Enterprise Portal Solutions For The Chemical Industry


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As chemical industries have expanded from predominantly localized businesses to global corporations, they have invested heavily in ERP and other enterprise systems, portals, and other E-business applications.YASH Technologies developed solutions around three challenge areas that are common among chemical companies: Manufacturing Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Collaboration, and Customer Service. Each solution area identifies opportunities for improved business performance.

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Enterprise Portal Solutions For The Chemical Industry

  1. 1. Enterprise Portal Solutions for the Chemical Industry YASH Portal Accelerator Programs… Creating Adaptive Chemical NetworksA New Class of Portal for Every Chemical CompanyAs chemical industries have expanded from predominantly localized businesses to global corporations, they haveinvested heavily in ERP and other enterprise systems, portals, and other E-business applications. These systems havedelivered important benefits, but have often left key management, process owners, plant managers, and staff hungryfor real-time, consolidated, personalized views of key metrics and actionable intelligence to make decisions.Building on many years of ERP, E-business, and chemical industry experience, YASH Technologies has developed a PortalAccelerator program for the chemical industry, designed to deliver important benefits through a highly efficient, 12-week process. Unlike Portal ‘QuickStart’ or ‘JumpStart’ programs of the last 8-10 years, the YASH Portal Acceleratorprogram is designed to deliver mission-critical information to focused groups of business and operational managers,partners or customers of your company. The program’s goal is to leverage the speed and ease of portal technology todeliver critical information that is often buried in more traditional systems.YASH Portal Accelerator Program - Transforming Business in 12 WeeksBased on our deep domain knowledge and best practices, we have developed solutions around three challenge areasthat are common among chemical companies: Manufacturing Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Collaboration,and Customer Service. Each solution area identifies opportunities for improved business performance. Some of the keyfeatures of the YASH Accelerator Program include: Designed to accelerate realization of measurable business results using our accelerated portal solutions Time-boxed into 12 week durations by identifying the key priority for your organization and delivering on it, followed by another 12 week modular solution Implementation done across four different phases using our proprietary, portal implementation approach called YASH Approach in an iterative fashion; typically each implementation is realized in eight week iterations
  2. 2. Key Benefits Realized from Evolution of an Adaptive Chemical Network – The Way Forwardthe Accelerator Programare: In todays turbulent economic environment, chemical industries are forced to look beyond supply-driven efficiencies and create an adaptive chemical ecosystem and- Delivery of essential and can sense and respond in real time to end-customer signals. Let YASH help your business transformational company move in the evolutionary direction of an adaptive business network with functions in shorter cycle small, manageable steps in a continuous cycle of build, execute, and adapt. times and predictable costs Our chemical industry solutions, coupled with the Portal Accelerator Program,- Ability to leverage provide the ideal platform for companies to begin this journey by initially existing investments on implementing one of the following solutions using a portal as the delivery vehicle, enterprise applications followed by another solution in each subsequent 12 week cycles. and IT assets Manufacturing Operational Excellence Supply Chain Collaboration Customer Service Manufacturing Operational Excellence Ensures constant innovation in products and services, creates lean and agile manufacturing processes, enables collaboration across fragmented plant facilities, and retains and motivates workforce. Plant Operations Management: Integration of data from ERP, process control systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and material safety data sheets (MSDS). Provides support for production planning and execution, batch/continuous production, predictive/preventative plant maintenance, and product and process quality reporting New Product Life Cycle Management: Providing an integrated environment for engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, sales and marketing to effectively share information, collaborate, and improving product quality with integration of MSDS and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Project Portfolio Management: Features include Project Selection using scorecards, Project Scheduling, Resource Allocation, Progress Tracking, and Project Dashboard KPIs and Dashboards: Role-based dashboards for access to real-time and event-based data from production, order fulfillment, supply chain and logistics, and human resources information systems Collaboration and Knowledge Management: Key features include global collaboration tools like instant messaging, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, podcasts and enterprise content management systems Employee Self-Service: Provides online functionality for performing self-service transactional services such as recruiting, performance assessment, learning management, travel and expense management
  3. 3. Supply Chain Collaboration Enables collaborative business processes across the extended supply chain to improve business agility and better respond to changes in supply and demand. Supply Chain Visibility: Integration with existing systems for Global Inventory Visibility, Logistics Management, Inbound and Outbound Visibility, and Supplier Management Supplier Management: Features include Supplier Sourcing, Procurement, Supplier Collaboration, and Supplier Performance Management Transportation Management: Features include Driver and Vehicle Allocation, Route and Fuel Optimization, and Driver Management Warehouse Management: Features include Inbound Processing, Outbound Processing, and Facility Layout Optimization and Storage Inventory Management: Features include Global Inventory Management across multiple locations, supplier integration for better inventoryCustomer Comments replenishment, and demand forecasting“YASH has become an Order Management: Features include order consolidation across allindispensable part of channels, real-time inventory visibility, dynamic sourcing of inventory acrossTerras IT infrastructure. locations, and real-time visibility into the status of orderWith their extensiveknowledge and quickresponse to TerraIndustries needs we havemet our users requests in Customer Servicea timely manner withlimited IT staff. You Helps you execute on the B2C strategy by building brand awareness, enablingcouldnt ask for a more online transactions and service delivery, and promoting sales.knowledgeable team thanYASH” Sales Order Management: Features include order entry, order fulfillment,-Director - IT pricing and billing, and historical data analysis and decision supportTerra Industries Inc. Opportunity Management: Helps track customers across different channels (web sites, dealer network, and overseas agents) to gain visibility into opportunity history, progress, and key decision makers and includes features like customer segmentation, profitability analysis, and lead and opportunity analysis Service and Complaint Management: Allows resolution of customer complaints to better manage product returns, recalls and billings by providing access to product and service information sources such as MSDS, TDS or CoA Customer Self-Service: With features like searching products, checking order status, providing online help and FAQs, live chat, email and phone support Online Product Catalog: Providing information about product and service category, detailed specifications, images, pricing information Sales Report and Web Site Statistics: Features include sales reports, viewing web site statistics, repeat orders, click trials and frequent searches
  4. 4. YASH|Approach YASH|Approach is the methodology that makes the 12-week Accelerator process real. It brings the rigor of YASH’s extensive expertise in ERP, E-business implementations and software process maturity to the 12 week Accelerator program. Synergy Design Implement Go-Live Rapid, highly interactive, Establishment of architecture Solution Development and Deployment of the solution deployment goals definition of the solution Testing process and steady state process Client Workshops for road Establish the roll out Iterative approach Successfully deploy the map development schedule and capacity plan breaking the project down portal solution for usage into manageable pieces Definition of shared vision Ascertain the architecture Training session for the end and enterprise fit Establishment of change users Creation of a collaborative management organization framework of engagement Setting up development and for project management Preliminary evaluation of test environments key performance metrics Use of standard testing Prototyping, if required rigors Deliverables Define measurable business Information Architecture Implementation of one or Usage Analysis Reports results and vision more scenarios identified Usage Analysis Metrics during the synergy phase Training Modules Feature Priority Matrix Implementation Plan Test Reports Opportunity Scorecard Analysis How to Get Started YASH Portal Accelerator Program is designed to revolutionize a part of your company’s manufacturing ecosystem in short, 12 week cycles. The key to getting started is having the right business and IT sponsors in place to help set goals – YASH can help you through this process and assemble the right team. To get started, our Accelerator experts perform a preliminary assessment and provide recommendations to make your evolutionary journey to an adaptive manufacturing ecosystem a success.For More Information:YASH Technologies841 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, IL 61244 Tel: 309-755-0433, Fax: 309-755-3742Toll Free: 877-369-YASH (9274) Email: portals@yash.com Web: www.yash.com USA Europe MEA Asia Pacific ©2007-2008 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.