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D&AD New Blood Awards 2015 / 2016

Published in: Design
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  1. 1. Matthew Davey D&AD 2015/16 New Blood Awards
  2. 2. Brief I decided to choose...
  3. 3. Fortune Favors the Brave
  4. 4. Design an enterpise, service or product that will spark a surge in courage to benefit the creative industries. Brief:
  5. 5. Bravery Design Product Benefit Promotes Identity Future Audience Spark Boundaries Simple Failure Fearlessness Couarge Creative Industries
  6. 6. Design Product Promotes Creative Bravery Key Words:
  7. 7. What is Bravery?
  8. 8. Definition: The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.
  9. 9. Applying Bravery to the creative industry: Never giving up Taking risks Failing, failing, and then suceeding Making mistakes and learning from them Pushing through boundaries Choosing the longer / harder route Doing something you believe in Believing in yourself No limitations
  10. 10. Target Audience: Students / Graduates - People are beginning to step into the creative industry
  11. 11. When I’m a Dad:
  12. 12. What do I want to create? An Illustrated book - Highlights what it means to be brave / have courage as a creative.
  13. 13. How do I want to portray this? Visually Illustrated Metaphors
  14. 14. “An Injection of creative courage” Idea based behind:
  16. 16. Book Narrative / Structure Breakdown Set the scene with Fear - Getting an injection (Fear of being Brave) Going into Multiple Visual Metaphors (What it means to be brave) Ending with getting the injection - Getting rewarded with a Lollipop (Being brave can pay off and be rewarding)
  17. 17. Proposal: Creating an Illustrated Book ‘An Injection of Creative Courage’ - Visual Metaphors of advice to be Brave, creatively