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Presen tense Quarterly Q1 and Q2 2012

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Presen tense Quarterly Q1 and Q2 2012

  1. 1. PresenTense Group Quarterly Review, Jan-May 2012 June 14, 2012
  2. 2. Welcome: the PresenTense Quarterly•  The  PresenTense  Group  is  commi0ed  to  being  a  learning   organiza8on,  and  involving  its  community  in  its  ongoing   learning  and  assessment.  •   To  ensure  that  we  learn  from  our  experience,  our  staff  will   review  how  we’ve  addressed  our  programma8c  goals  four   8mes  a  year.  Those  goals  are  set  through  our  Strategy  Days,   and  reflected  in  our  Year  in  Preview  document.    •  This  Quarterly  is  a  reboot,  reviving  our  prac8ce,  and  will  set   the  pace  and  structures  for  the  regular  reviews  to  come.   Please  send  feedback  aHer  the  session  is  over  to    
  3. 3. A Reminder: What We DoPresenTense  is  a  community  development  organiza8on  with  global  reach.    PresenTense  partners  with  community  ins8tu8ons  to  develop  training  and  mentorship  programs  for  social  entrepreneurs,  crea8ng  new  ventures  that  benefit  the  community  and  meaningful  volunteer  opportuni8es  for  local  professionals.    
  4. 4. Our Programs: Community Building, Revenue Generating•  The  PresenTense  Group  as  of  2011  is  opera8ng  through  three   regional  opera8ons:  North  America,  Israel  and  Eurasia.    •  In  each  of  our  regions  we  run  two  general  types  of  programs:   –  Large,  community  building  programs,  known  as  Community   Entrepreneur  Partnerships  (or  CEPs)   –  Smaller,  spot  seminars  for  organiza8ons  or  networks,  known  as  PTSchool  •  Recently,  PresenTense  has  taken  its  exper8se  in  community   development  around  entrepreneurship  into  the  technology   space,  with  its  Tech@Community  program  •  The  following  quarterly  reviews  our  programs  in  all  of  our   loca8ons,  star8ng  with  North  America,  then  Israel,  then  Eurasia.    
  5. 5. North American CEP’s
  6. 6.        One Exciting Moment this Quarter…    Seeing  the  Boston  Launch  Book  in  print  was   exci8ng  because  it  was  a  beau8ful  visual  representa8on  of  PresenTense’s  hard  work,   dedica8on  to  our  clients  and  the  real   community  impact  we  have  enabled            
  7. 7. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics  Intended  to  Reach Metrics  reached Explana4on12 Fellows/Community Total of 64 NA Fellows; Coordinators opted forEntrepreneur Partnership average of 10/City smaller numbers in new markets50 volunteers/CEP Avg 35 volunteers/CEP Smaller Fellow cohorts =150 attendees/Launch 130 attendees/Launch fewer coaches andNight Night in Boston, mentors; SC projections Cleveland and Philly were too large, and 350 attendees in DC mentorship changes80% Client Satisfaction TBD Partner survey yet to be sent, but anecdotal evidence supports 80%Successful Program All Coordinators Exit survey data will showImplementation completed the CEP metric success vs. program, Success TBD baseline
  8. 8. Next Steps•  Program  Assessment  –  distribu8ng,  gathering   and  analyzing  feedback  from  all  program   stakeholders    •  Coordinator  Debrief  –  NA  Coordinators   mee8ng  in  NYC,  on  July  2,  2012  •  Coordinator  Course  –  finalize  agenda  and   materials  for  July  training  •  Product  Refinement  –  revisi8ng  program   materials  to  update  and  upgrade  marke8ng,   process  and  planning  documents    
  9. 9. Quarterly Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsInconsistency with brand and program Need to determine the non-negotiableimplementation elements and provide more marketing materials and copyDifficult Information Management Switch from intranet to Box system;(specifically Launch Book) centralize the intake dataSlow Network Development Appointing representatives from each cohort and facilitating monthly meetings.Inconsistent Communication Schedule Plan PresenTense communications schedule in July so that Partners can plan accordingly
  10. 10. North American PTSchool
  11. 11.        One Exciting Moment this Quarter    
  12. 12. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics  intended  to  reach   Metrics  reached   Explana8on  8  of  11  SocialStart  trainers   11  trainers  shadowed  and   All  11  trainers  were  shadow  and  then  teach   taught  CEP  seminars  in  all  6   prepared  and  excited  to  CEP  seminars  in  6  ci8es  +   ci8es,  Masa    and  two  other   teach;  challenge  will  be  Masa   PTSchools   maintaining  them!    Fellows  grade  Trainer   Qual  rather  than  quant,  but   Trainers  have  strong  skills  facilita8on  at  at  least  4  out   every  response  was   and  presence;  challenge  is  of  5   posi8ve/glowing!     aligning  content    Sell  $50K  PTSchool   Sold  $30.5K,  working  to   Trying  to  get  the  price  point  engagements   close  remainder  by  EOY   right  as  well  as  balance  the   staff  8me  needed  
  13. 13. Next  Steps     – Build  3  na8onal  partnerships  for  2012-­‐13   ($15-­‐40K  per  org)   – Determine  decision  model/trainer  alloca8on   for  accep8ng  smaller  engagements       – Update/refine  CEP  curriculum  based  on     fellow/coach/coordinator  feedback     – Develop  intrapreneur  curriculum   – Slightly  refine  SocialStart  model  for  2012-­‐13  to   ensure  capacity/bandwidth/quality      
  14. 14. Quarterly Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsPTSchool  sales:  Balancing  client  price   1.  Target national organizations withelas8city  with  the  risk  of  dilu8on  of  our   bigger budgetsproduct  and  declining  marginal  revenues     2.  Determine which program elements are most critical and least costly 3.  Achieve operational efficiencies to better scale program 4.  Share resources in existing cities (e.g. Masa)Trainers  as  contractors  (vs.  staff  8me)     1.  Invest more heavily in 4-6 top trainers 2.  Train new hire/s and assign each staff one per monthClient  rela8ons  –  reliant  on  them  to  uphold   1.  Improve systems for collectionsour  contracts     2.  Always get buy-in from C-level 3.  Create back-up plans, conditions!
  15. 15. Israel CEP’s
  16. 16.        One Exciting Moment this Quarter…    The  Yazamim  (Jerusalem  Fellowship)  Launch  Night  featured  PresenTense’s  first  Arab  and  Haredi  fellows  –  expanding  our  reach  into  Israeli  society  and  strengthening  our  commitment  to  all  of  Israel’s  residents.  Launch  Night  was  a0ended  by  Jerusalem’s  Mayor,  Nir  Barkat.    
  17. 17. Quarterly Metrics UpdateMetrics  Intended  to  Reach Metrics  reached Explana4on• 12 ventures per • Jerusalem 12V/10 F Threshold had highFellowship (Jerusalem, • Threshold 15V/12 F demand, and went aboveTel Aviv, Threshold) • Tel Aviv 12V/12F the number of ventures; Jerusalem had a larger than average instance of teams.50 volunteers per • Average of 50 volunteers We hit full capacity forFellowship in every fellowship in volunteers from the Israel-Community community. leaders. • 170 people at Jerusalem launch night.Finalizing the “Israeli • Updated Hebrew Still work to be done, butProduct” - Presentations, Presentations general translation andworkbook, Intranet Sites • Fellows intranet adaptation is finished. • Coordinator intranet • Hebrew flyers
  18. 18. Next Steps•  Train  new  staff  to  expand  Israel  opera8ons•  New  Israeli  SocialStart  –  Train  12  new  trainers   so  that  they  may  be  able  to  provide   workshops  for  the  various  fellowships  in  the   coming  year•  Expand  and  improve  the  Israeli  product   transla8on  and  adapta8on
  19. 19. Quarterly Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsFellows obligation to fellowship • Building more strict structure to(showing up late, submitting fellowships.milestones late, etc.)SocialStart trainers availability was • Assess trainers availability to teachlow, leading to challenges in assigning during application processworkshops and fulfilling commitments • Assign one trainer to teach throughout the whole fellowshipBusy July: Global fellowship, Social •  Planning has begun to ensure staffstart course, coordinators course members are prepared for the packed month to come.
  20. 20. Israel PTSchool
  21. 21.        One Exciting Moment this Quarter…    PresenTense  ran  the  second  largest  track  at  MASA  BFL  for  over  80  par8cipants  where  we  were  able  to  market  SocialStart  training  as  a   product      
  22. 22. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics  Intended  to   Metrics  reached Explana4on ReachCreating a platform for marketing Creating the role of VP Business Sales of all products should beour workshops. Development coordinated2 large scale programs, • BFL Student Union fell through last7 workshops • 11 workshops min due to lack of BudgetIntraprenuer program Made first contact and follow up Working on Shatill, Merkazi with several org’s Tzeirim and Rothschild AmbassadorsSocialStart Training to add 10 • 6 new trainers were added We decided to focus on 6 andnew facilitators • ROI community training in July invest in themOpen Program (Seminars only) About to close with Mazeh 9 – 1 in Hebrew and 1 in EnglishDeveloping 2 new products Developed 3 new products: • Tech@Community Model  The Library •  Hub Operating Model  Mazhe 9 •  Activists Tool Kit  Different places
  23. 23. Next Steps•  Research  new  markets      •  Marke8ng  of  the  new  products  to  exis8ng  and   new  partners    •  SocialStart  training  program     –  Partnership  with  ROI   –  Expand  our  training  pool  
  24. 24. Quarterly Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsPTSchool was incorporated into Overseeing sales on a wide spectrumBusiness Development DepartmentShortage in available and qualified Partnering with ROI to run aSocailStart trainers SocialStart training course in JulySelling new products such as Using The Library as a model exampleTech@Community, Hub operatingmodel and activists toolkit
  25. 25. The Library TLV•  Applica8ons   –  12  teams  submi0ed  applica8ons  for  the  first  round   •  8  were  teams  were  accepted   –  19  team  submi0ed  applica8ons  for  the  second  round   •  10  were  accepted  •  VIP  visits     –  Over  400  par8cipants  in  meet-­‐ups   –  Over  100  VIP  visitors     •  Including  the  Secretary  General  of  the  OECD    
  26. 26. Eurasia CEP’s
  27. 27. 
      One Exciting Moment this Quarter…
 AHer  Launch  night,  a  Kaet  (Moscow)  coach  and   volunteer  steering  commi0ee  member  said,   “I’ve  been  in  Moscow  for  4  years,  and  this  is   the  first  8me  I’ve  done  something  Jewish.”  
  28. 28. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics  Intended  to  Reach   Metrics  reached   Explana8on  Training  8  SocialStart   5  trained   SocialStart  course  wasn’t  as  trainers   successful  as  planned,  and   we’re  planning  to  launch   another  one  in  the   upcoming  months  Moscow  should  include   7  projects  launched,  so  far   To  early  to  know  reten8on  atleast  7  successful  projects   all  volunteers  expressed   and  impact  and  have  a  70%  volunteer   interest  in  con8nuing  reten8on  rate  Expansion  to  one  other   Nego8a8ons  ongoing  with   A  deeper  partnership  with  European  city   St.  Petersburg,  hopefully  will   the  JDC  is  in  process   conclude  soon  
  29. 29. Next Steps•  Due  to  increased  demand  for  Russian   language  sessions,  a  new  SocialStart  course  is   the  top  priority  in  the  next  few  months.   We’re  working  on  partnering  with  an   organiza8on  in  Moscow  to  expand  our  ac8vity   in  this  field.  •  The  other  step  is  expanding  into  other  ci8es  in   Europe,  through  partnership  with  local   organiza8ons.  
  30. 30. Quarterly Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsRecruitment  of  addi8onal  Russian   Partnering  with  the  Moscow  center  for  SocialStart  trainers   NGO  management  to  run  a  joint  program.  Replacement  of  the  European  Programs   Intense  training  for  the  new  director  Director   star8ng  July  1st,  a  possible  joint  visit  to   the  field  Adapta8on  of  the  program  to  new   Running  focus  groups  with  target  communi8es,  and  processing  and   audiences  during  the  autumn.  assessing  feedback  from  Moscow.  
  31. 31. Communications &Information Systems
  32. 32.        One Exciting Moment this Quarter…     The  livestreamed  video  of  the  Kaet  Moscow   Fellowship  Launch  Night  conveyed  the  energy   and  rhythm  of  the  15-­‐second  pitches,  which,  despite  the  cultural  divide,  was  the  same  as  their  counterparts  in  Boston,  Jerusalem,  NYC,  and  our   other  partner  ci8es  around  the  world.  
  33. 33. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics  Intended  to  Reach Metrics  reached Explana4on25% open rate 26% open rate (avg) One clear action gets10% click through rate 9.7% click through rate best open rate. Fellow features also get the most interest
  34. 34. Quarterly Metrics Update Metrics  Intended  to  Reach Metrics  reached Explana4on(as compared with same period (as compared with same period Peaks with new content orin 2011) in 2011) announcements, otherwise20% increase in visits 16% increase in visits steady visitorship20% increase in unique visitors 27% increase in unique visitors20% increase in pageviews 14% increase in pageviews10% increase in Twitter followers 7% increase in Twitter followers Facebook more popular in10% increase in Facebook likes 10% increase in Facebook Likes Israel than Twitter, otherwise it’s strong growth
  35. 35. Next Steps•  Remake  PresenTense  website  (.org   and  to  be0er  drive  sales,  volunteer   engagement,  and  interac8on  with  fellows  •  Build  be0er  system  for  tracking  Sales  and   Project  Management  of  current  programs  •  Create  strong  blog  featuring  constant   schedule  of  posts  from  fellows,  mentors,  staff,   and  community  members.  
  36. 36. Quarterly Challenges Challenges Faced/Facing Potential SolutionsNot all sales data is being tracked Staff incentives for updating data; testeffectively in one location out new/updated data systemsTech infrastructure needs (hardware Research and implement newand software) are becoming outdated solutions for cloud services, techand take up valuable staff time upgrades
  37. 37. Questions? Comments?