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coastal resourse

  1. 1. Institute ofForeign CoastalLanguages ResourcesClass E1.4Presented by:1. Siv Vises2. Chin Tola3. Pheng Sreyneang4. Chhorn Daneth5. Leark Sreytoch6. Vuth Sophearun 2012 1
  2. 2. ContentPart I IntroductionPart II Coastal Environment Issues and problems ◦ Pollution ◦ Degradation of natural resources: fisheries, mangrove forest, coral and seagrasses ◦ Over dredging sand ◦ Port development ◦ tourism Part III Coastal management and challengesPart IV Opinions 2
  3. 3. Part I Introduction The coastline of Cambodia extends 435 km along the Northeast shore of the shallow Gulf of Thailand between the Vietnamese and Thai borders. The coastal provinces are Koh Kong , Kep, Sihanou and Kampot. There are many resources a long the coastal area such as beaches, sand, islands, mangrove forest and so on. There are valuable things in the sea such as oil, sea fish, coral and so on. 3
  4. 4. Map 4
  5. 5. Part II Coastal Environment Issues Pollution  Discharging solid waste and liquid waste into the river or beach directly. • Agricultural activities: Using chemical fertilizer and insecticide  Industrial activities: disposing the waste, particularly liquid waste into the sea directly Degradation of Natural Resources  Fisheries: Using illegal fishing instrument such as push nets, drag nets, dynamite, or fish poison 5
  6. 6. Part II Coastal Environment Issues Degradation of Natural Resources Mangroves: There are approximately 63,039 ha (1997) and it was further reduced to 56,241 ha (2002 by JICA and MOE) The depletion of mangrove forest caused by human activities: Cutting for charcoal and wood production, clearing the mangrove forest for agriculture purpose. 6
  7. 7. Part II Coastal Environment Issues Coral and Seagrasses• Destructive fishing practices including motorized push nets, shallow water trawling and weighted bottom nets. Over dredging sand:The removal of sand is remarkable in O Tres 7
  8. 8. Part II Coastal Environment Issues Port development tourism Problems  the depletion of natural resources such as mangrove forest, fish, coral, seagrasses and sand can cause some problems: fish shortage, pollution, beach erosion and other problems. 8
  9. 9. Part III Coastal Management and ChallengesCoastal management ◦ Enforcement of existing law  To manage and conserve the coastal resources in a sustainable manner. ◦ Environmental legal framework ◦ Environmental issues framework ◦ Coastal Zone Management 9
  10. 10. Part III Coastal Management and Challenges Challenges ◦ Lack of enforcing environmental laws ◦ Lack of public awareness and participation ◦ Corruption ◦ Poverty 10
  11. 11. Part VI Conclusion All in all, pollution, degradation of natural resources and other environmental issues along the coastal area are still the important issues to be concern. Suggestion: ◦ government and line ministries as well as other institutions should pay more attention to coastal area issues and take action immediately if necessary. ◦ Local authorities in close collaboration with communities should carry out monitoring and enforcing the existing law effectively. 11