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Zion ppt


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Zion ppt

  1. 1. HaveLIVE LEARN FUN
  2. 2. Quality architecture Quality Mixed & SmarterCommuting Connectivity Sustainability of Housing Transportation Urban Life Design
  3. 3.  Apartment Buildings• Planned to have maximum Natural Light, Natural Ventilation considering local wind data and solar path analysis• All flats are “Three Sided Open ”• No Common wall between any apt. which helps achieve very good cross ventilation• Total area of opening ( inlet and outlet ) is more than 30% of floor area **A special Entrance Gate, replete with a security cabin has been provided for each of the residential blocks** Underground Vehicle Dropouts have been provided in particular, strategic locations
  4. 4.  A road network that optimises connectivity in the entire neighbourhood, lined with lush greenery on either side. Water lagoons, boulevards... that make travelling here a pleasurable experience. Bituminous roads provided: External ring road : 6m Internal roads : 6m and 5m resp. Solar lighting for internal streets.
  5. 5. The Residential Zone Is divided into 3 : MYSTIC : Apartment Buildings (07) 4 apts. On each floor. G+5 Structures. MAGNA : Twin Bungalows (27) G+1 Structure MIA :Row Houses (48) G+1 Structure
  6. 6.  Basketball Court Activity Hub Hypermarket Lounge Amphitheatre Mini golf course Meditation & Rejuvenation Centre
  7. 7.  Admin Office Commercial Hub Fire Station ATMs Intelligence surveillance system Wi-Fi Connectivity Jogging track
  8. 8.  Eco-friendly construction materials (Fly ash bricks & paver blocks, low VOC paints et al) Solar Energy Wind mills Garbage Segregation Vermi composting Smart bathroom fixtures Root Zone Cleaning system Rain Water Harvesting
  9. 9. They are artificially prepared wetlands comprising of clay or plastic lined excavation and emergent vegetation growing on gravel/sand mixtures and is also known as constructed wetland. This method combines mechanical filtration, chemical precipitation and biological degradation in one step for the treatment of wastewater.
  10. 10.  All flats have solar water heating system Common amenities such as Lift, Water Pumps etc. are running on “Green Energy” (read: Solar) Common lighting in outdoor passage as well as parking areas have “T5-28W” tube lights. All these light points have time and motion sensors LED lighting in common areas (3W) One of the two lifts in each building will be a “Green Lift” i.e. it is without a machine room, gear less and is fitted with weight-sensing device. Due to this the energy consumption will be as per the weight inside the lift and this lift always run on “Green Energy”
  11. 11.  All Tube Lights- T5-28 W or CFL only All Toilets & Terraces- CFL lights only All Fans - Power Saver – 50 W only To ensure dedicated usage of these fixtures, each building is provided with the following : Every flat has Blink Free Changeover (BFC) switch, which limits use of current from “Green Energy” up to 1.5Amp Normally minimum 3 T5 Tube Lights, 2 CFL, 2 Fans, 1 TV / Computer can run in the limit of 1.5 Amp current. Green energy is free of cost to flat holders this automatically controls the usage of Grid Energy.
  12. 12.  A Gravity+Pumping type integrated Water Distribution System Water is pumped from the adjoining river via a pump house, treated in the installed WTP & therein, stored in the ESR. Thereon, under gravity it is supplied to the residents Assuming, 135 litres per capita per day consumption - Water required per day = 3.375 lakh litre (Population = 2500 (assumed) ) - 6 pumps of 10 HP capacity
  13. 13.  3.5 MLD water treatment plant - Root zone cleaning system : Aerator & recirculation pumps are not required so energy is not required. It uses Phragmatis Austalis as wet land species. A cost effective system that gives crystal clear water, safe for reuse. Grey water from kitchen and bathroom is collected and treated, this water can be used further for gardens, washing roads and cars etc instead of leaving it as it is.
  14. 14.  STRUCTURE RCC Framed structure PLASTER 12mm thk smooth internal finish Sand faced cement plaster DOORS & WINDOWS Main door in teak wood frame, with beading & brass fitting, safety locking system Other doors- Precast RCC frame, flush door FLOORING Vitrified flooring in all rooms PAINTS Oil bound distemper in all rooms Ext cement based paint finish
  15. 15.  KITCHEN Working platform of black granite Stainless steel sink Exhaust fan SANITATION Std white sanitary ware | Std C.P. fittings |Exhaust fan ELECTRICAL Concealed wiring | ISI mark quality fittings WATER SUPPLY Provision for OHT for drinking & washing ELEVATOR 6 persons’ capacity, Otis PARKING Covered & Open parking for all tenements TREATMENT Waterproofing for toilet and bath blocks
  16. 16.  Each with its garden and car park, sitouts and terraces. Designed to capture the virtues of natural light and cross ventilation, and a splendid view of the landscaped greens.
  17. 17. Sprawling Goan and Italian themed architecture for Row Houses … Signature Premium LivingFor those with a Taste for the Best
  18. 18.  With its vast swathes of refreshing greens and shimmering waters. Bringing back a way of life, that was once the pride of a green bygone Pune. A way of life in perfect harmony with nature. Now progressive and modern. With comfort, convenience and a digital lifestyle that truly reflects the 21st century.
  19. 19. Lifes a voyage thats homewardbound -Herman MelvilleHome is where the heart is, and hence, through Zion, we have envisioned tocreate spaces for not just the mind and self, but the soul to thriveWith the serenity and beauty, in the lap of nature… we breathe in life, in itstruest form