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Accel. Americal Literature.

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  1. 1. file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/Picture%201.png Nia Scott nd 2 Hour Chuck Palahniuk Survivor
  2. 2. Chuck Palahniuk file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/david-sandison-independent.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/david-sandison-independent.jpg “A moment of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.”
  3. 3. Chuck Palahniuk was born on Biography Burbank, February 21, 1962 in Washington. He graduated from Colombia High School in 1980 and won the “Most Wittiest” award, one that would come into play later in life. From there, he attended the
  4. 4. Biography (cont.) file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/fight-club-movie-poster1.preview.JPG Palahniuk worked blue collar jobs which allowed him to observe people, which later influenced much of his work. His first novel, Invisible Monsters, was
  5. 5. Biography (cont.) Though his family appeared to be a typical American family, violence had been a problem, as his grandfather tried to murder Chuck's father and succeeded in murdering his wife. The
  6. 6. Other Works file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/choke-us-trade1.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/fight-club-us-trade4.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/lullaby-us-trade1.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/invisible-monsters-us-trade2.jpg
  7. 7. file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/rant-us-hardcover1.preview.jpg Additional Other Works file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/diary-us-trade1.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/haunted-us-trade1.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/lullaby-us-trade1.jpg file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/diary-us-trade1.jpg
  8. 8. Survivor is a fictional piece which Book Review concerns Tender Branson, a member of the Creedish “deat cult” and last living survivor of said cult recalling how he ended up alone on a plane flying over the Pacific. This plane will shortly be crashing into the outback of Australia, but Tender is recording his story of
  9. 9. Palahniuk's second novel is Book Review (cont.) hysterically funny and ironic while somehow managing to be absolutely desperate. His attention to detail and research makes this novel very lifelike and believable. Told starting at chapter 47 and moving backwards, this novel is a true gem.
  10. 10. The truth is that all of this was just a part of the suicide process. Because tanning and steroids are Excerpt from Survivor only a problem if you plan to live a long time. Because the only difference between a suicide and a martyrdom really is the amount of press coverage. If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, doesn't it just lie there and rot? And if Christ had died from a barbiturate overdose, alone on the bathroom floor, would He be in Heaven? This wasn't a question of whether or not I was going to kill myself. This, this effort, the writing team, the drugs, the diet, the agent, the flights of stairs going up to nowhere, all this was so I could off
  11. 11. Analysis of Excerpt file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/marilyn-monroe002.jpg Essesnntially, Palahniuk is stressing that the public's attention to someone has come to define their importance in society. If a stranger dies, it doesn't affect nearly as many people as when a celebrity, such as Marilyn Monroe, dies. The
  12. 12. This Chosewas chosen for the I excerpt This Excerpt reason thatBecause... up the it not only sums novel, but it's a fairly famous quote that I had heard before. Originally I thought Panic! At The Disco came up with it, as it is a title of a song they wrote, but after reading this novel, I understood its origin. The “suicide” idea is Tender's driving force for much of his actions in this novel and this
  13. 13. The Survivor Movie file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/survivor-us-trade2.jpg When Fight Club became a large success after being made into a film in 1999, Survivor was originally slated to have the same fate. However, after the tragic events of 9/11, producers figured a movie which would involve a plane crash would be too
  14. 14. file:///home/pptfactory/temp/Desktop/survivor-wall-joehumphrey.preview.jpg In Conclusion... Survivor was filled with cleaning tips, quotable passages, and a great, page-turning story. Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite modern authors,
  15. 15. Cited Sources