TAMID Slides for PresenTense iHuddle Oct 5 2010


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  • Solution Overview of the 3 part program
  • Solution Overview of the 3 part program
  • Vision
  • TAMID Slides for PresenTense iHuddle Oct 5 2010

    1. 1.
    2. 2. TAMID.<br />Pioneering the next generation.<br />The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a student led initiative that pioneers the next generation of American commitment to Israel by connecting business-minded students with the Israeli economy. <br />
    3. 3. Program<br /><ul><li> A comprehensive initiative geared towards business-minded students
    4. 4. Students engage with Israeli businesses by managing an investment fund and consulting for Israeli start-ups
    5. 5. TAMID members supplement their experience by interning with Israeli companies</li></ul>The TAMID Israel Investment Group is a comprehensive, three phased program. <br />2<br />
    6. 6. Vision<br /><ul><li> Within 5 years, TAMID will become a national organization with chapters at major American universities, engaging thousands of students nationwide.
    7. 7. TAMID will create a highly interactive network of young American Jewish business leaders who have a sustained and substantive connection with the State of Israel. </li></ul>8<br />
    8. 8. 10<br />Fundraising Goals<br />*Includingdonations, grants and corporate sponsorships<br />**Fellowship Budget + $10,000 Operating Budget/Campus<br />***Fellowship Budget + $10,000 Operating Budget/Campus + Full-time staff member @ $50,000/year <br />
    9. 9. Accolades and Press<br />“TAMID totally resonates with everyone…This can be one of those brands like Birthright that will have real legs in the Jewish world and will engage a group of people in a way that maybe they would not have been engaged Jewishly at all… It speaks to economic growth, it speaks to Zionism, partnership, JewishPeoplehood. I would be very shocked, if you wanted this to grow, if in 5 years you weren’t all over the place and this was a real engine for the future… that the leadership throughout TAMID becomes the leaders of the Jewish communities over the coming generations. …You are really on the cusp of something big and that’s what I am excited about. This could be a game changer.”<br />– Scott Kaufman, CEO Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit<br />Please visit our website to find links to our recent media attention including:<br /><ul><li> The Jerusalem Post
    10. 10. ArutzSheva
    11. 11. The New York Jewish Week
    12. 12. The Boston Jewish Advocate
    13. 13. The Los Angeles Jewish Journal
    14. 14. The Cleveland Jewish News</li></ul>11<br />
    15. 15. 13`<br />Contact <br />For General Inquiries:<br />Brett Siegal<br />Executive Directorbrett.siegal@tamidgroup.org<br />-----------------------------------------------<br />To Recruit a TAMID Intern:<br />Hal Kominsky and Allison Cooper<br />Fellowship Coordinatorsfellowship@tamidgroup.org<br />-----------------------------------------------<br />To Have TAMID Consult for Your Company:<br />Sam Pessin<br />VP TAMID Consulting<br />consulting@tamidgroup.org<br />-----------------------------------------------<br />For Support Opportunities:<br />Ben Kaminsky<br />VP Fundraising<br />support@tamidgroup.org<br />-----------------------------------------------<br />For Media and Publicity:<br />Lindsay Levy <br />VP Marketing<br />media@tamidgroup.org<br />www.tamidgroup.org<br />