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Changes after audience consultance


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Changes after audience consultance

  1. 1. Changes After Audience Consultance Rebecca Paterson
  2. 2. Front Cover
  3. 3. Made the title of the magazine bigger so itis more eye catching. I have changes the font of the bigger text to a more appropriate font to fit in better with the magazine genre. I also changed the pull quote so that the magazine had a better tone to it. I have changed the sticker layout, I think that the new version looks a lot more effective and professional than before I think that wording has also improved. I have changed the alignment of the text along the right hand side I think it looks neater and more professional, it didn’t look as effective going along the outline of the tree putting it to the left has made it look less clustered and messy. When looking at other magazines the date and price are often by the barcode, I moved this to fit in with other similar magazines.
  4. 4. Contents Pages
  5. 5. I changed the font of the headingto keep in theme with the frontcover fonts and the font makes itlook more effective as an indiemagazine. I have aligned the number properly and made all the numbers one colour to make the magazine look more professional. I changed the effects on the frames from a bevel to a drop shadow, I thought that this made the photos look better and didn’t take away from the images like the bevel did. I aligned the text I looked at other magazine editors and changed the notes, some had lines on so it font to keep a looked like note paper, I thought running theme that this convention added well to like the front my magazine because of the use of cover, it makes it lines I have already used, it makes appear my magazine contents page look professional and professional and a good use of also neater . conventions.
  6. 6. Double Page Spread
  7. 7. I changed the font , layout and size of the title, I looked at other magazines and from my audience feedback I found that having the artist name was more common then an actual title, I think it looks more professional and tidier in the page.I changed the format so that I changed the size and position of thethe picture covers one page image, I think that it looks less squashedand the text covers the other, and neater so that you can easily see allit looks more effective and is the information that the audience needs.more efficient.I changedthe effectson this text I changed theinstead of a font andbevel I used placement of thea drop pull quote I thinkshadow it it looks better inmakes the the corner ittext stand compliments theout more on of theimage. I added a page number