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Inbox Blueprint Member's Area Walkthrough and Review


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A complete walkthrough of Inbox Blueprint.
Start Inboxing ==>$1000-Overnight

It covers the 8 Steps of the Inbox Blueprint Course:
Step 1: Addiction Meter
Step 2: The Bait
Step 3: The TYP Method
Step 4: Email Machine
Step 5: List Relationship
Step 6: Payday Secrets
Step 7: Easy Traffic
Step 8: Unlimited Success.
Start Inboxing ==>$1000-Overnight

It also touches on the other parts of Inbox Blueprint:
Helpful Resources
5 Student Weekend Workshop
Bonus Training Webinars
Start Inboxing ==>$1000-Overnight

Find out if Inbox Blueprint is for you!
Start Inboxing ==>$1000-Overnight

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Inbox Blueprint Member's Area Walkthrough and Review

  1. 1. A Member’s Area Tour & Review By Allan Ngo
  2. 2. What’s in store: 1. Step-by-Step Walkthrough 2. Tips on using Inbox Blueprint 3. Real-Life Examples
  3. 3. 8 Steps to 10K/month
  4. 4. Selection - Choosing a niche Acquisition - Getting leads Relation - Building rapport with your leads Repetition - Getting unlimited leads Breaking Down the Steps
  5. 5. Selection Finding Your Niche
  6. 6. Goal: Select a Profitable Niche (Topic) Step 1: Addiction Meter
  7. 7. One of the fundamental mistakes new email marketers make is picking the wrong niche to build a list and market products to.
  8. 8. A niche is a need in the marketplace. Some examples of niches are weight loss, getting your ex back, making money online, video game strategies, and cooking.
  9. 9. Competition is good. Don’t go into internet marketing thinking you have to reinvent the wheel and find the one amazing niche that nobody else has found. That is NOT the right approach.
  10. 10. Inbox Blueprint gives specific instructions on how to find a profitable niche
  11. 11. Where to Find Profitable Niches
  12. 12. Where to Find Profitable Niches
  13. 13. Where to Find Profitable Niches
  14. 14. It also gives 4 criteria that a niche must pass to prevent you spending A LOT of time working on a niche that's both unprofitable and not to your liking
  15. 15. This is very critical for beginners. This step along can save you weeks or months of frustration.
  16. 16. Output: Select a Profitable Niche to start Inboxing Step 1: Addiction Meter
  17. 17. Acquisition How to Acquire Leads
  18. 18. Goal: Create an Opt-in Page where your traffic will eagerly sign-up to be your leads. Step 2: The Bait
  19. 19. Opt-in page is the one-page website that Anik talks about. This is where your reader signs-up to be your lead in exchange for a free gift (i.e. pdf, video, report etc.)
  20. 20. Here are some samples of opt-in pages
  21. 21. Did you notice something?
  22. 22. BOTH of them were giving something away for FREE for an e-mail address.
  23. 23. That’s how you increase your leads.
  24. 24. Personal Example:
  25. 25. My site is the
  26. 26. I created this page after watching the training from Inbox Blueprint.
  27. 27.’s Opt-in Page
  28. 28. How effective is this page?
  29. 29. It’s converting at 42.6% This means that almost half of the people who view this page end up as my lead.
  30. 30. I have a confession to make... I don’t know how to design. Much less create a webpage.
  31. 31. I simply outsourced this task to A site where freelancers do various tasks starting at $5.
  32. 32. I simply gave a sample opt-in page and got a photo of Bo Sanchez and asked him to put it together.
  33. 33. This is my peg
  34. 34. We can refer you to the person who did this for me if you decide to join Inbox Blueprint.
  35. 35. Output: An Opt-in page that will attract and keep traffic and become leads Step 2: The Bait
  36. 36. Acquisition Monetize Immediately
  37. 37. Goal: To get you making money (instantly) even if you're just starting out Step 3: TYP Method
  38. 38. I wish I knew about this sooner. It would’ve saved me at least a year in trying to monetize my first site when I started out.
  39. 39. This is where the 5 students that Anik taught made their first $1,000 overnight
  40. 40. Anik said that each lead is worth $1/month? Don't you think people will pay to get them? Yes, they will and that's why the TYP method was born.
  41. 41. This is how it works
  42. 42. Your lead signs in your opt-in page
  43. 43. Instead of going to a standard THANK YOU PAGE
  44. 44. They are sent to a different page like this: Other company’s website
  45. 45. When they fill up the form and hit DOWNLOAD FREE. The owner of that page will pay you between $0.25 - $1.00 per lead
  46. 46. You haven’t sent an e-mail yet but you can already monetize your site.
  47. 47. Anik teaches: *Where to find these offers *The different types of payouts *What he recommends beginners to use.
  48. 48. It's a great way for part-timers to recover their paid advertising and it's psychologically powerful to know you've earn you first income early on. It's a validation that you're doing something right.
  49. 49. Output: Select your TYP offer and start applying to be an affiliate Step 3: The TYP Method
  50. 50. Relation Where Automation Happens
  51. 51. Goal: Choose and set-up your e-mail service (automation) Step 4: E-mail Machine
  52. 52. An autoresponder (email service that allows you to send e-mails on auto-pilot) automates 98% of your service
  53. 53. It is a part-timer's best friend. It works 24/7 without complaining.
  54. 54. Funny story, a friend of mine recently told me that she was in awe of my work ethic. I was wondering what she was talking about. Apparently she was referring to an e-mail I send everyday at 8am called “Thought of the Day”
  55. 55. What she didn’t know was they were being sent automatically. I just spent a Sunday afternoon and did one month’s worth of e-mail. Amazing, huh?!
  56. 56. What e-mail service did I use to do that?
  57. 57. That’s what Anik is going to talk about: 3 of the top email service he recommends.
  58. 58. Get Response
  59. 59. iContact
  60. 60. AWeber
  61. 61. Other things he teaches: How to properly track your e-mails performance to know : * How many are opening your e-mails? * Who are clicking on your links? * Are they marking your e-mails as spam? * What you can do to make these numbers work in your favor
  62. 62. Output: Choose and set-up your e-mail service (autoresponder) Step 4: E-mail Machine
  63. 63. Relation Building Relationships
  64. 64. Goal: Turning Leads into Believers Step 5: List Relationship
  65. 65. If you're looking for a new restaurant to eat, how do you find one?
  66. 66. 1. Ask your friends 2. Look for reviews from sites like The methodologies are different but the reason we get their advice is because of...
  67. 67. TRUST
  68. 68. We believe them because past experience have proven that you can rely on their advice.
  69. 69. That’s LIST RELATIONSHIP
  70. 70. This module aims to help you get that same level of trust from your leads
  71. 71. In this module, you’ll learn:
  72. 72. 1. What sort of e-mails to send:
  73. 73. Content E-mails
  74. 74. Relationship E-mails
  75. 75. Sales / Promotion E-mails
  76. 76. How often you should e-mail
  77. 77. Other topics: How to never run out of things to say (and how to say it) Copying is key: The importance of Swipe files
  78. 78. Remember: They didn't opt in to buy a bunch of products. They opted in to learn more about your niche
  79. 79. Invest heavily in relationships (GIVING)
  80. 80. You don't want them to feel pressured -- but reassured
  81. 81. Output: Write your first 7 e-mails and queue them up. Step 5: List Relationship
  82. 82. Relation Converting Leads
  83. 83. Goal: Turning Believers into Customers Step 6: Payday Secrets
  84. 84. Relationship > Trust > Respond to your promotion
  85. 85. Relationship > Trust > Respond to your promotion How to promote great products they’ll love
  86. 86. CONTENT builds your AUTHORITY PROMOTIONS makes you MONEY
  87. 87. Different methods to monetize the list
  88. 88. In this step, you’ll learn: * How to monetize your list using affiliate marketing (& where to find products to promote to your list) * How to use affiliate networks to find multiple products you can promote. * 3 Criteria you should consider BEFORE promoting a product * How may times should you promote an offer to your list. * What stats to look at to see the profitability of a product * Different ways to monetize your leads --> CPA (Cost per Action) / CPL (Cost per Lead)
  89. 89. You can monetize in two ways with Inbox Blueprint
  90. 90. 1. Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s product)
  91. 91. 2. Selling Your Own Product
  92. 92. Inbox Blueprint touches on creating your own products BUT doesn’t go deep in helping you create one. The program is more suited on leveraging already existing products through affiliate promotions.
  93. 93. Output: Strategically find and filter affiliate offers that you can promote to your list. (Outside from those already given in the course) Step 6: Payday Secrets
  94. 94. Repetition Get people lining up
  95. 95. Goal: Make people "virtually" line-up to opt-in Step 7: Easy Traffic
  96. 96. In this step, you’ll learn: How to get people to visit your opt-in page using both FREE and PAID traffic
  97. 97. There is always a trade off with FREE and PAID traffic
  98. 98. FREE Traffic => If you have more time than money. PAID Traffic => If you have more money than time. You can still use both of them at the same time.
  99. 99. Free Traffic Sources 1. Guest Blogging 2. Forums 3. Blog 4. Commenting 5. Twitter 6. Yahoo! Answers 7. Craigslist 8. Solo Ad Swaps
  100. 100. Personal Example: Guest Blogging
  101. 101. My Guest post in
  102. 102. High traffic site = >4,800 likes/shares
  103. 103. I got a link in my by-line to drive traffic to my site.
  104. 104. Guess where they went after clicking?
  105. 105. That’s right --> to my opt-in page
  106. 106. For this guest post, I got 50 new leads
  107. 107. Now on to paid traffic.
  108. 108. Paid Traffic Sources 1. Solo Ads 2. Facebook Ads
  109. 109. Personal Example: Facebook Ads
  110. 110. My first blog was
  111. 111. I gave away a free ebook I co-wrote. This is how my ad looked like.
  112. 112. It performed pretty well. It got 9.266% CTR (Click through rate) Regular CTRs range from 2-4% I got some good traffic from this ad.
  113. 113. Both traffic sources are good. If you start earning from your list, I would advice to invest in advertising. It’s another ingredient for part-timers to succeed and is an important element of automation.
  114. 114. Output: Focus on 2-3 Traffic source to spend your time or money on Step 7: Easy Traffic
  115. 115. Repetition Fine-Tuning Your System
  116. 116. Goal: Learn to assess the HEALTH of your e-mails (deliverability, open rates, click-through rate, earnings per click) Step 8: Unlimited Success
  117. 117. In this final step, you’ll learn:
  118. 118. * How to make sure your emails are actually SEEN and READ. * How to Write headlines your readers can't resist * Why you should spend the most time on SUBJECT LINES and HEADLINES
  119. 119. What NOT to write in your emails and AVOID the SPAM FOLDER
  120. 120. What to do when you're losing your leads or they simply don't want to buy from you.
  121. 121. Output: Ability to assess and adjust your business especially your e-mails to get the best returns. Step 8: Unlimited Success
  122. 122. That’s it for the 8 Steps!
  123. 123. Now on to the other parts of the course Bonuses 5 Student Weekend Workshop Weekly Training Videos Helpful Resources
  124. 124. Bonuses 1. 8 Action Checklist 2. Getting Subscribers using Solo Ads (Without Going Broke) 3. Anik's Favorite Headlines Swipe File 4. Anik's Favorite Subject Line Swipe Files 5. Anik's Favorite Power Words Swipe Files 6. Opt-in page Sampler Swipe File 7. E-mail sampler Swipe File 8. Fast Outsourcing Package 9. Fast Free Giveaway Reports
  125. 125. 5 Student Weekend Workshop
  126. 126. The WHOLE video of how the 5 students did $1000 overnight 5 Student Weekend Workshop
  127. 127. Suggested Option Go through all the Videos BEFORE going through steps 1-8. It touches on all the points from the course and will give you a very good overview of what you are about to do yourself. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you'll be excited when it's your turn to go through the course
  128. 128. These are tutorials done by Anik’s coaches to help you discuss IN MORE DETAIL the steps being taught in Inbox Blueprint. Weekly Training Videos
  129. 129. Downloads: 1. Optin Page Templates 2. Thank You Page Templates 3. Anik’s Secret Drawer (List of profitable affiliate products) Helpful Resources
  130. 130. Videos: Do-It-Yourself videos that deals mostly with technology that will be a hurdle for total newbies. These will be a good resource especially in getting you started with your domain name, hosting etc. Helpful Resources
  131. 131. That’s the Member’s Area of Inbox Blueprint!
  132. 132. My Assessment
  133. 133. This is a very smart way to start an online business.
  134. 134. It selects the only the most important aspects of internet marketing (i.e. one page website instead of spending tons of time writing a blog no one reads). And more importantly puts them IN ORDER so you know what to do next.
  135. 135. There’s A TON of information out there on doing online business. Yet often the problem is not that the content is incorrect, but in the SEQUENCE by which you implement them is not ideal. (i.e. you build a strong blog or Facebook page but are clueless on what to sell / promote)
  136. 136. You skipped step 1(Finding a profitable niche) and went straight to content creation which makes it harder for you to monetize. This course puts you through the right sequence of steps structured in a way that allows you to understand WHY you are doing each step and HOW to do them correctly.
  137. 137. Lastly, it OFFERS a clear path to monetization both immediate and continuous that satisfies both our need for "instant" gratification and the stability of long-term income.
  138. 138. Caution: Please don't expect results like the people in the case study who each earned over $1000 overnight. You'll have to INVEST time, effort and money to make this work. Remember, this is going to be an online BUSINESS, don't fool yourself into believing that you'll make and keep growing money instantly.
  139. 139. This is a front-heavy industry meaning a lot of the hard work is done at the start. Once it's up and running, you can enjoy flexibility in your time as your business can run on auto-pilot with minimal supervision. The better effort you put up-front the better your chances of living the ideal lifestyle of making money while you sleep.
  140. 140. Thrilling times ahead!
  141. 141. If you join Inbox Blueprint, J3 Patino of and I will be glad to share our personal anecdotes, experience and advice to our fellow Pinoy Inboxers. We’ll be your classmates during this program. Details to follow when Inbox Blueprint closes.
  142. 142. If you’re ready to be an Inboxer, Simply click on the link below and join us!