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Student blurbs ppt

  1. 1. Student BlurbsSome things my students have said about me
  2. 2. Zhen Niu LowHong Kong Institute of Education, Autumn 2008Ramon sensei, was my Japanese language teacher in HKIEDback in 2008. I enjoyed his lessons and indulged in hispassion for teaching, as well as all my classmates. He is ever-energetic in all lessons, he adopted fun teaching and learningapproaches to keep us motivated in learning Japaneselanguage, as he understands students needs well becauselearning foreign language is not an easy task. This is thereasons why I still can remember him till today. His passionsin teaching always in my mind. Having a great teacher likehim, desired by every student, he is my role model for myteaching career.
  3. 3. Rudy Veiga da PalmaHong Kong Institute of Education, Spring 2009Ramon was the event coordinator at the Hong KongInstitute of Education where I spent the spring of 2009. Ofall the wonderful people I met during my time there,Ramon was one of the most hospitable. He not only guidedand encouraged the exchange students in exploring HongKong, but involved us in the greater internationalcommunity. Moreover, he took the time and effort toconnect to every one of us on a personal level, and yearslater I still consider him a friend. Over the course of my alltoo brief stay, Ramons warm and positive attitude helpedmake Hong Kong into a second home.
  4. 4. Robin ChenBeyond Yourself in Language Development Club, Autumn 2010I took Japanese with Ramon-sensei in fall 2010. It was a funclass that I looked forward to every Friday afternoon. I likedRamons teaching style because he always tried to stay in thetarget language, but to make sure we understood, he wouldspeak slowly and write the Romanization of the words on theboard. He knew that a lot of us could read Chinese, so hewould use that to his advantage by writing out kanjisometimes. Ramon is a great teacher who is very aware ofthe needs of his student population.
  5. 5. Lydia WangMonterey Institute of International Studies,MA in Translation & Localization Management, Spring 2012I really enjoyed Ramons class. His classroom atmosphere made iteasy as well as fun to learn. Even though I had already beenstudying English for some time and living in Monterey for 6months, I still felt that there was much to learn from Ramons class.During his classes, there were a lot of interactions between him andthe students, and he also encouraged the students to interact witheach other as well. I felt that his methods really encouraged me touse my English proactively.
  6. 6. Gabriela BalsaEmbassy Center for English Studies, Summer 2012, TOEFL Score: 103Ramon was my English teacher during 9 weeks. I took hisTOEFL class during this time and I really learned a lot fromhim. He is very interesting in helping his students all thetime, and spends a lot of time teaching us and reading ouressays . His teaching methods are amazing, specially inwriting. He gives us very useful tips and encourage us to doit better and try harder. Besides all this he is an excellentperson. Ramon you are the best!
  7. 7. Tanja EbnerEmbassy Center for English Studies, Summer 2012, TOEFL Score: 109Ramon was my teacher for the TOEFL class in the summerof 2012. He is an outstanding teacher, with the great talentto be entertaining as well as highly informative. I absolutelyenjoyed visiting his classes and I had a lot of fun whilelearning something new every lesson.Ramon always has a smile on his face and he has the rareability to make a good and pleasant atmosphere in theclassroom. Most important, he did a great job preparing usfor our exams and really cares about his students and theirspecific needs.
  8. 8. Wei-Fu LeeEmbassy Center for English Studies, Autumn 2012I studied in San Francisco in summer of 2012 for two months.As a matter of fact, I didn’t really make an improvement byleaps and bounds in those two months, but it was the mostimpressive period that I learned how to study English in aright and easy way. And all of that, I am truly grateful toRamon, who is my respectful and easy-going teacher in theseimportant months, and what he had taught us made a greatinfluence on me. Atmosphere, teaching quality, interaction,and so on, are absolutely perfect in Ramon’s class. I betanyone who had the chance to take Ramon’s class would lovethis amazing place. Consequently, he made me keep a cordialattitude to English, and I feel more and more confidence andachievement after Ramon’s teaching.
  9. 9. Thomas Hovmøller RisEmbassy Center for English Studies, Autumn 2012, TOEFL Score: 103I have had the pleasure of having Ramon Mislang as a teacher inpreparation for the TOEFL test. He is one of those teachers who isdetermined to improve the students skills and makes it an aim toraise the bar for everyone around him.Ramon is hard working and always willing to help you. He is thekind of teacher who gets involved in a way, so you as a studentknow how to improve your weaknesses. For instance, his feedbackto your assignments is always very comprehensive and you get apersonalized response every time.Furthermore, he is well prepared for classes and he often involvesother than the usual educational material. To illustrate, if theexisting educational material does not provide clear enoughinformation, he uses his own material to better the understandingamong the students.
  10. 10. Jun NishiyamaEmbassy Center for English Studies, Winter 2012I lived in San Francisco last year to improve my English skills andmet Ramon in his class. I remember that I have heard about a lot ofhis good reputations from other students before I took his class.Therefore, I was interested in taking his class. As the reputations, Icame to like his class as soon as I took his class even once. Then, Ikept taking his class for about a half year. He did not only taught inhis class, but also hung out with us outside of the class. Forexample, we often went to lunch and occasionally dinner. Also, hegave us many opportunities that we speak English more than otherteachers. Thus, he usually tried to stimulate me to practice Englishmore. Thanks to his kind attitudes, I could keep making effort.
  11. 11. What I really want to say is his class was really fascinating! I meanit! He was always well prepared and always tried to make classinteresting. He made the atmosphere more friendly and comfortableespecially, he showed friendship to his student. When his studenttime to go back, then he tried to give them nice memories. Moreoverhe always displays big passion! The best thing of him is, we areconnected like a close friend. So, when I was in his class, I wouldstudy with him more efficiently! I wish he could be in Korea forteaching English to Korean students! Then I bet, Koreans who havea passion to learn English will improve through his teaching skillswhich are with his passion! I was really honored that I had all hisclasses and also have been keeping in touch with the best teacherever! I must be lucky! He is respected by students. I look forward togetting his class in Korea! Hell yeah!!!Yoo IlhanEmbassy Center for English Studies, Winter 2012