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Fashion Media Communication


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Meha Jayaswal, Course Leader for Fashion Media Communication at Pearl Academy lists the course modules and various career paths a fashion enthusiast can pursue in communication field.

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Fashion Media Communication

  1. 1. B.A. (Hons) Fashion Media Communication Duration : FOUR years Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication Duration : TWO years Diploma in Professional Photography Duration : ONE year
  2. 2. Do you aspire to be the editor of a Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine or a Fashion Critic ?
  3. 3. Do you want to take up a camera and microphone to capture the pulse of the fashion industry?
  4. 4. Does the glamour of the ramp and dazzle of the arc lights inspire you to look deeper into the world of creating fashion events, advertising, images, fashion films and television production ? B.A. (Hons) Fashion Media Communication Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
  5. 5. Fashion Journalism Fashion Event Design Advertising Fashion Photography Fashion films and television production Fashion PR Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
  6. 6. Four-week advanced Module Study at Domus Academy, Milan Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
  7. 7. Indian Media Sectors 60,000 registered newspapers and periodicals in India Second largest print market in the world Revenue for newspapers and magazines increased at average of 15 per cent Highest in the world (source : PwC)
  8. 8. Indian Media Sectors In the virtual world - blogs and websites on fashion have gone up by more than 50% in the last 2 years
  9. 9. Spring Summer 2014 Wills India Fashion Week
  10. 10. OBJECTIVE To cover WIFW on social media STRATEGY Creating buzz on social media with • Visuals • What’s happening at the event • Talking about the designer • Covering all the events related to WIFW
  11. 11. Social Media Platforms
  12. 12. • Posting Visuals from the shows • Tagging designers and bloggers • Interaction through contests
  13. 13. WIFW SS14
  14. 14. Designer Response
  15. 15. • Posting images from the event • Linking insta account with other social media accounts
  16. 16. Insta Coverage
  17. 17. Pictures+Videos
  18. 18. Designer Response
  19. 19. Indian Media Sectors Media sectors driven by the emergence of new niche content genres such as :  Fashion promotional events eg. Fashion shows and exhibitions  Bollywood lifestyle and entertainment  Reality & Lifestyle television  India Premier League (IPL) in cricket
  20. 20. Indian Media Sectors • BBC World wide - launched Entertainment channel in India - Fashion and lifestyle as a major content • Fashion and lifestyle content a part of most Entertainment channels • Channels like Zoom, NDTV Goodtimes, MTV , Channel V and many others have prominent air time segments dedicated to Fashion. • Mobile content of Fashion TV
  21. 21. Media sectors to grow @ 12.4% p.a. for next 4 to 5 years The television industry to grow 22%  Filmed entertainment by 16%  Radio by 18%  The Indian advertising industry 61% Indian Media Sectors Source : CII-AT Kearney Report 2009
  22. 22. “Gone are the days of generalists in the fashion sector. Earlier, I use to recruit reporters from journalism colleges. However, today I prefer Fashion School graduates over general journalism graduates for fashion reporting.” Vinod Nair, Group Fashion Editor, The Hindustan Times Indian Media Sectors
  23. 23. “I recruit Fashion Communication graduates as they come with an understanding of fashion, art, craft, culture and basic writing skills. This gives them an edge over others especially in Fashion supplements, magazines and television channels. It took few years for me to understand nuances of fashion whereas these youngsters come with this understanding.” Vinita Dawra Nangia, Sr Lifestyle Editor, The Times of India Indian Media Sectors
  24. 24.  “Our fashion reporting is still limited to who’s who in the front row. Unlike international fashion reporters who critique collections. My fashion background gave me a good knowledge of fashion history, trends which gives me an edge over generalists.” Varun Rana, Fashion Features Editor, Harper’s Bazaar Indian Media Sectors
  25. 25.  “Don’t call me an Event Planner. I am a Fashion Event Designer. My fashion background has given me the sensibilities to understand the design brief, fashion / lifestyle theme, inspirations of the collection and present unique concepts. With fashion brands setting up shops in India, there is a huge gap in the sector.” Vikram Sharma, Fashion Event Designer Indian Media Sectors
  26. 26. “All top agencies in India have established Fashion PR Divisions including Perfect Relations, Hanmer MSL, PR Pundit, Avian Media. My agency specialises in offering communication solutions to the fashion and lifestyle brands.” Arjun Sawhney, CEO, Communication Council Indian Media Sectors
  27. 27. Indian Fashion & Media Sectors Entry of international fashion and luxury brands has opened up exciting opportunities for those with an aptitude for fashion combined with specialized knowledge of communicating through different media. Donna Karan New York Diesel Topman Zara Hermes Ferragamo
  28. 28. FMC Placements Public Relations Agencies Newspapers Magazines FASHION MEDIA COMMUNICATION TV Channels Fashion Event Designers Digital Media
  29. 29. Would you like to be part of Fashion Media ? B.A. (Hons) Fashion Media Communication Duration : FOUR years Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication Duration : TWO years New Delhi Mumbai
  30. 30. Thank You!!! For any further assistance, please call 1800 103 3005 or visit