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Sharism: Banking on Sharing, The New Economy Pays

Money is the great wheel of circulation. However, there is another instrument of commerce between women and men, pupils and mentors, the artist and her audience. It is spinning at a much faster velocity. Its the sharing economy.

This New Economy has already taken off. At its center is not capital in search of profit, but creativity in search of an outlet. In both cases the return can be just as high. This presentation charts a new concept and protocol for the Sharing Economy that you can take to the bank. Korean companies who pioneered early virtual currencies as well as new trends in global are presented as well as threats to this new economy. They come in the form of broken net-neutrality reform, cracked patent systems, and a return to the re-locked read-only economy created by so-called magical devices such as the iPad.

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Sharism: Banking on Sharing, The New Economy Pays

  1. #SHARISM The more you share, the more you get... Isaac Mao . Christopher Adams . Jon Phillips
  2. <ul>SHARE ( 공유 ) is the New Currency. </ul><ul>@isaac </ul>
  3. Do We Share? <ul><li>Yes, of course.
  4. It's part our daily life.
  5. It's embedded in our DNA. </li></ul>
  6. <ul>Share for what? <li>What's our motivation?
  7. It's in our sub-conscious. </li></ul>We can weigh how valuable our ideas are, but...
  8. What's the return We can also improve one's ideas. One can find collaborators. <ul><li>We may become smarter.
  9. We may get others' recognition,
  10. ...but these are all virtual! </li></ul>
  11. Path of Value Adding (PVA) People(A) shares to network(A) with Meme {m 1 , m 2 , m 3 ... m n } A->B->C->D->E->F->A' Output Meme' {m' 1 , m' 2 , m' 3 ... m n }
  12. <ul>Who benefits? </ul><ul>  </ul>A B2 B1 C2 C1 D1 C3 D2 E2 E1
  13. <ul>Realize the Value? </ul>How Microsoft China inspired us? &quot;It's easier for our software to compete with Linux when there's piracy than when there's not in China.” Bill Gates, 2007
  14. <ul>Yes, it's quite possible. </ul>If People(A) were recognized by People(B), People(C)... Can Business(People(B)) give VIP discount to People(A) if m x in Meme is added value to Business(People(B))?
  15. Let's Connect the Two Worlds Link Memes and Behaviors Memes <=> People <=> Atoms Track back to the Path of Value
  16. <ul>A New Currency In Requirement </ul>Marked with People's identity Issued by Social applications linking with traditional business world Exchangeable Travel along Path of Value Adding (PVA) End up in the real world <ul>  </ul>
  17. Connected Currency   The currency is always being reckoned based on the Path of Value Adding <ul>  </ul>
  18. Connected Currency   Meme{m1, m2,} <ul>  </ul>{id, permenent url, timestamp, m 1 , m 2 , m 3 ... m n }
  19. Refine &quot;Share&quot; Sharing  (or &quot;To Share&quot;); to make joint use of resources (such as food or money), or to &quot;give something away&quot; Share (Shayyar), a man who writes  Urdu  poetry Share (finance) , a stock or other security such as a mutual fund Share (P2P) , a Japanese P2P computer program, the successor to Winny share (Computer) , a shell command
  20. <ul>Share / 份子 / 공유 A new measurement, currency and capital that you can use, collect and invest with your social network.  </ul>
  21. <ul><li>Your Share Bank
  22. Keep your new money well.
  23. Use your money.
  24. The more you use, the more reserve you have.
  25. Possible to exchange with other “Share” banks.
  26.   </li></ul>
  27. <ul>Protocol  </ul><ul>  </ul>A B C
  28. <ul>Currency Exchangable </ul><ul>  </ul>
  29. <ul>  </ul><ul>How Integral </ul><ul><li>It strongly rely on social trust and connectivity.
  30. The Path of Value is key.
  31. It's will be easily inflation once it's found abuse.
  32. It will be recalculated once more connectivity built, or loss of connectivity. </li></ul>
  33. <ul>  </ul><ul>How much you can collect? </ul><ul><li>The more you share, the more you can get.
  34. It's micro unit, so time manners.
  35. It will be recalculated all the time.
  36. It only owned by YOU. </li></ul>
  37. <ul>  </ul><ul>A Sharism Story </ul><ul><li>You check-in at co-working space for 20 hours, bring 4 guys to have a meeting there, follow 5 people there, get 9 followers, and buzz on-line 4 times.
  38. Xindanwei will credit you “10 shares.”
  39. You may consume another 1 hour in Xindawei for free, or get xindanwei souvenir, or print one box of business cards at
  40. Or, have one fried chicken in @yqz's BBQ shop :) </li></ul>
  41. <ul>In Your Social Apps </ul><ul><li>It's open, free and flexible enough.
  42. Trackback, Ping, PubSubHubBub. </li></ul>
  43. <ul>Sharism at Work How many shares did we earn today?   </ul>
  44. <ul>#SHARISMBOOK @christopheradams </ul>
  50. Sharism Book TeX Demo (PDFs)
  51. <ul># 실재 #REALIDAD @rejon </ul>
  52. SharismBook SharismRealidad
  55. #SharismBook is Dynamic Documentation with Multiple Output Targets. (PDF, eBook, Physical Book in Multiple Languages)
  56. #SharismRealidad is Technical Standards, Code and Community.
  57. Technical Standards { (You did what?) PubSubHubBub (Subscription) Webfinger (Who are you?) Salmon (Find the original) }
  58. SHARE is a specification. Between two parties. Has a Share Ratio (0..8). A federated system for listing one's shares, share ratio, and share exchange rate between share banks.
  59. Roadmap <ul><li>Release 1 Announce Sharism Projects (June)
  60. Release 2 Federated Social Web Summit (July) </li></ul>Release 3 Book Essayists Announced (August) Release 4 CNBloggerCon2010 (September)
  61. Share Together Korean Edition (language, examples, writers) Korean Businesses (daum, naver, virtual currency) Korean Organizations (more examples, education)
  63. #SHARISM The more you share, the more you get... Isaac Mao . Christopher Adams . Jon Phillips