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Pune transport problems


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Pune transport problems

  1. 1. Pune’s Commuting Woes
  2. 2. Times Of India City SurveyArticle, 11 Dec 2011 Even the best rated of the above barely made it to a rating of "average" on a scale ranging from "very poor" to "very good" . Clearly, theres a lot our town planners need to do before we can boast of our metropolises , new and old, becoming world-class
  4. 4. Traffic Problems :1. Since 1960, Pune traffic has increased by 105 times, whereas the road network has grown by merely by 6 times2. Insufficient Road Network – Existing : 7% of the City Area Required: 15%3. Poor traffic management4. Unruly traffic5. INEFFICIENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT6. Absence of infrastructural requirements – Flyovers, railway over bridges(ROB), etc.7. Absence of wide roads and haphazard planning
  5. 5.  According to the Regional Transport Office, the city now plays host to 1,24,196 two-wheelers 39,141 cars 13,166 commercial vehicles (2010) Share of Registered Vehicles in Pune (%) (DPR for Baner Subway Under JNNURM) Buses (0.8) Trucks (4.8) Others (0.1) Cars (13.1) 3 wheelers (5.7) 2 wheelers (75.3)
  6. 6. Traffic Currently Existing but poorly maintained Cycle TracksKarve Road at peak hour Laxmi Road Traffic Congestion
  7. 7. Is This The Solution ??
  8. 8. Or is it this..?
  10. 10. Public Transport 1 Bus =25 cars/bikes consume lesser petrol, cause lesser pollution, and will decongest the road It must be | Affordable | Efficient | Regular | Fast | In Pune, at present there is only 1 means of public transport – PMPML buses, which has also been criticised for its poor services There is an urgent need to strengthen it and at the same time introduce new forms of public transport – Metro, Skybus, etc
  11. 11. Public Transport
  12. 12. PMPML–A crippling Public Transport System The bus system in the city has been overloaded and is underperforming Various problems faced -bus breakdowns, lack of maintenance, poor frequency, etc.
  13. 13. POINTERS : Reliability Comfort Convenience Affordability
  14. 14. Need for a Mass Rapid Transit System – Metro & BRTS Along with improving the existing PMPML, there is today an urgent need for an alternate transport system in the city Inclusive of: MRTS (Metro and BRTS) The London underground was started in the year 1863 ! Today almost 150 years later we are just Considering & Planning a Metro !
  15. 15. Pune BRTS – Success or Failure ?Lack of facilities for the pedestrians, improper lane markings, other vehicles enteringthe dedicated bus lane – mar the BRTS
  16. 16. BRTS IN PUNE : STATUS QUO The Vision: The city of Pune was the first in India to experiment with a Bus Rapid Transit system. PMPML started plying pilot routes in December 2006. The funding for the project comes from the Government of India under the JNNURM. Total of 112 km route is proposed The project consists of 16.5 kilometres of bus lanes along the Pune Satara Road using air-conditioned, low-floor more than 500 Volvo B7RLEbuses