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Annotations 1 and 2

  1. 1. Annotations For Draft 1 and 2 Explaining My Changes For myDraft 1 and the Photoshop Skills I have used
  2. 2. Both Drafts
  3. 3. Draft 1The ‘n’ is overlapping the modelshead so I am going to erase thebottom part of the letter and makeit look more professional. This selling line talks about the featured artists that are going to be in the magazine, the reason I am going to change this part is because first of all, it is too close to the edge of the magazine and second, the heading is over lapping it so therefore I am going to change the title and move the text down a bit to be one square around.I think that the name isinappropriate for this magazine sotherefore I am going to change thename to: The Barbies (the idea isfrom the artist Nicki Minaj who in I am highlighting this brush because Ifact loves Barbie and her album think it looks unknown and out of placecover is inspired from the doll so therefore I am going to move it in- jekkykaBarbie. Also I have changed the between the models. To do this I have to: duplicate the layer (now called NEWfont to which LAYER) with the brush I drew (the ink BARCODE: I think the barcode spat), erase the ink splat on NEWcompliments the name better than looks unprofessional as it is too bigusing a plain font. LAYER and erase the dot on my old and it is overlapping the models layer, then I move my dot in-between shoes. I am going to make a new the models. barcode and add my own information to do with my magazine.The text on this document is too I think this part should have some sortclose to the edge and there needs of brush to do with the title’s brush. I amto be a one space box around this going to make a new layer and addso there is a type of invisible different splatters in the background toborder to keep the text structured make it look more professional andand neat. compliments the magazine. This part of the document is empty so therefore I am going to add a article to do with my magazine; I am going to add an article to do with the Top 20 best videos which will interest my audience.
  4. 4. Photoshop Skills UsedHORIZONTAL and VERTICALTYPE TOOL Type Tool: I used this tool to type my text to put on my magazine front cover, e.g. the title, headlines, content, barcode information etc. (both using horizontal and vertical)SPOT HEALING BRUSH: Removedefects from images.ERASER: Fills the erased area withthe background colour. Spot Healing Brush: I used this tool to remove spots/defects from the image but I didn’t need to use it much because the models faces were clean and fresh.BRUSH TOOL: Draw and paindifferent shapes of your choice. Eraser: I used this tool to erase some parts of the brush layer that I drew on and some parts of the title text to not overlap the models face. Brush Tool: I used this tool to paint my paint/ink spats on my magazine front cover, I chose the colour white to paint it in because it goes with the shadow of the title name so therefore it can all connect together and I didn’t like how the purple plats looked on the front cover.