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Jay Ramirez – UX Designer Portfolio

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Jay Ramirez – UX Designer Portfolio

  1. 1. I’m  a  UX  Designer  
 and  here’s  my  story 347.703.5837
  2. 2. I  listen  to  understand  user   needs  and  behaviors.   Make  to  build  and  iterate   on  ideas.  Tell  and   communicate  the  value   behind  a  design.
  3. 3. RELATED  SKILLS Design Research Stakeholder interviewing Contextual Inquiry Web Analytics Brand Analysis Interaction Design Rapid Prototyping (low-fi/hifi) Userflow creation Iterative Design UX principles Information Architecture Card Sorting Task Analysis Navigation Design Wireframing Visual Design Typographic Standards Responsive Web Design Creation of Visual Hierarchy Digital Compositing
  4. 4. RECENT  WORK
  5. 5. I created a myriad of information architecture tasks to develop a concept for the redesign of the startup's website, whilst also creating concepts for interactions and conceptualized the visualization of their story of who they are and offer.
  6. 6. I redesigned their landing page and provided 
 a thorough analysis of their website navigation, 
 hierarchy, and content strategy.
  7. 7. HandleThis App Concept HandleThis is a messenger app concept inspired by Coursekit. Instead of exchanging numbers students communicated via the messaging app and their enrolled courses. I created wireframes and low-fidelty mockups to complete a user test.
  8. 8. HandleThis App Concept
  9. 9. AUTOS REDESIGN This is the latest redesign work I’ve done for the Autos homepage redesign to be used globally across all 12 regional websites under Advance Digital.
  10. 10. VIEW DEMO
  11. 11. Baby Got Back The following is the Facebook application design for Charmin Baby got Back. A sweepstakes that featured winning prizes and giveaways. I created wireframes and designed userflows for each user scenario and identified the pre and post states to deliver engaging messages.
  12. 12. PreState
  13. 13. PostState
  14. 14. How can we make temporary and owned vehicles on the road safer? I designed a system that allows users to text and connect with others while behind the wheel at the right times. I created a brand identity, website and demo video to convey my vision for an ideal in-car system.
  15. 15. Thank you for viewing d e s i g n e d b y j a y. c o m 347.703.5837

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