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  1. 1. Conceitos Interativos Aula 02 Plinio Okamoto
  2. 2. Agenda Aula 03 – Será no SÁBADO, 30/07 Trazer estudos aplicados na embalagem (em cima de fotos) Aula 04 – Apresentação do Briefing 1 PPT + Códigos de barras aplicados nas embalagens reais
  3. 3. Código de Barras
  4. 6.
  5. 17. QR Code Google Trends
  6. 18. Trends: QR Code on the Rise One thing is clear, providing the Internet with the ability to see and make sense of the real world is a trend that is firmly in place. The graph below shows Google search volumes over a six year period for the term "QR Codes", as you can see the trend went vertical this year which should translate into a massive adoption of this technology in the relative short term, say 12 to 18 months. Clicking on the graph will lead to the associated Google trending page with additional details. Site
  7. 19. QR Code Types
  8. 20. Aztec Code
  9. 21. Data Matrix / Semacode
  10. 22. PDF417
  11. 23. Shotcode
  12. 24. Microsoft Tag High Capacity Color Barcode
  13. 25. Microsoft Tag
  14. 26. Microsoft Tag
  15. 27. Microsoft Tag
  16. 28. Microsoft Tag
  17. 29. Microsoft Tag Video
  18. 30. QR Code Usage Example
  19. 31. Tales Of Things gives real-life objects a digital memory
  20. 32. Tales Of Things gives real-life objects a digital memory Video Video Tales of Things allows any real-life object to be given a ‘digital memory’. Attach a QR code to any physical object and then associate online video, audio or text with it that tells the ‘tale’. Secondhand goods: selling an old keepsake that had an interesting story tied to it. The buyer would find the QR code and upon scanning it with their phone or via webcam on the website would be presented with your online story via the Tales of Things website..
  21. 33. Video
  22. 34. QR Code QR Codes Could Help Save Print?
  23. 36.
  24. 37. As the capacity of mobile devices to provide more services grows, the Harvard Gazette is moving to provide the best possible experience for those on the go who are looking to dive into Gazette content. In line with that goal, the publication has redesigned its mobile version of the Gazette Online, providing QR codes in the most recent print issues of the paper. The QR links, two-dimensional bar codes that provide content-rich information and real world hyperlinks, recently have picked up traction around the world — from business cards to building advertisements. All it requires to scan the codes is an Internet-connected phone with a camera and QR scanning software, which is easily downloaded. After paging through the print Gazette, readers are encouraged to pull out their smart phones and take a spin through related online stories.
  25. 38. QR Code More Examples
  26. 39. Unidimensional The Most Valuable QR Code Ever Swiss luxury watchmakers and jewelers Piaget have produced what is probably the world’s most valuable QR Code. The eighteen carat white gold pendant is set with one thousand and forty two brilliant-cut diamonds and five hundred and twenty black spinels in the form of a QR Code that resolves to a Japanese mobile site celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Piaget’s Possession range. Their workshop in Geneva apparently spent two hundred hours setting the gems and crafting this unique piece.
  27. 40. Giant QR Code Cut Into German Field For Google Earth This giant QR code was spotted in a German agricultural field, intended by the Hello, World! project to be captured by Google Earth satellites. The project creators explain below: “ Hello, world!” is a real installation for the virtual globe of the software Google Earth. A Semacode measuring 160 x 160 meters was mown into a wheat field near the town of Ilmenau in the Land Thuringia. The code consists of 18 x 18 bright and dark squares producing decoded the phrase “Hello, world!”. The project was realized in May 2006 and photographs were taken of it during a picture flight in the following month.
  28. 41. QR Code Sculpture German Artist Frank Haase has created a rather interesting QR Code sculpture (image below) in the form of the boundary posts that used to mark the border between East and West Germany before reunification. The elements of the QR Code look as if they are misaligned and suspended in space but from two view points only they can be decoded as “OST” (east) and “WEST”.
  29. 42. QR code integration for Foursquare Ease FourSquare check-ins using QR codes. An Individual sticker placed in venues that displays the name of the venue, and a QR code to capture with your phones camera.  Working with the Foursquare API to integrate the use of QR codes would be quite simple and they can be read by any phones camera.
  30. 43. QR Coded Gourmet Food Rakuten, Japan have published a high quality gourmet food catalogue with QR Code ordering. Also presented in book form on their website with lavish illustrations. The QR Codes resolve to product ordering pages with mobile and conventional presentation.
  31. 44. Using QR Codes to preserve graffiti Berlin based urban artist Sweza is using QR Codes to preserve graffiti for posterity by photographing the graffiti before it is removed. After the graffiti has been cleaned off by the local authorities or building owner he places a QR Code in the exact location which resolves to an image of the original. If that is cleaned off and replaced with a new QR Code that resolves to an image of the old QR Code will that be the start of endless loop?
  32. 45. Iron Man Gets a QR Code April 21, 2010 Nick Ford at Tappinn sent over this cool poster advertising the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. The QR Code resolves to a mobile site with photos, trailers and information about the film.
  33. 46. TEDx Talks
  34. 47. Doctor Who QR Code “ The Eleventh Hour” centred around the escaped Prisoner Zero is Matt Smith’s recent debut as the new Doctor Who and the BBC has provided a QR Coded poster to mark the event (image below). Interestingly the QR Code is in MECARD format and decodes as MECARD:N:Doctor Who;URL:;; Here is the resolving website.
  35. 48. Madison Square Garden Giant QR Code Walking with Dinosaurs, the arena spectacular at Madison Square Garden, has a 100ft tall tower banner complete with QR Code prominently displayed on the corner of 33rd Street and 7th Avenue. The QR Code resolves to which if you are using a mobile device redirects to a promotional mobile site.
  36. 49. Yellow Pages gets closer to using QR Code Student´s Competition
  37. 50. SET Japan QR Code for DigitalMum Campaign Australia’s largest telecommunications company Telstra, commissioned SET Japan to produce a branded QR Code (image below) to support their DigitalMum (MUM 2.0) campaign. The QR Code was designed to match the look and feel of the campaign and appears in print and outdoor media around Australia. The QR Code resolves to the campaign mobile site .
  38. 51. Video
  39. 52. QR Code Inspiration
  40. 53. QR Arts - Lamp 2
  41. 54. QR Arts - Lamp 2
  42. 55. Xmas cards
  43. 56. QR Skateboard
  44. 57. QR + Linear barcodes
  45. 58. QR + Design
  46. 59. QR + Design
  47. 60. QR + Design
  48. 61.
  49. 62.
  50. 63.
  51. 64. Around the World in 80 Days and QR Codes
  52. 65. Bluefly QR Code on TV Video Bluefly who sell discounted designer fashions on their website is QR Coding its online reality series ‘Closet Confessions’ in a series of 45 second ads on Bravo TV (video below). The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where you can see an extended video and sign up to receive a promo code that takes $30 off any $150 order. Obviously UMarketing , who came up with the idea understand what many other agencies do not, that a QR Code is a key to unlock value for the consumer .
  53. 66. Medecin Du Monde Medecin Du Monde To draw attention to the plight of the Congolese, Medecin du Monde ran an awareness campaign in Japan with an insert that went out to over 100,000 readers of a major daily newspaper. SET created this unique "burnt" designer code allowing readers to access more information on the war-torn region and make donations.
  54. 67. vitaminwate SET rejoined vitaminwater to create pop-up photo studios for sampling activations throughout Japan. The branded code was a central element again, appearing on the photo postcards given to the studio visitors. For this year’s campaigns, SET created designer codes that featured local landmarks and icons. This is the code for the Shibuya activation featuring Tokyo’s most famous dog, Hachiko.
  55. 68. Boardwalk Empire SET created designer codes used in promotions for several programs from US cable television network HBO. Boardwalk Empire is a drama set in Atlantic City during the prohibition era. The code appeared in special liftouts in major magazines, including GQ and Vanity Fair, and was also used to make interactive bus shelter posters for the show in New York and Chicago.
  56. 69. Eastbound & Down Eastbound & Down is an HBO comedy centered on the adventures of pitcher Kenny Powers. SET’s baseball themed designer code hinted at the show’s second season move to Mexico and appeared in over 15 major US magazines, including Playboy and ESPN, and on bus shelters in the North East
  57. 70. Emily the Strange To highlight the release of Emily the Strange’s first album, SET was commissioned to create a special code to make Emily posters and t-shirts interactive and appealing to her loyal followers at this year's Comic-Con. The code also appeared on Emily’s Facebook page and judging by the hundreds of comments posted, it was well received by her fans.
  58. 71. Roger Smolski Roger Smolski is one of the most vocal champions of the mobile barcode outside Japan. His website is a collection of almost everything going on in the world of mobile barcodes. Roger has covered countless SET projects on his site so when he inquired about having his own designer code for his business cards we were happy to oblige
  59. 72. Dom Perignon SET produced the designer codes and the mini-campaign mobile site for the collaboration between Dom Perignon and Andy Warhol. Three unique branded stickers were created to match the aesthetic of the Warhol project, appearing on the limited edition Dom Periginon x Andy Warhol champagne boxes. We hope that Drella would have approved.
  60. 73. Nexans SET confirmed its European presence with the release of a designer code for the French cable giant Nexans who wanted a cutting edge solution to showcase financial reports to current and potential investors. The choice of a designer code enhanced their corporate image and highlighted their hi-tech credentials.
  61. 74. To promote their online edition and mobile site, TIME engaged SET to produce a series of designer codes tied to their iconic "red frame" campaign. These codes were featured in major magazines, including TIME, and on billboards in the US. The Obama code featured here links to an article on the TIME website. To view the complete series, visit the SET website at TIME Magazine
  62. 78. Wired´s QR Codes by SET
  63. 80. Superman Returns As part of the promotional campaign for “Superman Returns” – one of this year’s most anticipated pachinko machine releases, based on the feature film from Warner Bros. – SET has been commissioned to produce a designer QR code featuring one of the world’s most recognizable logos. 
  64. 81. Superman Returns
  65. 82. Northern Territory Tourism SET ventured down under again to produce a tourism-inspired designer code for Australia’s famous Northern Territory. The code featured the couple from one of Australia’s most popular television shows, Keeping Up With The Joneses, and was an access point for a contest to win a trip to the beautiful but remote area.
  66. 83. QR Codes to Promote Gulf Coast Cleanup
  67. 84. Video Social Activists Use QR Codes to Promote Gulf Coast Cleanup QR code that, when scanned, directs users to a mobile site where they can watch the Be the One video (embedded below) and sign the petition. Plus, a giant version of the QR code was put on display on the Thomas Reuters billboard in Time Square last week to help outreach efforts. The code is also being distributed online and on t-shirts , the latter of which people can buy to further support the cause. To date, the petition has garnered more than 117,000 signatures with the help of the QR code call-to-action.
  68. 85. Here is an outline of how it works. Give a DNA sample using a painless cheek swab, put it in the mail and your DNA sequence will be determined. The sequenced DNA gives a string of numbers and letters that represent gene sequences. This string of letters and numbers is combined with a personal serial number to create a unique website address. The unique website address is encoded in a QR Code and transformed into a custom canvas. Scanning your personal QR Code art work will direct you to your unique ancestry page (video below). Marketing genius! For more details visit the DNA 11 website .
  69. 86. Video
  70. 87. T-Shirts QR-STORE
  71. 88. T-Shirts QR-STORE Site
  72. 89. QR Dunny Hunt
  73. 90. QR Dunny Hunt
  74. 91. Site QR Lego - Case
  75. 92. QR Code References
  76. 93. QR Code Generators If you wish to experiment with QR codes there are plenty of sites where you can generate codes for free. You can generate QR code links to your website in seconds. QR Code Blogs and Resources   D ownload QR Code Readers As well, there are many sources for free QR Code Readers for your specific smart phone. Referências QR Code
  77. 94. Business Card QR Code Briefing 2
  78. 95. QR Code Business Cards Referências
  79. 96. QR Code Business Cards Referências
  80. 97. QR Code Business Cards Referências
  81. 98. QR Code Business Cards Referências
  82. 99. Referências: Barcodes QRCodes
  83. 100. Conceitos Interativos Aula 02 Plinio Okamoto