The candidate 30 3 2011


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Digital scope for concept.

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The candidate 30 3 2011

  1. 1. The CandidateONLINE EXECUTION
  2. 2. Campaign Objectives:Encourage political change by identifyingindividuals with strong leadershippotential and actually letting the peopledecide in a clear and transparent mannerwho they feel is fit to fill in the leadershippositions.
  3. 3. CAMPAIGN INSIGHTSTarget audience: Kenyans Primarily between the ages of 18-45. (Rural, Peri-urban, urban)Audience motivators: Create an opportunity for them to decide who they deem fit to take over a leadership position. New face will hopefully bring much needed change.Online Intermediaries: Existing blogs with similar interests.
  4. 4. The Basis Behind our IdeasInnovate around Targets audiences needs using digital technologies that can be easily adapted and that can work for the concept behind “The Candidate”. Digital Insights: 1,000,000+ Kenyan’s on Face book 35,000 + Kenyans on twitter 7.5 million Kenyans on the Internet as of February 2011
  5. 5. The NeedThey feel the need to have new faces behind Kenyan’s politics.Their trust has been broken when it comes to transparency behind elections.Everybody who feels that they can step up and take up a leadership position should be given a chance and forum to prove themselves.
  6. 6. Digitals Crucial RoleCreate a centralized platform for the target audience to engage with each other as well as with the contestants.Create a centralized platform that will showcase transparency of the concept behind the show.Create a platform to share information related to the show.Create an online experience for those who are unable to watch the show in real time.
  7. 7. Digital Roadmap… The 1. Create awareness Candidate –start the Social Media presence conversation.4. Online Polls/ THE CANDIDATERatings. “Create Digital Digital assets Online innovations. to engage Community Target audience 2. Build the with” online community. Online 3. Create a movement Activations –community support for Contestants . Build online Presence for contestants
  8. 8. 1. Create awareness Start the conversation with those who influence the online conversations. (Bloggers/Twitter) Engage with online influencers who share common interests with the concept behind the show. Create social media presence. (Owned Media) Bought Media
  9. 9. 2. Build the Online CommunityThe Candidate Online Forum:Will bring together people who share one centralized idea which is the “The concept behind the Candidate.”Create an opportunity to have centralized co-creation with target audience.Creates an opportunity to disseminate information in a more centralized manner which everybody can access.Examples of similar existing platforms:
  10. 10.
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  12. 12. Functionalities of proposed platform: Creation of user accounts. Candidates profiles and links to social sites. Information centre. Blogs. User generated communities. Social plug-ins for sharing. Online voting can be an option. Chat facilities (Optional value add)
  13. 13. 3. Create the movement Push content generated by the show and by the contestants on these platforms..•Encourage Target audience to create their own online support communities withinour platform for candidates they support. ATL & BTL communication should alsohelp direct traffic to our online communities.•Real time posts from social communities can be integrated with the show.•The candidate will engage with target audience within the social communities.(one on one response)
  14. 14. For the Individual Candidates:Squad Digital can advise on how to go about creating their own online presence. Digital enabling kits.Social plug-ins can be an added feature of their profiles, for those interested in connecting with the candidates.We recommend: Facebook Profiles Twitter Linkedin Profiles Youtube channels.
  15. 15. 4. Online Polls/Ratings At critical points during the show sponsored polls would create hype prior to results being officially announced. Face book polls are transparent/real time and it would also value add to content of the show seeing how candidates activities contribute to their ratings.
  16. 16. 5. Mobisite Mobile devices represent the biggest mass reach digital medium in the country.A simple news delivery toolthat can be accessed byanyone with a WAP enabledphone. Mechanism RSS feeds.(Discussions/blog posts/candidate news/search)
  17. 17. Bought MediaNOTE: Agency will create a media schedule and provide client with thirds party analytics for online adcampaign. Media spend windowProperties:1. Google2. Facebook Pre Finale Pre Launch hype Call to Call to action (vote action (vote Google banners/ Facebook for 10) for 47) Google Adwords Banners Total Budget allocation $20,000/50 day bursts on both platforms
  18. 18. In the end “The candidate” will own an online community who are interested in the concept behind the show. Online presence will create a platform for the show to push content. Online presence gives transparency and credibility to the show. Increased reach. Data base creation from the online community.