When social media meets celebrity


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Just a quick pack for artist looking to get into the SM space

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When social media meets celebrity

  1. 1. When Social Media Meets Celebrity
  2. 2. In the days before social mediaarrived, the local celebrity newsagenda in Kenya was createdevery Friday in editorial offices,with just a little persuasionfrom influential owners andwannabe be socialites.
  3. 3. The two Cs…
  4. 4. CelebritiesWikipedia: a celebrity is a person who isfamouslyrecognized in a society or culture […], someonewho getsmedia attention […] or is highly exposed inmedia by thenature of his profession.
  5. 5. CelebritiesWikipedia: a celebrity is a person who isfamouslyrecognized in a society or culture […], someonewho getsmedia attention […] or is highly exposed inmedia by thenature of his profession
  6. 6. Mass media presence is the identifying feature andmain characteristic of a celebrity!!
  7. 7. CapitalWhen the focus of mass media is on a celebrity ,audience attention for celebrities generatescapital.Symbolic capital – attention, Economic capital - moneyawareness, image
  8. 8. Symbolic capital can be converted into economic capital – Positively and Negatively Symbolic capital is like an interest on a celebrity‘s business.Positive symbolic capital increases value Negative symbolic capital decreases value
  9. 9. Social Media is the only form of Mass media thatcelebrities have full access to that can help them earnCAPITAL. Raking in a cool $108 million over the past two years. …Source: Forbes Magazine- Justin Bieber On The Business Of Social Media
  10. 10. Social media shifts power to celebrities.›Celebrities can connect directly with audiences›Celebrities get a bigger share in defining reality›Celebrities have their symbolic capital more in their own hands
  11. 11. How celebrities really benefit from social media.
  12. 12. Mass media has limited space›Not every celebrity news /voice wouldmake it to mass media anyway Use your space to show your fans what you are all about…
  13. 13. Celebrities can take influence on theirsymbolic capital›Addressing their fans directly›Offering info that can also be picked upby mass media
  14. 14. Celebrities can turn their symbolic capitalintobusiness directly with their fans. Fans= willing customers.
  15. 15. >Celebrities can prove their impact viasocial media andcan capitalize on that in their advertisingcontracts.>Or can even make direct business withfansand no other party involved in the valuechain
  16. 16. Dealing With Negative Feedback onSocial Media…
  17. 17. Identify the Type of Feedback
  18. 18. Straight Problems – Someone has an issue with yourmusic/performances and has laid out exactly what went wrong. This type offeedback is negative in the sense that it paints you as an artiste in poor light , but itcan be helpful in exposing real problems that need to be dealt with.
  19. 19. Merited Attack – While the attack itself may not be merited, theissue that catalyzed it does have merit in this type of negative feedback. "Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tipsy as fuck. Just left the @livmiami Im fucked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the Lambo Chris might have to drive after next spot,"If you put out negative stuff out there most definitely your audience (fans, haters, media)will hit back.
  20. 20. Trolling/Spam – The difference between trolling and a meritedattack are that trolls have no valid reason for being angry at you. Also in thiscategory are spammers, who will use a negative comment about you (whethertrue or not) to promote a competitor. Death threats …nasty posts…just from one innocent post
  21. 21. In the End…Get the people to love you bypumping out positive contentabout who you are and what youare passionate about. “Reward”them with exclusive music relatedcontent.That translates into symboliccapital which will help you earneconomic capital.
  22. 22. Don’t take it personal…