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learn saas

  1. 1. Learning More About The SaaS Business Tune-up Presented by Montclair Advisors September 2009 © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  2. 2. Where the SaaS Tune-up Can Be Beneficial • For existing SaaS companies:  Delivers a complete view of business using SaaS operating metrics  Compare company performance against SaaS industry leading practices  Diagnostic tool for determining areas of improvement in the business  Useful in communicating to boards and investors about SaaS businesses • For traditional SaaS companies:  Delivers point-in-time benchmarks for business planning purposes  Compare company performance against SaaS company benchmarks  Useful when building out SaaS migration or new business plan  Can help companies avoid making costs SaaS business mistakes © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  3. 3. Quickly Address Common SaaS Challenges The SaaS Business Tune-up provides actionable advice on a wide variety of areas that will help your business to be more productive, generate more revenue and avoid costly mistakes. Sales Model Pricing Integration Data Center Management Comp Plans Development & Upgrades Software Delivery Software Trials Marketing Partnerships Strategies Cash Flow © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  4. 4. SaaS Business Tune-up Process • Kickoff meeting • Interview key executives and stakeholders • Product demonstration • Evaluate corporate presentation • Review financial and background materials • Build out SBT scorecard • Deliver findings Typical evaluation takes less than 2 days, so results are delivered quickly and cost effectively. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  5. 5. SaaS Business Tune-up Business Dimensions Dimension Sub-Dimension Key Themes STRATEGY Vision License model, Hybrid, pure SaaS, timing, market, verticals, Enterprise/SMB, global Goals & Objectives Revenues, marketshare, customers, M&A Value Proposition Messaging, Brand, ROI, TCO, competitive advantage, better-faster-cheaper Metrics CAC,CLTV, Churn, CMRR Alignment Organizational buy-in, communications with external constituiencies PEOPLE Management Structure, incentives, goals, objectives Training SaaS training Colloboration Communication, infrastructure, vendors, partners, employees, management, tools Experience SaaS experience, change management, training, recruiting, skills Peformance Goals, objectives, competencies, metrics, measurement, communication PROCESS Alignment & Measurement Development Releases, upgrades, testing, methodology Sales CMRR, Magic Number, Structure, quotas, comp plans, pricing, SLA, trials, churn, renewals Marketing CAC, demand generation, social networking Services Time to deploy, skills, configuration, integration, security Operations SAS70, hosting, security, integration, support, billing TECHNOLOGY Roadmap Migration, hybrid, legacy, Cloud Usability & Functionality User interface, training, features, functions Infrastructure Architecture, OS, database, browsers, hardware, data center, security Integration Third party applications, security, monitoring, repo Security Safe Harbor, HIPPA, PCI Performance & Scalability Latency, Service Level Agreement, DR, load balancing, Cloud computing Operations Data center, support, communications CUSTOMER Customer Experience Metrics, measurements, survey, support, UI, communications Support Documentation, community, social networking, crowd support Community Communications Renewals Churn, retention, CLTV COMPLIANCE Security Employee data, sales and pipeline data, intellectual property Regulation Sarbnes-Oxley, SAS70, HIPAA, PCI, Safe Harbor, SEC Business Continuity Disaster recovery Integration Secure transfer of data, SOX, SAS70, Open API, Connectors Reporting SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  6. 6. SaaS Tune-up Dashboard Report Easy to read scorecard findings with meaningful graphics © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  7. 7. SaaS Business Tune-up Benefits  Powerful way to view your business from a true SaaS perspective  Generate more revenue by tuning sales and marketing processes  Useful communications tool for use with boards and investors  Develop understanding and ability to use key SaaS metrics  Solid tool for comparing company against industry averages  Findings deliver actionable advice to fix problems quickly  Modest investment of time and resources  Avoid costly SaaS mistakes © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  8. 8. Companies Covered in 2009 Enterprise SMB Very Small Business Public Private Valuable SaaS Best Practices Knowledge © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  9. 9. Contact Us Today Montclair Advisors provides personalized Software-as-a-Service advisory services designed to help SaaS-based and non-SaaS-based software companies to optimize their business models, improve revenues, control costs and deliver world-class software. Visit us at www.montclairadvisors.com, check out our Smart SaaS blog at www.montclairadvisors.com/blog and follow us on Twitter @Montclairadvrs. Kevin Dobbs, Owner - Managing Partner Office: 510-336-0019 Email: kevin@montclairadvisors.com © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information