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Q4 2011 Quarterly Report

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Q4 2011 Quarterly Report

  1. 1. PresenTenseQuarterly Report Held: February 28, 2012
  2. 2. Introduction Prepared by: Brian Meister, CFO/COO Ariel Beery, Co-Director Nurit Tsur, CEO PTLSimi Hinden, Online Community
  3. 3. On-Line Community Simi Hinden02/08/12
  4. 4. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter… Seeing PT Israel sales rapidly grow – new hub in Tel Aviv, lots of new potentialfellowships and PTSchool training sessions.Were finally breaking into the Israeli market!
  5. 5. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics Intended to Metrics reached Explanation Reach $2336 raised in twoMillion Minutes – no 1st time we did this, campaigns (Millionfundraising goal wanted to test out Minutes and Power Up) 2161 Twitter followers, Steady growth of ourn/a 1821 Facebook fans networks About average – had two18,000 visitors 17,879 visitors spikes for application45,000 page views 43,906 page views to site announcement and final push for applicants As the list size increases5000 newsletter Average 4014 recipients and base widens, clickrecipients of monthly newsletter through rate naturally20% open rate 22% average open rate goes down – need to10% click through 6.79% click through rate combat this
  6. 6. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential Solutions Get staff to deal with them on own –Lots of little tech requests from Google it, and get better techeveryone are distracting consultantTech updates to website not Set clearer timelines; recruit additionalhappening as fast as needed intern/hourly consultant to helpSales data not tracked in one central Bi-weekly SF conference call to tracklocation – hard to manage challenges and keep people on target
  7. 7. Community Entrepreneurship Partnership Management Prepared by: Ariel Beery, Co-Director Michael Podberezin, Eur-Asia Coordinator Erez Marchini, TLV and Jerusalem Coordinator Shelby Zitelman, N.A. Program Director
  8. 8. General CEP Ariel Beery02/08/12
  9. 9. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…Launch of the US and Israeli SocialStarttraining courses alongside the autonomouscoordination of local coordinators showedthat PresenTense’s Community EntrepreneurPartnership model is scalable.
  10. 10. Quality Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached ExplanationSatisfaction by Very strong increase,Coordinators on materials 91.43% thanks to time investedprovided (80% target) pre- and post summerQuality of materials as Room to improve; notesrated by Coord (80%) 80% showed there are challenges to overcome.Responsiveness rating by Good rating, but can beCoord (80%) 85.71% improved. Need new systems.Would you recommend Very good rating,PT to another city? (80%) 94.29% indicative of comparative quality and overall satisfaction.
  11. 11. Quantity Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached ExplanationAverage of 21 Steering Min is 11, max is 39, showingCommittee Members 20 large range on SC – and suggesting alternative modelsAverage 18 Mentors per Average dragged down bycity 10 programs who hadn’t confirmed mentors by end of period. Min is 0, Max is 20Average 12 fellows per Cities decided to focus on acity 10 smaller number. We’ll view and see how it goesAverage Facebook fans As a new rating, we want to(no baseline) 135 establish a benchmark. Min is 0, max now is 350
  12. 12. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsCultural adaptation of material is far Increased lead-time when going intodeeper than we expected different operating environmentsLocal coordinators are not utilizing Need to have a clearer goal for check-their weekly check-ins with Regional ins and to find a way to provide addedDirectors sufficiently. value to coordinators from those check-insDelay and lag in coordinators filling out Clearer value proposition to the citiessurveys, or passing those surveys to concerning data and knowledgestakeholders managementLaunch Book – structure and scale Clarity of workplan needs to be followed up on seriously
  13. 13. Sales Ariel Beery02/08/12
  14. 14. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…Hearing about the interest from sitesPresenTense would have never thought ofentering into, such as Germany. The numberof individuals who want to help bringPresenTense to central Europe requires newthinking as to how to involve the communityin the sales process.
  15. 15. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached ExplanationSix CEPs in Final This is a very, very hardNegotiations, Worldwide 4 year in the market. We’refor 2012/13 tapping out of the Large City market in the US, and need to build long- term focusSix CEPs with an Option Most cities we werefor 2012/13 5 exploring with have all but ruled out this coming yearSix CEPs with an interest We have good interest forin 2013/2014 8 5774, but it is impossible to know whether interest will remain
  16. 16. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsRegular sales trips did not get the Deeper, more long term planning withtraction we expected clearer ‘case officers’ checking in with cities regularly. Local sales staff could change the game (and not international co-directors)High price of commitment is reducing Need to develop additional products,options for more risk-averse, or less including PTSchool options and amoneyed, communities mini-CEP or Regional CEPAttempts to negotiation mutli-city deals Unclear multi-City partnerships are thewith umbrella organizations did not right solutionsucceed in going throughLack of clear ‘return on investment’ We need more data, and need to findfigures (donations driven to Federation a way to make it worth partner’s whiledue to CEP) to provide the data
  17. 17. Overseas Expansion Michael Podberezin02/08/12
  18. 18. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…Doing our first orientation seminar in Moscow andreceiving an email from Brachie with a photo ofThreshold orientation taking place at the same time.The fellows looked alike, and even had similarexpressions. I truly felt like a part of somethingglobal and amazing.
  19. 19. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached ExplanationAt least 30 Candidates 36 candidates to the the number of candidates was an important indication of how wide our program reach is in the Moscow community8 New Russian speaking 4 new Russian speaking Ensures the sustainability of thetrainers trainers program in the long term and can help cut costsAn involved steering High satisfaction incommittee qualitative survey22 Coaches and Mentors 20 Coaches and Mentors
  20. 20. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsContinuity issues with uncertainty around Begin preparing potential candidates earlyfuture employees career decisions on.Training more Russian Speaking trainers Partnering with a Russian organization to help create a steady base for PT training.Expansion prospects in other cities in the Discussions ongoing.FSU
  21. 21. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem CEPs Erez Marchini02/08/12
  22. 22. ‫‪One Exciting Moment for me‬‬ ‫…‪this Quarter‬‬‫לראות מועמדים ערבים וחרדים בתכנית בתכנית‬ ‫יזמים, אחרי כל ההכנות והדיבורים על זה‬
  23. 23. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached Explanation‫בניית המוצר הישראלי‬ ‫תחילת בניית אתר תוכן‬Building the Israeli ‫לרכזים בעברית‬product Started building coordinator’s website‫בניית מוצר ישראלי שלם‬ ‫אתר למדריכים, אתר‬‫ועומד בקריטריונים של‬ ‫בעברית, חוברת לרכזים‬‫האמריקאי‬ ‫בישראל‬Building the complete Hebrew website,Israeli product in coordinator’s website andcoordination with the bookletAmerican one‫מעבר חלק של התכניות‬ ‫כל התכניות התחילו "על רגל‬‫הישראליות‬ ‫ימין": סדנאות,ליווי של מלווים‬Smooth operation of the ‫–ומנטורים, שולחנות עגולים‬Israel based programs All programs started well
  24. 24. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential Solutions‫הרבה ארגונים מתעניינים בתכנים שלנו, ולא תמיד‬ ‫עבודה עם מדריכים מהארגון כפרוייקטורים‬‫יש לנו את המענה מבחינת כוח אדם‬ New work model that utilizes the facilitatorsNot enough personnel for client’s demand as “special project coordinators”,‫מדריכים לא מספיק מיומנים על תכנים, לא מספיק‬ ‫מפגשים קבועים של מעבר על תכנים עם‬‫"מרגישים "חלק מהמשפחה‬ ‫המדריכים, ערבי מדריכים‬Facilitators do not have enough experience Regular meetings and organizing socialwith presentations and do not feel like part eventsof PT family‫תכנים בישראל לא מספיק מקצועיים‬ – ‫שני מישורים‬Israeli content not professional enough ‫עבודה על התכנים שלנו ושיפור מה שצריך, סדר‬ ‫וארגון של כל התכנים בעברית‬ Two ways: 4.Working on content and improving them 5.Organizing all materiel in Hebrew
  25. 25. North America CEPs Shelby Zitelman02/08/12
  26. 26. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…Seeing the final lists of Fellows from each oneof the Coordinators. It was very inspiring torealize that 6 Fellowships are up and running,and we are supporting 64 Fellows across thecountry who are all working on initiatives toimprove their communities. Not to mentionthe SC Members, Coaches and Mentors whoare all dedicated to social change.
  27. 27. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached ExplanationSatisfied Coordinators Surveys suggest that Shelby is the bomb ;)and Partner organizations Coordinators are pleased with their serviceExecutive and Steering Hit the #s, satisfaction not Tight timeline, uncertaintyCommittee Development analyzed. of role, disconnect- # and satisfaction between Coord and SCFellowship recruitment, 129 applications, 64 Only 2:1 application:admissions and program North American Fellows, acceptance, need betterlaunch support from PTG, better plan for Coordinators
  28. 28. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsTension of consistency vs. adaptation Defining the “non negotiable” elementsfor the client of the program.Local incompetence of marketing, Working closely with marketingpromotion and networking, coupled departments (as applicable), betterwith ineffective networking team PresenTense Group coverage,structure redefine the networking team responsibilitiesEnabling Coordinators to share best Posing more questions to the group.practices with each other Coordinator Clusters.Inconsistency of materials, frequent Revisit intranet and systematize theupgrades and resource development materials, information etc…
  29. 29. Social Start Prepared by:Naomi Weiss, Director of Training
  30. 30. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…SocialStart Graduation, January 22, 2012
  31. 31. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics Intended to Metrics reached Explanation ReachSocialStart Trainer metrics: •20 applicants Initial applicant pool was notprojected 36 applicants; 12 •13 accepted (2 second- as large as hoped, butaccepted years) quality was so high that end •10 became certified result exceeded •2 need additional training expectations. •1 droppedFull package of client-ready Package was updated as we Insufficient time, ever-slides including new slides went and continues to be; changing nature ofand full uploads to did not fully curriculum incorporatingSocialStart, Coordinator and receive/implement new feedback from fellows andFellow intranets design from Jerrin trainersBuild and execute full Full trainers course executed Quantity reached, quality stilltrainers course to ensure full including 3 training days, debatable. See next slide forbuy-in on curriculum, monthly cluster calls, challengespedagogy and facilitation teachbacks and mentoring – difficult to measure full buy in
  32. 32. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsCurriculum: Balance of personal 1.Standard curriculum, personalizedownership vs. quality control & anecdotes (and flow?)standardization (trainers & staff) 2.Curriculum committee from SocialStart for next yearTrainers: Empowering and satisfying 1.Incentives for second-year trainers,trainers on very limited budget build local bases so as to cut costs 2.Non-monetary rewards?
  33. 33. Other Programs Prepared by: Nurit Tsur, CEO PTL Brachie Sprung, Executive Director PTL(represented by Nurit Tsur and Erez Marchini) Naomi Weiss, Director of Training
  34. 34. Overview Nurit Tsur02/08/12
  35. 35. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…15th September – started to work at PT!!!
  36. 36. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached ExplanationTripling CEPs in Israel 2 active, 2 in negotiationAdjusting office and Moving offices, changedpersonnel to needs structure of organization
  37. 37. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsAdjusting budgeting of CEP to Israeli Not yet there but almostcapacityIncreasing sales of other projects Built “product basket” that one can choose from. Focusing on Hub and specific courses. “sharing vision” is the most popular workshop!! But I think we need to update it on a monthly basis.Ongoing need to update content- Consultation hours from New Mediaespecially on Sharing Vision consultant (?)
  38. 38. Other Programs - Israel Nurit Tsur on behalf of Brachie Sprung02/08/12
  39. 39. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter…After five years of operating a local Hub inJerusalem suddenly we found that we areperceived as Hub experts. Within months wewere operating “The Library” and negotiatingwith two more potential clients.
  40. 40. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics Intended to Metrics reached Explanation ReachExpansion of CEP’s Tel Aviv (paying client) •Jerusalem Foundation still Threshold (paying client) has not paid Jerusalem (Leichtag, •Negotiations with Haifa, Beer Jerusalem Foundation) ShevaExpansion of PT School •Sold two Activist Toolkits to With a dedicated staff member MASA and IBC we can maximize our potential •Working with many one-time in Israel oppsSelling “Hub” as a •Operating Would like to further expand The Library” this area. There is a lot ofservice •Pitching to the YMCA potential (together with MATI)
  41. 41. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup ChallengesChallenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsLack of staff around trainings and Work with our trainers, turn ourcurriculum development trainers into project coordinators
  42. 42. Other Programs – North America Naomi Weiss02/08/12
  43. 43. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter… BBYO Training! …Seeing the incredible ideas emerge in 12 hours and the potential for other teen markets
  44. 44. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics Intended to Reach Metrics reached Explanation$50K PTSchool sales in $15K + 9K + 1.6K +.6K + On track, need strategyFY12 1.5K = $27,700 to date plan for rest!Tailor curriculum for orgs Not yet!Project manage Pool Brochure, business plan,development with JC budget complete. 2 funders in pipeline. Landscape meeting 2/14/12.
  45. 45. Quarterly Program/ Workgroup Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsPTSchool: Product pricing vs. 1.Staff strategy sessiondemand 2.Survey organizations on elasticity 3.Focus on high-margin products 4.Wash U Consulting projectPool: Staff time invested vs. PT return 1. Take cut of incoming funds for PT time? (before Pool is operational)
  46. 46. FRD Prepared by:Aharon Horwitz, co-Director *Includes up to date data
  47. 47. One Exciting Moment for me this Quarter… Spending time with the Jerusalem Fellowsand seeing a representative sample of all of Jerusalem’s residents around the table.
  48. 48. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics Intended to Metrics reached Explanation ReachRestricted Grants – Extra funds for Silicon $158K$140K Valley Marketing Didn’t hit individualUnrestricted Grants – $122K targets. Minimal$141K Outreach. Lost chairs. Better expectation structure inNYC Chairs – $122,160 $100K short term; new model long term Sluggish sales. LostGlobal Chairs - $50K $15K chairs.
  49. 49. Quarterly Program/ Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential Solutions Federation Chairs short term or lower price more volume. New fundingChair Business Model Broken streams or sponsored fellowships long term. Worst case close programs.New Revenue Sources & Application Pipeline development plan/GrantWriterWriting Challenges ResearcherSales Processes & Pipeline Salesforce or New CRMmanagement not happening in SF ImplementationSlow collection More standardized reminder process
  50. 50. QUESTIONS???02/08/12