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Reported Speech


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english grammar

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Reported Speech

  3. 3. Reported Speech could see can see was going to see is going to see would see will see had seen has seen saw/had seen saw saw sees was seeing is seeing REPORTED DIRECT the next day tomorrow the previous day yesterday that day today then now those these that this there here REPORTED DIRECT
  4. 4. Convert the phrases below into reported speech.
  5. 5. "It's raining," she said.
  6. 6. He said to her, "I love you."
  7. 7. "I saw María in the supermarket yesterday," said  Carlos
  8. 8. "We've lived here for three years," he said.
  9. 9. "I'll bring a pasta salad," said Francesca.
  10. 10. "Mark's going to install solar panels," said Miranda.
  11. 11. "They found gold here," said the geology teacher.
  12. 12. "Jenny can't speak French," said Mark.
  13. 13. "I first met my wife in Delhi," he told us.
  14. 14. "I want your homework handed in by tomorrow," he said.
  15. 15. "My mother made these cakes," said John.
  16. 16. "I'm feeling tired now," said David.
  17. 17. Reported Speech for Questions Bob asked Carla if/whether she was/were happy. "Are you happy, Carla?" asked Bob.
  18. 18. Convert the questions below into reported speech.
  19. 19. "Can they play the piano?" she asked.
  20. 20. "Has Sarah ever been to Siena?" he asked.
  21. 21. "Are they French or Canadian?," asked Charlie.
  22. 22. "Where do bears live?" asked George.
  23. 23. "Who wants some more yoghurt ice cream?" asked Mum.
  24. 24. "Are we going out tonight?" asked Bob.
  25. 25. "Can I use your mobile, John?" asked Sarah.
  26. 26. "Have you ever been to Lisbon?" Luis asked Paul.
  27. 27. "What has Daddy made for dinner?" asked Simon.
  28. 28. "Is the Pope a Catholic," asked JK.
  29. 29. "Who won the match?" asked Monica.
  30. 30. "Have you fed the cat yet, Philip?" asked Carla.
  31. 31. "How much does it cost?" asked Carlos.
  32. 32. "Do you like fried eggs?" Maria asked David.
  33. 33. Reported Speech for Orders She told him not to turn on the light. "Don't turn on the light," she said to him.
  34. 34. Convert the orders below into reported speech.
  35. 35. "Shut up, everybody!" said the teacher.
  36. 36. "Open the window, Robert," said Jane.
  37. 37. "Phone your granny," she told him.
  38. 38. "Don't be late," she warned him.
  39. 39. "Don't talk to strangers, Michael," said his mother.
  40. 40. "Don't listen to a word he says," she told me.
  41. 41. "Clare, help me clean up the kitchen," said Tony.
  42. 42. "Fiona, get out of my way," said Alastair.
  43. 43. "Boys! Stay away from the dog when he's eating," said Dad.
  44. 44. "Minnie, don't scratch the sofa," said Bob.
  45. 45. "Carla, don't pick your nose in class," said the teacher.
  46. 46. "Look after your sister," said my father.
  47. 47. "Break a leg, Oliver," said the actor.
  48. 48. "Lionel, eat your meat," said Elsa.
  49. 49. Reporting Verbs Exercise
  50. 50. Fill the gaps using the verbs in the box. Use each verb once only.
  51. 51. warn refuse invite deny threaten remind insist beg suggest promise hope advise
  52. 52. She ________________ doing it. "I didn't do it," she said.
  53. 53. She ________________ me to have lunch with her. "Have lunch with me," she said.
  54. 54. Tom ________________ I buy one. "Why don't you buy one?" said Tom.
  55. 55. Mary ________________ to take me to Prague. "I promise I'll take you to Prague," said Mary.
  56. 56. Clare ________________ Andy would phone that night. "I hope Andy phones tonight," said Clare.
  57. 57. He ________________ me not to tell anyone. "Please, please don't tell anyone!" he said.
  58. 58. He ________________ to do it. "I won't do it," he said.
  59. 59. She ________________ me to have lessons. "You should have lessons," she said.
  60. 60. They ________________ on going with me. "We really must go with you," they said.
  61. 61. Mum ________________ me to phone Granny. "Don't forget to phone Granny," said Mum.
  62. 62. Maggie ________________ to pinch me very hard if I wore her T-shirt again. "If you wear my T-shirt again, I'll pinch you very hard," said Maggy.
  63. 63. My father ________________ me not to fly kites near electric overhead cables. "Don't fly kites near electric overhead cables," said my father.
  64. 64. More Reporting Verbs Exercise
  65. 65. Fill the gaps using the verbs in the box in the correct form. Use each verb once only.
  66. 66. protest offer beg admit promise explain apologize add
  67. 67. The teacher ________________ that wine came from grapes.
  68. 68. He ________________ never to take her cds again without asking first.
  69. 69. He ________________ for being late.
  70. 70. Monica ________________ to give us a lift to the station.
  71. 71. Mike ________________ eating the last chocolate biscuit.
  72. 72. Our scoutmaster ________________ at the end of his speech that we mustn't forget to bring torches on the camping trip.
  73. 73. Cecilia ________________ that she couldn't help with the shopping because she had already arranged to meet Caroline.
  74. 74. Cinderella ________________ to be allowed to go to the ball.