype of having the character within a dark room. Instead we choose to film in a brighter room than what you would usually see and also a bright area where daylight was visible. This allowed for us to break the typical stereotypes and conventions of a crime thriller. See (00:24)From our research in different crime thrillers, wenoticed that the common colours used for the titleswere a black background with either white or red textover the top of this. These colours do connote thetheme of blood, death and also mystery. Whenplanning ours we wanted to challenge theseconventions. As you can see from the image we stayedwith the white writing as this stood out although weused blue in the background. One reason why we usedthis was we felt even though it wasn’t the typicalcolours used it still suited the genre as we incorporatedthe blue background as a blue print with the titlescoming on.
  4. 4. See (00:12) See (00:15) See (00:17)When watching our opening there are some conventions within this that might have affected the genre of the crime thriller. Thishappened within the opening scene where the audience see the two criminals running out of the building. Here we havedeveloped and challenged the conventions. When the two criminals stop right in front of the camera and the case is thrownbetween each other the slight smile when the criminal looks at the case and looks back up has created a comic effect which weweren’t actually intending to create. Although when watching the opening overall, this doesn’t particularly effect the generaloutcome, as I believe this has helped to challenge the conventions and has also developed them.
  5. 5. HOW DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? Throughout the process we focused extremely hard on how we could portray typical stereotypes that are conveyed in most crime thrillers. One of the areas in which we wanted to present social groups was in our café scene. Here we decided to use a café as it’s a social area. However we selected a café which we thought would portray the higher class and show the criminal to be of a wealthier status. We also believed that by using a café it would juxtapose with the status of the criminal as we haven’t actually shown an establishing shot of the cafe to help present this. This also juxtaposes with the MI5 scene. See (01:52-01:54) Here, we have used the location that would See (00:03-00:17) portray the criminals to be of a wealthier class. This juxtaposes with the criminal as generally people See (01:21)We also used an establishing shot of MI5. We choose this location as it would think of criminals to be of a lower status and class.create a sense of power within our scenes as this is an iconic place. One reason Alternatively, these colours are not something thatwhy we choose to use this location was because we wanted the female you would expect to see in a crime thriller. Fromprotagonist to have a sense of control and authority within the scenes and this research, we found out that most crime thrillersalso to break the typical stereotype of females. are set in a dark area where there is not much light about.
  6. 6. When planning how we wanted our characters to be dressed and portrayed we thought carefully about the stereotypes and whattraditionally men and women would be portrayed like. In our opening we have represented gender in stereotypical ways. The female protagonist who is a worker at MI5 has been dressed in a black blazer with a black skirt and a cream coloured top. We choose for the female protagonist to be dressed in this way as we believe it was smart and also showed her as being intelligent. The female is wearing a skirt, instead of trousers. A skirt was chosen for the female protagonist to wear as we believed it portrayed femininity. This is the image in which we were working See (01:43) from to get an idea of what we wanted our female protagonist to be wearing. From For our male character, this is looking at our opening I do believe we have the image we had in mind. We portrayed females in a stereotypical way. wanted him to be wearing a However this links in with the target black suit as it signifies to us audience as we see this is what women the ‘criminal’ look. might dress like if they have a well paid job We also decided upon a purple and are of the higher class. shirt being worn. The colour purple signifies royalty and richness. In this case it helped to portray our character well as the male protagonist is stealing money. Furthermore the idea of a male wearing a suit, we are hoping will illustrate a more grown up and sophisticated man. This is also a stereotype which we have touched upon as men do generally wear suits. See (01:50)
  7. 7. WHAT KIND OF MEDIA INSTITUTION MIGHT DISTRIBUTE YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT AND WHY?I believe that our media product could be distributed around cinemas. One reason for this is because it isn’t specifically focused aroundone gender which means that its not to niche either. Additionally the narrative has some room for expansion so that it could be createdinto a proper film.When saying our media product could be distributed around cinemas, I think this could be a Hollywood movie which would then bedistributed. Our title sequence has the room for expansion as the narrative isn’t to confined to one specific area. Within our titlesequence there are some conventions which are similar to media products out their which have already been produced. However as wehave challenged the stereotypical conventions of a crime thriller, I do think there is room for expansion.Our product would be released as it offers something different that not many other media products offer at the moment. In most crimethriller films there is always something that is going to frightened or scare you. However as we have challenged the conventions we havechanged the way that audience might see a crime thriller in the future.Overall I do believe that the mise-en-scene links in well with the genre of our product. In most crime thriller there is usually someonegetting murdered or injured. This tends to happen within a dark area when someone is by themselves. In our product we have used thewoods to show the criminal opening up the brief case to find a sum of money inside. This has challenged the conventions as the woods inmost crime thrillers would be used for an action scene to take place.I do not believe that our media product would be suitable to be an arthouse film, internet only release or a TV movie. I have decidedupon this as the narrative of our text is unique. Commonly in most TV series for example they all follow the same sort of narrative. Without text, we haven’t followed a narrative and have created a unique title sequence which I believe our target audience would findengaging.After carrying out research into the different production companies, I have come to the conclusion that our media product would bedistributed by the company of DreamWorks. From the researching stages we took and interest into the film ‘Catch me if you can’. Thisinspired us to create something along the lines of what they created. This is why I believe DreamWorks would be the best productioncompany for our media product in which we have produced.
  8. 8. BOURNE ULTIMATUM Bourne Ultimatum is an Action Thriller. The production company for this is Universal Studios. Universal studios is a massive and well-known production company. From looking at the image I can tell that instantly this is a crime action thriller. This is due to the Mise-en-scene.  The gun is symbolic as it symbolises a sense of aggression and violence within a person.  The man in shot is wearing a t-shirt which shows him as wearing casual clothes suggesting that hes not a member of the police force or an investigator Additionally along with the mise-en-scene, there are other features that help to establish that this is a crime action thriller. The use of the soft focus also makes it seem like he is in a rush, suggesting that this is an action thriller. Furthermore from this image it shows he is the main character as the audience are clearly drawn to him as he is the main focus of this image. To add along with this the lines over the top make it seem like the idea of him being watched. Another convention which has made me believe its an action thriller is the use of colours used. For example the colours blue and white have been used which are quite plain. This doesn’t give much away about the film. The only part which actually does is with the male protagonist who looks like he is looking at someone or something else.
  9. 9. CATCH ME IF Here the Mise-en-scene of the hat has been The white background doesn’t give anything used to connate that maybe hes part of a away about the film and therefore leaves YOU CAN cruise line or airline which suggest that hes the content of the film a mystery. been travellingThe production company of ‘Catch me if you can’ isDreamWorks. ‘ DreamWorks Animation SKG createshigh-quality family entertainment including computer-generated animated feature films, television specials andseries and live entertainment properties’. This relates tothis film as it has computer generated animation of ahigh quality. This was taken from there website. Fromlooking instantly at the catch me if you can theme, it isobvious that it is a DreamWorks production. One of theaspects which highlights this within the animation ofthere title sequence is the animated characters. Theaudience will also be able to tell that it is a comedybecause of the animation again. From the titlesequence, I believe that this film would be targeted to ayoung age group. This films target audience would rangefrom the age of 12 onwards. Mise-en-scene: Men in suits. This connotes a professional and smartlook. This suggests that hes of the upper class. Furthermore linking thisinto the film, it could suggest that hes part of an agency who is lookingfor the other man. This links in again with him travelling as ‘catch me if you can’ sounds like hes saying this to the other man. This connotes travel again.