2011 meet the fellows


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2011 meet the fellows

  1. 1. Meet theFellows
  2. 2. With thanks to the 2011 Global Institute Chair Sponsors: The Gorlin Family Foundation The Gottesman Fund The iCenter JDC EuropeThe Rosenbloom Philanthropic Fund
  3. 3. lAURA BIAlIs tel Aviv, Israel PROJECT: ThE FOundaTiOn FOR dOCumEnTaRy PROJECTs uses the art of powerful documen- tary storytelling to engage Jewish youth andLaura is a documentary filmmaker, graduatingfrom the University of Southern California. Her young adults with the goal of strengtheningstories often deal with human rights, social issues, their Jewish identity, raising their awareness ofand activists and most of her work focuses on important issues facing theJewish people andstories of the Jewish people. She founded Foun- Israel and inspiring them to take action.dation for Documentary Projects, to producedocumentaries that would educate, inspire, andchange the world.
  4. 4. RAChel BRoDY washington, DC PROJECT: inClusivE COFFEE will create jointRachel has worked with Teach For America, and the coffee shops and community centersREALITY program, where she was able to study inno- that provide the opportunity for thosevation and leadership in Israel. She received her Mas- with and without disabilities to interactters of Education in special education from George with one another. It promotes friendship,Mason University, and currently works at the KIPP understanding, and blending between(Knowledge is Power Program) DC as an instructional the two communities.specialist.
  5. 5. ANA FUChs Atlanta, GA PROJECT: JEwish Kids GROuPs are creative, different way to approach JewishAna is the founder of Jewish Kids Groups. In ad-dition, she is an instructional designer and editor education. They are highly engaging,at Emory University’s Institute for the Study of joyous and fun! These positive asso-Modern Israel. There, she leads teacher training ciations to Judaism as children willsessions and assists in research. Ana is an active translate into a more active adultvolunteer, working with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Jewish community in the future.and serves as a director for Camp Limmud.
  6. 6. lAURA GAsPAR Budapest, hungary PROJECT:Laura is currently a computer science student from RaFi is an interactive computer gameBudapest, Hungary. She has always had a passion that teaches children about Jewish lifefor teaching Judaism to children, as both a partici- through the experiences and adventurespant and a madricha with several Jewish camps, in- of a young child named Rafi.cluding Hashomer Hatzair, the International YouthCamp of Szarvas, and Taglit-Birthright Israel. As amadricha, she learned that the most effective wayto educate children is by interactive games whichhold their interest and foster a love of learning.
  7. 7. DAVID Gloss Philadelphia, PA PROJECT: hERE’s my ChanCE is a unique soft-David is an active social entrepreneur and strategy ware platform that inspires action,professional. He lives by the mantra that is it pos- starts thought provoking conversations,sible to do good, while doing well. Before founding and helps organizations raise funds andHere’s My Chance, he was the operations and busi- engage supporters.ness manager for Ryzing, a social gaming company,and before that worked in business consulting andventure capital. He has an MBA from Temple Uni-versity, and is a Philadelphia native.
  8. 8. eVelYN GolDFINGeR Buenos Aires, Argentina PROJECT: El TORaTRón is a Jewish educationalEvelyn lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a theatre ensemble that creates andpassion for theater and the arts, both performing performs a variety of innovativeand directing. Recently, she wrote “The Bubbe’s shows with Biblical and JewishTrunk”, an educational play to teach children about themes. It presents the Torah in aYiddish language and culture from a hip perspec- unique, fun, profound and approach-tive. She founded El Toratrón, a professional theater able way.ensemble, to educate audiences about the storiesof the Torah. She serves as a director, playwright,producer, and actress in the ensemble.
  9. 9. ANNe hRoMADKA los Angeles, CA PROJECT: nu aRT [insERT JEwish CulTuREAnne holds dual masters degrees in Jewish Communal hERE] PROJECTs will be a fully func-Service from Hebrew Union College-JIR/LA and Public tional art and educational space set upArt Studies from USC. Her interest in art led her to inside an altered Recreational Vehicleserve as the program director for Jewish Artist Ini- (RV). The mobile gallery will be dedicatedtiative of Southern California, as well as direct a con- to increasing Jewish cultural awarenesstemporary art gallery in the Culver City Arts District.She is an independent consultant for Hebrew Union and appreciation through exposure toCollege-JIR/LA. Her area of emphasis is Jewish visual the arts.art with a focus on Los Angeles Jewish artists and aspecial interest in participatory cultural experiences.
  10. 10. ZoIA KoltoN st. Petersburg, Russia PROJECT: The principles of 3-dimEnsiOns are action, kindness, and generosity. TheA native of Russia, Zoia discovered her roots after the col- goal of 3D is to create a new clusterlapse of the USSR. As a child, she was an inaugural mem- of young Jewish leaders who couldber of Adain-Lo, a Jewish Family Center. Her passion for financially and organizationally supportJudaism continued throughout her life. Currently, she Jewish community of St. Petersburg inworks as a PR-manager of the Russian Jewish Congress the future and ensure its stable exis-in St. Petersburg. tence and independence.
  11. 11. MIChAel lANDes New York, NY PROJECT: CamP amiR aims to build a pluralisticMichael is a recent graduate of the List College Joint summer camp for both Israeli and ArabProgram between Columbia University and the Jewish children on the common ground of en-Theological Seminary, studying political science and vironmentalism and organic farming.biblical studies. He volunteered with the American By teaching sustainability in environ-Jewish World Service to work in Uganda. These ex- mental work, Camp Amir can empowerperiences have inspired him to positively impact the children in the region to build a coop-lives of the less fortunate, Jewish or otherwise, across erative future with one another.the globe.
  12. 12. BARBARA ReICh Buenos Aires, Argentina PROJECT:Barbara earned a degree in Education and a Masters EnCOnTRaRsE En la divERsidad isin Human Rights. Until recently, she has been the a training program which focuses onCabinet Advisor to the General Department of Minor- human rights for youth. It aims to createities, creating many programs educational programs a space to teach the value of diversity andfor the youth of Buenos Aires. She has been active in its impact on daily life.the Jewish community for her entire life.
  13. 13. elleN RoseN sINGeR New York, NY PROJECT: wOmEnTEaChinGwOmEn is an in- ternational organization devoted to em-Ellen has managed a consulting firm finding so- powering women by providing them withlutions for clients in a range of business sectors. the skills and opportunities to becomeShe has traveled to the Middle East, Southeast economically self-sufficient. Its principlesAsia and Africa teaching business skills and helping are based on the belief that women whopeople start small businesses. A graduate of NYU are financially independent not onlySchool of Business, she hopes to teach other wom- provide for themselves and their families,en the skills she learned through her organization, but they are also responsible and activeWomenTeachingWomen. community leaders.
  14. 14. ReBeCCA RUssell eINhoRN washington, DC PROJECT: ThE aCTivisT insTiTuTE is a place where young people can brainstormBecca is a native of Washington D.C. and a graduateof Pomona College. While in college, she founded solutions to the world’s most pressingthe Claremont DREAM Act Coalition, an on campus issues, connect with leaders in theirimmigrant-rights group that raised awareness field, and get the experience thatof issues related to immigrant status. Becca they need to forge ahead and startloves to travel, and spent a year in Israel learning their own projects for change in theirHebrew and Arabic in order to promote coexis- communities.tence between Arabs and Israelis.
  15. 15. RICARDo sZYFeR Montevideo, Uruguay PROJECT: COnTa COnmiGO is a website whereRicardo is from Montevideo, Uruguay and currently different local community projects arestudies systems engineering at Universidad ORT Uru- posted, and interested participantsguay. In addition to being a student, he also teaches can donate money, materials, or timedata structures and algorithms at the university. He the given initiative to make it happen.is also an active member of the Hillel Tzedek group,which frequently engages in social service activities.
  16. 16. YAIR toBIAs Kibbutz Yahel, Israel PROJECT: BEiT midRash BadERECh seeks toYair grew up in the desert of Israel, on a small kibbutz establish a place of study that will in-in the Arava area near Eilat. In a pre-army academy, tegrate study, work, tikkun olam andhe studied Judaism and economics and became a community. The study program willfighter-medic in the army. His love of Israeli-desert include Jewish and spiritual studieslife has inspired him to teach these principles to together with environment and desertother young adults through Beit Midrash Baderech. studies.
  17. 17. FoNDA weIss Jerusalem, Israel PROJECT: a JEwish PlaCE FOR ExPREssiOn and aCTiOn FOR Kids (J-PEaK) isFonda is a native Texan who made Aliyah to Israel. both a physical and virtual place forShe has enjoyed a career in high-tech communi- Jewish children to express their ideas,cations, designing, writing and producing user- share talents, learn from one another,friendly product documentation. She founded and take action in initiating programsPEAK, a Place for Expression & Action for Kids, for and with their peers.where she also serves as a teacher.
  18. 18. BeN wIeNeR Jerusalem, Israel PROJECT: TEnPaRTnERs is an innovative non- profit partnership platform that enables non-denominational groups of local,Ben specializes in private equity transactions and busi-ness development, with particular expertise in interna- young Jewish leaders to collaborate usingtional deal-making. He is a graduate of Columbia Law our customized technology platform andSchool and Yeshiva University. Ben is the founder of create new and unique, financiallyPortofino Equity Advisors, a fund-less sponsor of pri- sustainable programs to enrich theirvate equity transactions and investment in emerging local Jewish life and community.markets and was a Vice President at IDT Corp, where need to forge ahead and start their ownhe managed acquisition projects and established and projects for change in their communities.managed a number of new corporate subsidiaries.
  19. 19. We are honored to work with the following presentand past sponsors in pursuit of our mission to builda future of creativity, innovation, and leadershipfor Israel, the Jewish People, and the world:American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, AmericanZionist Movement, AMITAI Heritage Foundation, Avi Chai,Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Com-bined Jewish Philanthropies, Greater Boston›s Jewish Fed-eration, Foundation for Jewish Culture, Gary Gross, Hillel,iCenter, Israel on Campus Coalition, Israel Venture Association,Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Jewish Federation ofGreater Philadelphia, Jewish Funders Network - PhilanthropicServices, Jim Joseph Foundation, Joyce & Irving GoldmanFamily Foundation Inc., Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation,Natan, Pamela Applebaum, Partnership for Effective Learningand Innovative Education (PELIE), Professional LeadersProject, Salesforce.com, Sharon Ungerleider, The CovenantFoundation, The Gorlin Family Foundation, The GottesmanFund, The Immerman Foundation, The Kopelman Foundation,The Morningstar Foundation, The Nathan CummingsFoundation, The Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foun-dation (OJCYF), The Rosenbloom Philanthropic Fund, TheWohl Family Foundation, Tribe 12, UJA-Federation of NewYork, Virginia Bayer & Rabbi Robert Hirt, World ZionistOrganization.
  20. 20. Follow the fell ows at :w w w. p re s e nte n s e. o rg / i n s t i t u te