Social Media: A Look Ahead


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Webinar presented by Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) to IPG (Interpublic Group), a global marketing communications and marketing services company, and its agency brands. Content: where social media is today as a real part of the media plan and the future of social media.

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Social Media: A Look Ahead

  1. 1. Social Media A Look Ahead
  2. 2. Presented by Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, The ARF Twitter: @lynneluvah email:
  3. 3. What’s Inside? • Why Social Media? • Social Media Planning • Monitoring Social Media • Social Media ROI • The Future of Social Media
  4. 4. What Is Social Media?
  5. 5. What Is Social Media? Social Media, in Web 2.0 terms, is a two-way communication channel in which a social media site or service, interacts with you in some way, enabling engagement and collaboration. For example: Users comment, vote, interact with others, receive recommendations, join groups and discussions, and create content.
  6. 6. Why Social Media? • Social Media > E-mail (Time spent) • If Facebook Were a Country it Would Be 3rd Largest (500 million users globally) • Social Media > Search (FB traffic >Google) • #1 for Sharing News and Information • YouTube 2nd Largest Search Engine • 20% of Conversations on Twitter = Brand Mentions
  7. 7. Social Media Planning • Listening to the Consumer
  8. 8. Social Media Planning “The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviors, and signals, that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives in to the brand.” The ARF Listening Playbook The ARF Listening Playbook by Steve Rapport – Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF! by Steve Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director, The ARF
  9. 9. Social Media Planning Brands can use listening to: 1) discover new customers 2) develop new products 3) monitor the competition 4) give the consumer a voice 5) take brand pulse 6) understand shifts in consumer perspectives
  10. 10. Social Media Planning Example: Hennessy Discovers New Customers !"#$%&'(()*&(+,-(./01&2/23(45678""9(
  11. 11. Social Media Planning Example: Hennessy Discovers New Customers The challenge Hennessy stumbled upon a new consumer by listening to linking behaviors. Consumers used Hennessy brand on BlackPlanet pages and linked back to site. The concept Hennessy developed a full research plan to learn more about the consumer and its values and connection with the brand. The result (or) insight Hennessy redeveloped its website to include this new customer into the brand’s messaging, also including recipes and wallpapers for downloading, as well as music integration. !"#$%&'(()*&(+,-(./01&2/23(45678""9(
  12. 12. Monitoring SM
  13. 13. Monitoring SM Free Tools Paid Tools • Google Alerts • Ripple 6 Social Insights • Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard • Radian 6 Dashboard • Tweetdeck • Conversition Evolisten • Social Mention • Netbase Consumerbase • Cotweet • Communispace • Scoutlabs • Motivequest • Nielsen Buzzmetrics • Meltwater Buzz
  14. 14. Monitoring SM The Future Monitoring Complete Lifestreams Knowing Who People Really Are Using Social CRM Tools
  15. 15. Monitoring SM
  16. 16. Monitoring SM •All contacts in one place •Taps into 60,000 news sources •Connect and share from one dashboard Social CRM Example
  17. 17. Social Media Planning • Defining Goals/Biz Objectives/KPIs
  18. 18. Social Media Planning
  19. 19. Social Media Planning • Considering Resources
  20. 20. Social Media Planning • Who does social media? • Where is social media done? • Is it integrated across the organization? • What’s the spend? (Media Plan/Media Mix) • What’s the budget?
  21. 21. Social Media Planning • Writing The Action Plan
  22. 22. Social Media Planning • Define Biz Objectives • Define Target Audience • Define Your Story and Voice • Create Your Brand Hub To Link Back To • Determine Your Consumer Backyards (blogs, video, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) • Develop a Timeline • Measure Against Objectives • Tweak and Re-activate
  23. 23. Social Media Planning • Social Media Plan also includes: social media guidelines and policy for the company as a whole. Describes how employees use social media. Also used as a public-facing guide.
  24. 24. Social Media Planning • Evaluate & Measure
  25. 25. Social Media ROI There is no Holy Grail, there are just frameworks. Each business use case is different.
  26. 26. Social Media ROI Source:
  27. 27. Social Media ROI Source:Razorfish Fluent
  28. 28. Social Media ROI SIM Score = Net Sentiment for the Brand/Net Sentiment for the Industry The components of the above formula are: Net Sentiment for the Brand = (Positive + Neutral Conversations – Negative Conversations) /Total Conversations for the Brand Net Sentiment for the Industry = (Positive + Neutral Conversations – Negative Conversations) /Total Conversations for the Industry Source:Razorfish Fluent
  29. 29. Social Media ROI Share Engagement Reach Influence Social Marketing Analytics A New Framework for Measuring Results in ! Impact Social Media Issue Resolution Satisfaction Score Trends Sentiment Source: Altimeter,
  30. 30. What Lies Ahead?
  31. 31. “Social Networks Will Be Like Air.” - Charlene Li Founding Partner, Altimeter Group Author of "Open Leadership" and co-author of "Groundswell"
  32. 32. The Open Graph
  33. 33. Future Open Graph • Will There Be Only One Open Graph ? • How Many Open Graphs ? • Will There Be No More Websites ?
  34. 34. Future Open Graph “Social networking sites are set to connect disparate areas of the web that are currently being built by other social sites (Pandora for music,Yelp for small business etc.). The goal—a smarter, more personalized, more social media environment. What transformational effects will these have on the social media as we know it today? How will audiences of these new “entities” be measured?” - The ARF, AM 5.0
  35. 35. SM Goes Hyperlocal
  36. 36. SM Goes Hyperlocal Beyond Geotargeting. Meeting Consumers Where They Are. Extend Brand Engagement. Localized Services And Information. Mobile Has Arrived. Use Social Media To Influence POP/POS.
  37. 37. Hyperlocal Marketing NIN Hyperlocal iPhone/iTouch/iPad App Source:
  38. 38. Augmented Reality Source:
  39. 39. Augmented Reality Quiznos/Layar Mobile Augmented Reality Campaign Source:
  40. 40. Digital Out Of Home American Eagle’s 15 Seconds of Fame in Times Square Source:
  41. 41. Digital Out Of Home Locamoda Brings Foursquare to the City of Lights Source:
  42. 42. ...and SM Is Now Checking in With Brands in Real-time
  43. 43. Checking In With Brands Source:
  44. 44. Checking In With Brands Source:
  45. 45. Thank You! ? Questions ?
  46. 46. Resources: • Video: Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) • Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies • The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools & Strategies For Business Success • Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web • Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build their Brand productCd-0470293705.html • The ARF Listening Playbook • Social Media Policies - The Altimeter Wiki • ARF Social Media Insights: Can Social Media Effectively Track Influence? • Net Promoter Score • The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report • Altimeter Report: Social Marketing Analytics • Nielsen/Facebook Report: Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression • Video: Social Media’s Open Graph • Hyperlocal Marketing for Mobile Augmented Reality • Videos: Porter Novelli and Augmented Reality 1&tbo=u&ei=bppYTPq0NoKOnwfi79D_CA&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCcQqwQwAA • ARF Insights Brief: Social Media Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Signage