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Design Portfolio of completed work during internships and college studio

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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Philip Hovanessian Industrial Graphic Conceptual 650_302_3245
  2. 2. FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB Elektronicsweg 22 2628 XG Delft The Netherlands phone +31 (0)15 275 6666 Professional Work KPN High Speed Internet Self Install Kit FLEX was contracted by the national internet service provider of Holland, KPN, to develope an ultra-user-friendly packaging solution for their customers who choose to install the hardware and software of their high speed internet service. Some of the particularily novel solutions of this packaging are labeled and illustrated boxes for the various components, color coded installation instructions, and use of cost effective and eco-friendly materials
  3. 3. FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB Elektronicsweg 22 2628 XG Delft The Netherlands phone +31 (0)15 275 6666 Professional Work SKILSAW Grolsch Beer Appearance Redesign Packaging Redesign Tasked to redesign the outer appearance Created concepts for the signature swing-top of the new model Skil Circular Saw. bottle design of the Grolsch beer brand, plastic Handle, blade cover, motor housing and case and Pilsch bottle. Created concepts by handles were redesigned. hand sketching and Solidworks models of bottles and layouts for the plastic case.
  4. 4. TECHNICAL SKILLS_ Industrial Design Computer Knowledge _Comprehensive Research _Rhinoceros, Solidworks _Mac and PC compatible _Market Analyzation _Model Creation/Fabrication _Adobe Photoshop _Rapid Sketching _Concept Sketching _Adobe Illustrator _Idea Generation _Product Photography _MS Office Suite Philip Arthur Hovanessian _Concept Development _Effective Presentation _Rhino 3D _2D Illustration _Love to work under pressure _Solidworks OBJECTIVE_ EDUCATION & ACHIEVEMENTS_ Arizona State University 2003-2007 _Provide product design, creative concepts, quick ideation, and interesting perspective to a design team. Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design _Emphasis in group work, quick ideation, quick sketching, design strategy, WORK EXPERIENCE_ manufacturing/materials, concept development, product research, project management, quantitative/qualitative research. Modal DesignWorks, Intern 3/07 - 9/07, Tempe, AZ Bachelor of Arts, Design Management _Studied the processing of raw materials and the manufacturing of plastic parts. _Emphasis in relational, group, and international communication, business _Acquired practical knowledge of lean manufacturing from the design of individual management, supply chain management. parts. _Finished prototypes and prepared parts for painting. President, College of Design College Council _2006-2007, Arizona State University Flex The Innovation Lab, Intern Summer 2006, Delft, Holland _Assisted design teams and individual designers in creating design concepts in the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT_ form of quick sketches and Adobe renderings. _Designed concepts for packaging for various purposes, including stacking boxes, Scott Robertson Adobe Photoshop Workshop containers for perishables, and maximizing space on pallets. _Completed a three-hour Photoshop rendering and digital painting _Team-oriented concept generation, quick sketching, product research, concept & workshop during an annual industrial design festival. form development. _3-D computer modeling, model making Sketch Workshops _Completed dozens of timed exercises in quickly ideating, sketching, rendering and presenting design concept given 20 minutes for completion.
  5. 5. Objective: To create a product concept to assist Stage I & II Alzheimer’s patients with everyday living in the Intel Smart Home concept.
  6. 6. Sponsored Project - Intel Design Language Inspirations Senior Year Fall 06 - Spring 07’ The Levet Toilet is a mobility assisting product which will gently raise and lower the user from a standing position to sitting and visa versa. It will also includes a sensor for monitoring the health of the user and will send the necessary information to all stakeholders, such as doctors, nurses, and family, in order to moniter the health of the user and provide constant updates for the user’s diet and medication needs. The key features, functions, and details of the Levet Toilet were created with the sole intention of preserving the dignity and independance of the user. It is designed to significantly reduce, if not, eliminate the need of having a caregiver or a family member assist the user while using the restroom.
  7. 7. concept sketches
  8. 8. Inspirations Streamlining Exercise Sophomore year Spring 05’ 1“ Tweeters (4) Handheld Unit 2‘’ Bass Drivers (2) Subwoofer and Bass Horn Wireless MP3 Music Station A Samsung MP3 player plugs into this handheld unit. The handheld unit is a Bluetooth transmitter, while the MP3 Player itself controls all audio functions including equalizer and volume. This minimizes the need for buttons on the both the handheld and the base unit.
  9. 9. Solophire Because the MP3 player contains all of the necessary elements to operate the music station, such as the volume, equalizer and radio control, there is no need to place any buttons or displays on the main unit. This allows the design of the station to be more of an artistic expression.
  10. 10. Tipping Pitcher Objective: The creative of product that will assist with daily life in the home. The project had a heavy emphasis in ergonomics
  11. 11. Housewares Project Demographics Junior Year Fall 05’ T The CERV piitcher is an exercise in ergonomics. V itc tch The unique design of th CERV pitcher offers a e q e he significantly improved user experience for g f ntl many of the people who find using a n h e pedestrian pitcher diffic d rian pi i cult. Two handles and a simple mechanism for tipping and pouring pe ec mean t ean that those wh ho are too young or impaired will find a new independence when mpai pair w usi using the CERV pitcher.
  12. 12. Simply push the “Pitcher Lock” button to allow the CERV to tip, while holding one of the two handles. Tip the CERV from the third handle so as to avoid any wrist strain and to ensure effortless, precision pouring into the cup.
  13. 13. Objective: Redesign the metalshear. Because it is a tool that is less commonly used, the typical metalshear has many design flaws that can be improved by a complete re-evaluation of the design.
  14. 14. Inspirations Power Tool Redesign Junior Year Spring 06’ The Reaver handheld shear is a complete redesign of the metal shear. It addresses the many problems found with the more common designs in the market today, such as the power cord placement, wrist strain, and weight distribution. It is also an attempt to change the overall perseption of the metal shear as a tool. By completely revolutionizing the way in way in which the user operates a power tool, the goal of creating a metal shear that the user would want to use more often.
  15. 15. Power Tool Redesign n concept sketches and design process s
  16. 16. After pulling the magnetic sleeve on, grip handle and push up until the magnets connect. After cutting, push either of the two release buttons on the backside to disengage magnets and remove from sleeve
  17. 17. Philip Hovanessian Industrial Graphic Conceptual 650_302_3245