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What is SlideShare May 18


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Published in: Business, Technology

What is SlideShare May 18

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  6. 6. Technology Business Conferences All About Google The Presentation Internet Trends 2010 by Secrets of Steve Jobs Morgan Stanley Research isteroo/all-about-google- presentation-secrets-of-steve-jobs- it/ms-internet-trends060710final presentation 2609477 The Real Life JWT : 100 Things The Future Of Social Networks Social to Watch in 2011 Network ence/2f-100-things-to-watch-in- li/the-future-of-social-networksoffline-social-network 2011-6306251
  7. 7. Finance Social Media HealthSequoia Capital on startups What the F**K is Socialand the economic downturn Media: One Year Later Healthcare Napkins All uoia-capital-on-startups-and-the- what-the-fk-is-social-media-one- am/healthcare-napkins-all economic-downturn-presentation year-later Canaan Entrepreneur Social Media for Business Life Hacks For Doctors Pitchbook ners/canaan-entrepreneur- visors/social-media-for-business- mmer/life-hacks-for-doctors pitchbook-presentation 5456817
  8. 8. Education Travel NGO / Non ProfitShift Happens Amazing Photos SMOKE - The Convenient Truth azing-photos-140897 yjim/smoke-the-convenient- truth-5602255 Thirst Foot Notes Stopping The Bite hirst ves/stopping-the-bite notes
  9. 9. Personal Branding / Design PresentationsResume Visual and Creative Thinking:Meet Henry What We Learned From Peter Death by PowerPoint Pan and Willy Wonka oaker/death-by-powerpoint/ azing-photos-140897 Really Ugly Resumes 10 Things CEOs need to STEAL THIS Know about design PRESENTATION! eally-ugly-resumes things-ceos-need-to-know-about-design steal-this-presentation-5038209