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Rockin MailChimp: Accounts, lists, & campaigns


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Back on August 26, 2015, I presented to the Iowa Startup Accelerator regarding using MailChimp during their first annual Marketing Hell Week. It was goodtimes.

We actually did a similar session last year because, while MailChimp is a popular and easy to use tool, there are some finer points with regards to how lists and contacts work which can become confusing for new (or even seasoned) users. I thought I'd share those key points with these who could not attend the Hell Week. Within MailChimp Lists & Contacts there are alot of options and got-yas.

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Rockin MailChimp: Accounts, lists, & campaigns

  1. 1. Rockin MailChimp Accounts, lists, & campaigns Presented by your friendly marketing technologist
 Joshua McNary · The MailChimp name, logos, icons, & terms/info all belong to MailChimp not me. I make no claims; other than I think MailChimp is pretty sweet.
  2. 2. Today’s goals ✓ Signup (plans) ✓ List management • Lists • Groups • Segments ✓ Email campaign #1 ✓ Integrate!
  3. 3. Money needed? Paid plans include: Automation, delivery by time zone, & less Chimp branding This is happy!
  4. 4. Term What How List List of subscribers with 
 affiliated email, name, etc. Import of data from CSV, manually added by you, or subscriber signup form Group Groups are a means of categorizing subscribers based on things like their interests or preferences. Selected by you upon 
 import or by subscriber 
 via signup form Segment Segment is a portion of your list that includes only subscribers whose 
 profile info matches your criteria. Filter you create based on subscribers’ group, list 
 fields, metadata, etc.
  5. 5. Demo Lists
  6. 6. Type What Why Regular Ol' Campaigns Create the HTML & plain-text version; choose to send immediately or schedule. Just want an email which 
 can be created quickly & has HTML formatting options. Plain-Text Campaigns Campaigns contain only text & 
 have no formatting options. Just want an email 
 which can be created 
 quickly without formatting. RSS-Driven Campaigns Automate your email marketing by combining content from an RSS feed with user-friendly MailChimp templates. Have a blog/RSS in which you want to pull content in from/distribute. A/B Split Campaigns Test subject line, name, or send time. Send two versions to small part of list & send majority of emails to winner. Want to maximize performance by testing variants prior to sending.
  7. 7. Demo Campaigns
  8. 8. Demo Integrations
  9. 9. Now what? JUST DO IT 1. Upload lists > then group > then segment 2. Add subscribe box to your pages 3. Send your first/next campaign 4. Make editorial/task calendar for future sends 5. Content (RSS?) you can syndicate via email? 6. What can you integrate with to streamline? 7. Where can you use Chimp to automate email? 8. What can you test A/B using Chimp? Later, watch when done:
  10. 10. Rock. On.
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