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Love story by erich segal

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  1. 1. Love Story by Erich Segal Department of English Lecturer: OUK VIBOL Group: 4 Literature Studies E2.4 1
  2. 2. Contents • SUMMARY Ten Nimol • Character Analysis Chhorn Daneth • CONCEPT of The Love Story Prum Punwath • Related events and conclusion Meng Sophorn E2.4 2
  3. 3. SUMMARY: Love story • Chapter 1 Stupid and rich, clever and poor • Chapter 2 Blood and stone • Chapter 3 We belong together • Chapter 4 Two different kinds of father • Chapter 5 The first three years • Chapter 6 Money can't buy everything • Chapter 7 Strong man don't cry E2.4 3
  4. 4. CHARACTER ANALYSIS • Jennifer Cavilleri Oliver Barrett IV • Extremely Romanticized Infatuated E2.4 4
  5. 5. CONCEPT of The Love Story Concept from this story is. Children are beaten in the name of the love. Wars are fought in the name of the love. Jealousy and control are also in the name of the love. What is LOVE? E2.4 5
  6. 6. E2.4 6 Cambridge Dictionary: love is the feeling of liking another adult very much and being romantically and sexually attracted to them, or strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family. Longman Dictionary: Love is a strong feeling caring about someone, specially a member of you family or a close friend. The World Book: love as a strong and feeling of sexuality, and emotion.
  7. 7. E2.4 7 • What is love exactly? • Love comes in so many different levels, that it doesn't appear to be the same emotion. According to the Aristotle there are 3 kinds of love. • Eros: Passionate Love • Philia: Understanding love • Agape: Ultimate Love
  8. 8. RELATED EVENTS • After reading many love stories both Khmer and European love stories, I noticed of common problem that happened in the stories . • Tum Teav written by Preach Botom theara . • Phka Sropoun by Nu Harg E2.4 8
  9. 9. CONCLUSSION • We know who Is ERICH SEGAL • There are 3 main kinds of love: Eros, Philia, Agape • We can give a definition to the love as the feeling that we want to have something or to see someone everyday. E2.4 9
  10. 10. CONCLUSSION • After We finished this project , we could get a lot of knowledge . We learned how love life is so complicated and how difficult to struggle and to solve the love problem. Moreover, my friendship with all my group members became closer and closer. All of us tried so hard to finish this project because we don’t have a lot of experiences for love. Therefore , we have to search the information through the internet and the books that can provide us with the information. Although we were so busy ,we still took the time to discuss with one another about this project. Besides meeting face to face, we also discussed with one another through the group online. After finished this project ,I found that all of my group members were hard-working and helpful. E2.4 10