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Webinar Presentation on Product Design


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Catch the interactive webinar on Product Design by Srishti Bajaj.

Published in: Education
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Webinar Presentation on Product Design

  1. 1. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy P R O D U C T D E S I G N
  2. 2. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy Categories in Product Design Furniture Industrial Products Lifestyle Products Technology Products Lighting Products System & Service Design Interior / Exterior / Public Space Electronic / Mechanical / Packaging / White Goods Accessories (table ware, bathroom/desktop, etc.) Interactive / Web Enabled Accent / Ambient / Task Mapping and Directing User Experience
  3. 3. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy Markets in Product Design Luxury High End Consumer Durables Everyday Consumer Durables Low-Cost Including Bottom of the Pyramid
  4. 4. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy Sectors in Product Design Hospitality Residential Public Space Work Spaces Social Impact Healthcare Hotels / F&B / Travel Interior Spaces / Real Estate Community Spaces / Products Interiors / Products / Environments BOP Innovation Products / Spaces / Services
  5. 5. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy PRODUCT DESIGN is no longer about the PRODUCT, it is about the EXPERIENCE
  6. 6. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy ...and the product becomes the TOOL, DEVICE, MECHANISM or INSTRUMENT to deliver that experience
  7. 7. HEARTEA (from the words heart + tea or hearty) is an interactive tumbler that shows you the temperature of your drink. It throbs softly and emotionally just like human’s heartbeat, symbolizing a humane heart sharing and loving each other. designed by NANUM PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy
  8. 8. designed by IITians SmartCane™ - Technology is set to make lives better for the visually impaired in the city. Students and fellows at IIT-Delhi have developed a ‘smart’ cane that helps the blind navigate their way without having to touch or run into obstacles. Frugality and resourcefulness have ensured that this product costs only INR 3,000. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy
  9. 9. Queen’s Baton Design 2010 - It works on innovative and fundamentally symbolic idea of using ‘soil’ picked from every state in India depicting the very essence of co-existence, diversity and its relentless strive towards building a harmonious and progressive nation. designed by FOLEY DESIGN PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy
  10. 10. Sizzle is a first of its kind technology integrated inhouse designed product by Godrej. One can dine on Sizzle with warm food being served at arm´s length and does not have to run up and down with a bowl of delicacy warmed in a microwave from kitchen. designed by GODREJ PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy
  11. 11. designed by SANGARU Sangaru Design Studio - Truss-me uses bamboo’s inherent properties of high tensile strength and various mechanical properties to create a structure system that is light, strong and formally pleasing. This system can be used in various applications from furniture, lightweight shelters to modular systems for various needs. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy
  12. 12. designed by Y-WALLS Y Walls - The marble diya has an origami inspired surface where each of the intersection is forming a 3D surface. It is blending an ancient form with modern surface detailing on marble. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy
  13. 13. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy university Perespective
  14. 14. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy Skills of a contemporary Product Designer Empathy Curiosity Creativity 360˚ Perspective Aesthetics Making User Understanding / Communication Ever Learning / Investigate / Drive / Passion to seek out the new Problem Solving / Innovation Culture / Environment / Ecosystem Simplicity of function + form + use / Trends Craft / Industrial Processes / Technology
  15. 15. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy India is looking for a new language what will that be?
  16. 16. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy creative entrepreneurs? MADE IN INDIA leaders? seamlessly integrated products? culturally relevant? sustainable innovation? craft embedded with technology?
  17. 17. PRODUCT DESIGNPearl Academy do want to be part of a creative future what will YOU make ?