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  1. 1. Conceitos InterativosAula 05Plinio Okamoto
  2. 2. Interactive Business Cards
  3. 3. Facas/Material Tecnologia Funcionalidade Formatos
  4. 4. Ver Video
  5. 5. Interactive Experiences
  6. 6. Global Growth in Mobile Barcode Usage Q2/2011Worldwide usage still on path of exponential growth, withQ2/2011 growing by 52.0% over Q1/2011, with daily scans Press Release 3GVision August, 2011coming from 136 different countries around the world
  7. 7. World’s First QR Code CoinThe Royal Dutch Mint have produced a limited edition ofQR Coded coins to commemorate the 100th anniversaryof the Mint in Utrecht. June 22, 2011
  8. 8. World’s First QR Code Coin Multiple viewHidden feature: under the portrait of HM Queen Beatrix isa latent image, twist the coin in the light to read the letters. Ver Video
  9. 9. World’s First QR Code Film FestivalThe festival is organized in Korea only thruJuly 21-31 and will take place anywhere inthe world. Scanning one of the QR Codes willshow a short animation movie from YouTubeand there will be a choice of 14 different films.
  10. 10. QR CodeBoxed lunches are the norm for Korean school children and workerswhich is probably why Lock&Lock headquartered in Seoul seems tobe dominating the world wide market for airtight containers. Their Ver VideoYouTube channel has recently been updated with a video showing theconstruction of a QR Code made from candy.
  11. 11. QR Code Haircut Anyone?Lowe Thailand have created a great QRCode campaign for Unilever’s Clearshampoo. A team of people with QR Codedhaircuts walked around Bangkok encouragingpassers by to scan the QR Code. TV celebrityTerng Pradon was persuade to join thecampaign triggering a viral explosion with thecampaign reaching an estimated Thaiaudience of 10 million. The QR Code wasscannable and resolved to a specially createdmobile site. Ver Video
  12. 12. Cannes Lions 2011:GP de Design para The Cosmopolitan of Las VegasA missão era criar uma experiência única para uma marcade luxo, e dar ao edifício do hotel personalidade própria.As paredes, elevadores e colunas se transformaram emdisplays, com arte viva, unindo a arquitetura do lugar comtecnologia digital.
  13. 13. Cannes Lions 2011:GP de Design para The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  14. 14. Ver SiteCannes Lions 2011: Ver CaseGP de Design para The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  15. 15. Cannes Lions 2011:Loneliness of Autism
  16. 16. Cannes Lions 2011: Ver CaseLoneliness of Autism
  17. 17. Cannes Lions 2011:Interactive Coal Gate – BBDO Proximity
  18. 18. Wall of FameDigital + OOH Campaign Ver Site
  19. 19. Wall of FameDigital + OOH Campaign Ver Case
  20. 20. Converse THE CANVAS EXPERIMENT Ver Case
  21. 21. SAP BIT.CODE – Digital Design SensationSAP commissioned the Leipzig-based artist Julius Popp to create aninstallation – part monumental sliding puzzle and part mechanical display.The installation uses SAP software to identify and filter relevant key wordsfrom internet news sites in real-time. Thus Business Software from Walldorfbecame an integral part of a work of art. Ver Case
  22. 22. AUDI – Augmented Reality Calendar Ver Case
  23. 23. AXA – Interactive Print Ad Ver Case
  24. 24. Conceitos InterativosAula 05Plinio Okamoto