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Mind Games Presentation

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Mind Games Presentation

  1. 1. Name of our film: Mind Games
  2. 2. Plot• Teenager (Claire,18, female) running away stalker, safely makes it back to her house turns on lights and the stalker is standing in front of her.• 6 months earlier family sitting down to dinner (teenager and stepdad at opposite ends of the table). Teenager calls her stepdad by his first name, John.• Her mum and John are getting married, but when she was younger her real farther died. Before they got married John used to verbally abuse Claire and once they are married he starts to physically abuse her (hitting ect...).• One day Claire comes home, mum is missing (she is in next doors basement, where John has put her). Stepdad acts normal and ‘chilled’, she wants to call the police but John say no, she does so anyway but when John finds out he starts to hit and abuse her.• At the end of the film we found out that John killed her dad, because she found out that her killed her dad which is why she is running away (The middle of this scene is played as the opening sequence).
  3. 3. Silhouettes Mise en scene Dark coloursCreepy Props like knifes Creepy, abandoned house
  4. 4. What has influenced us?• Saw because of the line ‘game over’.• Seven because of the similar film budget.• Memento, Face Off and The Dark Knight as we compared all film openings and gathered ideas from them.
  5. 5. Production company and Budget• The budget of our film will be £30,000,000. This is an average budget for a film.• The production company is new line cinema. This is because they produce thriller films such as Seven.
  6. 6. Target audience• Our target audience is ages 15+, but we are focusing more between 15 – 24 as these are popular age groups that go to the cinema.• Both males and females can watch out film.• People who enjoy thrillers will have an interest to our film.• Running time: 1 hour and 45 mins.

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    Aug. 2, 2015


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