Learning More About The Saa S Business Tuneup


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The SaaS Business Tune-up is offered by Montclair Advisors to help all types of software companies gain greater visibility into their overall business practices. The SaaS Business Tune-up delivers a scorecard that can help businesses tune their processes to generate more revenue and avoid costly SaaS mistakes.

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Learning More About The Saa S Business Tuneup

  1. 1. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information Learning More About The SaaS Business Tune-up Presented by Montclair Advisors October 2009
  2. 2. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information Where the SaaS Tune-up Can Be Beneficial • For existing SaaS companies:  Delivers a complete view of business using SaaS operating metrics  Compare planned performance against SaaS industry leading practices  Diagnostic tool for determining areas of improvement in the business  Useful in communicating to boards and investors about SaaS businesses • For traditional SaaS companies:  Delivers point-in-time benchmarks for business planning purposes  Compare planned performance against industry and SaaS benchmarks  Useful when building out SaaS migration or new business plan  Can help companies avoid making costly SaaS business mistakes
  3. 3. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information Quickly Address Common SaaS Challenges Pricing New Products Sales Model Comp Plans Marketing Strategies Software Delivery Development & Upgrades Integration Partnerships Data Center Management The SaaS Business Tune-up provides actionable advice on a wide variety of areas that will help your business to be more productive, generate more revenue and avoid costly mistakes. Software Trials Cash Flow
  4. 4. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information SaaS Business Tune-up Process • Kickoff meeting • Interview key executives and stakeholders • Product demonstration • Evaluate corporate presentation • Review financial and background materials • Build out SBT scorecard • Deliver findings Typical evaluation takes less than 2 days, so results are delivered quickly and cost effectively.
  5. 5. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information SaaS Business Tune-up Business Dimensions Smart SaaS Workshop Client: ACME Date: 09/24/09 Dimension Sub-Dimension Key Themes Core or Partner STRATEGY Vision License model, Hybrid, pure SaaS, timing, market, verticals, Enterprise/SMB, global Core Goals & Objectives Revenues, marketshare, customers, M&A Core Value Proposition Messaging, Brand, ROI, TCO, competitive advantage, better-faster-cheaper Core Metrics CAC,CLTV, Churn, CMRR Core Alignment Organizational buy-in, communications with external constituiencies Core + Partner MARKET ANALYSIS Segment Market, verticals, enterprise vs. SMB, global Core Position Leader, early adopter, ability to execute, follower Core + Partner Competition SaaS, on-premise, vertical segments, ERP, new entrants, global Core Partners & Channels PaaS, functional ISV's, integration, security, resellers, Core + Partner Influencers Industry, financial, bloggers, communities, customers Core PRODUCTS & SERVICES Roadmap SaaS, on-premise, migration, hybrid, legacy, Cloud computing Core Development Releases, upgrades, testing, methodology Core + Partner Infrastructure & Architecture Multi-tenancy, open source, OS, database, browsers, UI, hardware, VM, Cloud computing Core + Partner Integration Third party applications, API's, security, reporting, compliance Core + Partner Security Safe Harbor, SAS70, HIPPA, PCI Core + Partner Performance & Scalability Multi-tenancy, load balancing, DR, Cloud computing Partner ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT Structure Management structure Core + Partner Alignment Goals and objectives Core + Partner Experience SaaS, migration, architecture, Cloud computing, integration, security Core + Partner Training Competencies, skills development, certifications Partner Incentives Compensation, quotas Core + Partner SALES & MARKETING Messaging & Positioning Value proposition, ROI, TCO, community, brand Core Demand Generation CAC, marketing automation, social networking, Google Adwords, SEO Core + Partner Social Networking Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, communities, forums, user groups Packaging Suites, modules, SMB Pricing RPU, renewals, upsell, cross sell FINANCE & OPERATIONS Customer Support Churn, renewals, customer satisfaction Partner Finances Billing, reporting, contracts, renewals Partner Compliance SAS70, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, reporting Partner Hosting Data center, operations, managed services, DR, Cloud computing, SLA Partner
  6. 6. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information SaaS Tune-up Dashboard Report Easy to read scorecard findings with meaningful graphics
  7. 7. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information Case Study Vocera Communications Challenges: Selling a specialized communication solution to emergency rooms and hospitals using a traditional hardware/software license model. Healthcare prospects, due to the recession, had very limited capital dollars had slowed pipeline growth and sales. Had unsuccessfully launched subscription service. Solutions:  Re-package product offering  Refined pricing strategy  New messaging  Updated standard contract Results: Sold first two subscription-based packages within 30 days of completing Tune-up
  8. 8. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information SaaS Business Tune-up Benefits  Powerful way to view your business from a true SaaS perspective  Generate more revenue by tuning sales and marketing processes  Useful communications tool for use with boards and investors  Develop understanding and ability to use key SaaS metrics  Solid tool for comparing company against industry averages  Findings deliver actionable advice to fix problems quickly  Modest investment of time and resources  Avoid costly SaaS mistakes
  9. 9. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information Companies Covered in 2009PublicPrivate Very Small BusinessSMBEnterprise Valuable SaaS Best Practices Knowledge
  10. 10. © 2009 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information Montclair Advisors provides personalized Software-as-a-Service advisory services designed to help SaaS-based and non-SaaS-based software companies to optimize their business models, improve revenues, control costs and deliver world-class software. Visit us at www.montclairadvisors.com, check out our Smart SaaS blog at www.montclairadvisors.com/blog and follow us on Twitter @Montclairadvrs. Kevin Dobbs, Owner - Managing Partner Office: 510-336-0019 Email: kevin@montclairadvisors.com Contact Us TodayContact Us Today