Bell lager


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Bell lager

  1. 1. Bell LagerOnline Experience
  2. 2. Digital will facilitate the online experience with the brand.How?Get to know what the bell brotherhood is all about.Let the consumers know what the bell brother hood lifestyle is all about.Create opportunities for co creation with the brand for consumers.
  3. 3. Engagement Platform with the brand/ Cater to target Build Brand Loyalty Channel to support audiences needs. user generated content. The bell The bell connect Social Media Plug-Elements Elements Elements brotherhood Bell Finder ins The bell Mobile The bell blog brotherhood applications. Bell moments mandate Online The bell Connect. Bell Merchandise Applications(send a Explore gaming Bell online virtual beer) opportunities downloads Bell branded party Bell online invites. applications
  4. 4. Online Brand loyalty:Reason for Building it:To identify a class of High valued consumers.Help consumers understand what the beer represents.Communication Platform: The Bell larger Website.What we will give our Target audience:• Opportunity to be recognized as part of the brand community. (eCRM opportunity)• Opportunity for consumers to interact/ share their experience with the brand.• Opportunity for niche market to enjoy exclusive benefits of being part of the bell brotherhood.• Bring out the lifestyle that is meant to be associated with the brand• Purchase and Download of branded merchandise. Be bell branded.
  5. 5. Cater to Target Audiences needs:Why we do this?There is need to cater to a need above and beyond consumption of the beer so as to make engagement with the brand a normal lifestyle activity.Communication Platform: Website, Social Media (Facebook /Twitter), Mobile and sync off line and online.The how…• Bell Connect- long term intent is for online community to run this section of the site, our role will be to create the platform. Platform for online community to Network and create events focused on common interest. (Football, rugby, business)• Online applications, branded online assets. Party invites, send a virtual beer.• Mobile applications. (The bell finder for Consumers and Retailers). Link consumers with retailers near you who are having special offers or events. Can be linked to Google maps.
  6. 6. Engagement Platform/ Support User GeneratedContentWhy we need this?To make consumers feel involved in the bell brotherhood movement.Because this creates an opportunity for consumers to become brand advocates.Communication Channel: Website, Social Media Platform (Facebook /Twitter)The how…• Create a Social Media engagement Calendar.• Encourage, recognize and reward consumer generated content that will help build the content behind the bell website. Bell moments• The bell blog. (Personify the beer through the blog.)• Encourage online community to share content on the site and on the Social media profiles.• Push Social responsibility through Bell branded gaming