Snow White Proposal


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Snow White Proposal

  1. 1. Psycho-Thriller media proposal Danielle Mulqueen Jamila Uysin Berhan Sufaj
  2. 2. Proposal- Scene 1-6Scene starts with a girl sitting at a table in a smallwhite room, sitting across from a psychiatrist. She‟swearing all white and what looks like a straight jacket.The man talks “So tell me your story...”
  3. 3. Scene 2The audience hear the girl explaininghow it all started; while the voiceover is going we see a montage ofwhat happened during her day;getting up, breakfast, going toschool and so on.We then see her in her house at nightand she gets an email from the mostpopular girl in school.
  4. 4. Scene 3The man asks, “what did it say?” to which she repliessomething innocent sounding; “Mean things; she said my hairwas too black, I was too pale and ugly andabnormal…”
  5. 5. Scene 4The man then asks her “When did it start getting worse”.The scene jumps to another flashback while she explains what‟s happening in a voiceover; “It started happening in school; she started taking my lunch and leaving notes inmy locker, when I got home that night I was reading and I got a text…”We then see her reading a fairytale book and we see the title „Snow white and theSeven Dwarfs”, we see the text saying something tormenting and then we see a tearfall on the page, she slams the book shut and that brings us to the next scene.
  6. 6. Scene 5In this scene we will se more of the interview and find outsome more information about the girl, we also see the sinisterside of the girl in this scene.He asks her questions like “Was this your breaking point?”“What did she say that made you mad” and so on. They talk about fairytales and the girl‟s obsession with them to which she asks the man “So, what‟s your favourite fairytale?” He ignores her question then looks at her and says “Then what happened”.
  7. 7. Scene 6This is a flashback of her at school.She‟s sitting on a bench with herfairytale book laid out on the table infront of her, her lunch next her and abright red apple sitting on the book.We see the title of the story “Snowwhite…” showing and then we see thebully and her friends approach her.The girls tease her about the book butthe girl just ignores them until the bullytakes the apple. The girl packs away herthings and we see her smirk in a sinisterway and then we see the bully take abite of the apple and drop it on the floor-this is when the scene cuts.
  8. 8. Scene 7 This is the last scene. The man asks the girl “So what happened next” to which the girl simply replies “The end”.Her voice is monotone andshe is staring directly at theman, we then see her smirkand the scene cuts.
  9. 9. Crew  Jamila Uysin- Director, Editor, Producer and WriterDanielle Mulqueen- Director, Editor, Producer and Writer Berhan Sufaj- Director, Editor, Producer and Writer
  10. 10. Equipment/propsCamera, costumes/attire, chair, computer, mobilephone, bench, fairytale book, table, an apple.
  11. 11. CastUndecided
  12. 12. Locations
  13. 13. GRANITE ;)Genre: Thriller, mystery, crimeRepresentation: Teenagers, bullyingAudience: 12+Narrative: Voice over, flash backsInstitution:Technology: We will use a Flip Cam to film it, then toedit it we will use iMovie on the Macs.Example- Saw- short film (2003)Hard candy
  14. 14. Film inspirations 1. Saw 2. Hard Candy
  15. 15. Saw 2003David, an orderly at ahospital, tells his horrificstory of being kidnappedand forced to play a vilegame of survival.
  16. 16. Hard candyA mature 14-year old girl meets a charming 32-year oldphotographer on the Internet.Suspecting that he is a paedophile, she goes to his homein an attempt to expose him.
  17. 17. Character profilesThere will be a range of characters; the protagonist which is a girl, theantagonist which is also a girl, the psychiatrist which will be a man andextras which will be either a group of girls or mixed between boys andgirls for the „popular gang‟.It will be mostly focused on the main girl as the story is about her andwhat she did, and we will also see the bully quite a lot as she inflictingthe pain upon the girl so we need to see her a lot to see how she doesthis.The psychiatrist is quite an important character as he asks thequestions that will overall tell the story to the audience.
  18. 18. Main actressName: SummerPersonality: Eerie, quiet,weird, timid, nerdyCostume/props: Black/darkclothes i.e. black skirt, top,shoes etc in flashback andpure white clothes ininterview room. She will have amobile phone, fairytale book,computer, bag, and apple.
  19. 19. „Popular girl‟ Name: Alexia Personality: Bitchy, jealous, mean, arrogant, over- confident, controlling Costume/props: Preppy clothes; stereotypical „popular girl‟- short skirt, top etc. She‟ll have a bag.
  20. 20. The psychiatrist Name: Unknown Psychiatrist Costume/props: Either a suit or casual clothes e.g. a jumper and jeans or a shirt and trousers
  21. 21. Extra infoNon-linear; the narrative will be told througha voice over and flashbacksThe story is based on the fairytale snowwhite and real life experiences/stories we‟veheard from friends (of them being bulliedand so on)