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Abbie luke milton_pitch


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Abbie luke milton_pitch

  1. 1. Luke, Milton & Abbie
  2. 2. • Our Production Company name is ‘Phenomenon Pictures’.
  3. 3. TheAwakening
  4. 4. • Jennifer: After having a trouble childhood, she is left with Schizophrenia and after the death of her husband, her mental condition deteriorates leaving her mentally unstable and fascinated with the idea of resurrection.• David: Dies at the age of 34 of a brain tumor after being with Jennifer for 6 years.• Dr Palmer: Has been her psychiatrist since she was a young girl.
  5. 5. • After her husbands death, Jennifer becomes becomes obsessed with the idea of being able to resurrect him and bring back the only man who loved her. The film follows her personal battle between her two mental states and what is morally right and wrong.
  6. 6. • Our title sequence will be a montage of clips of the main character (Jennifer). It will be in black and white with red as a secondary colour. She will be attempting to resurrect her husband but this will not be clear in the opening sequence to leave the audience confused about her actions. The clips will be of her hands, eyes and from her point of view. Writing in diaries and scribbling over the bible, lighting candles and cutting out his pictures are examples of what she will be doing.
  7. 7. • The opening sequence for the film se7en influenced our ideas as we liked the idea of black white and red and the montage of images. The themes in The Exorcist added to our ideas and the dark colour scheme used in The Ring gave us ideas for ours.