Poster analysis


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Poster analysis

  1. 1. Poster Analysis Rebecca Paterson
  2. 2. Typography – “welcome to your The colour scheme is importantnightmare” is the tag line, it is as the earthy and red coloursironic as it is welcoming you to can be associated with fire,something that people are afraid danger, dirty, and gives theof you could apply binary poster a burnt look. The red textopposites to this. The title anchors the link between the“Nightmare on Elm Street” is in poster and the genre of horror.Red, this can be associated with As this film is a remake of anhorror and danger. All the text is older film, iconography suchat the bottom of the poster so as the hat, jumper and clawsthat it does not intrude on the can be linked with theimage which is the main focus. franchise of Fredi in the filmThe billing block is underneath “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.and out of the way, but it is His claws are his iconicrelevant for any one who is weapon and can besearching for information about associated with this franchisethe movie. The text is in a plain it can also hint at the type ofsimple format and the use of red violence and sub genre ofand white makes it easy to read. slasher.The image itself is of the villain, we can see this because of the use of weapons. It’s a characterposter, but it teases the audience as you can not see what he looks like as his hat hides his face.The use of lighting behind also can be associated with him being the villain as it is lit behind he isblocking out the light and brining darkness instead. The light highlights features of his hat hisclaws and the side of his face just enough so that you can see burn marks.
  3. 3. Images of eyesin horror movieposters arecommon. Iresearched howthey were usedand how I coulduse them in myposereffectively. Ithink they areeffectivebecause itbecomes verypersonal andquite intrusivetowards theviewer which iseffective whenadvertisinghorror movies.
  4. 4. I found the white and black with the hint of colour most effective because they feel quite cold and fearful. The hint of colour red, blue or green can be associated with horror.The eye is looking straight out at theviewer. You can only see the part of theface or just the eye. Because you cant seeany other features on the face it makes itmore imposing and intrusive on the viewerwhich is effective in advertising horror. Black, white and Red is a common colour scheme, Red being associated with horror is usually used as the colour of the title. I think this colour scheme is effective because the black and white photo looks cold and the red associated with horror, danger and blood.
  5. 5. Another example of the Image is the main focus same film different of the poster. Eye is layout for the poster looking forwards, straight including tag line. out to the viewer. Title, biggest text on the page. Sometimes there is a tag line or in this case any well-known actors or actresses. The billing block includes information that relates to the film. (actors, actresses,Date, websites, Facebook, producers, directors)Twitter sites, might also includeicons of the producer anddistributor company underneaththe billing block.