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Designing Your Email Program From Online Outreach To Welcome Email- Alex Williams, eROI


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Designing Your Email Program From Online Outreach To Welcome Email- Alex Williams, eROI

  1. 1. Designing Your Email Program from Online Outreach to the Welcome Message
  2. 2. Alex Williams Sales & Strategy | eROI Blog: Twitter - @alexcwilliams & @eROI
  3. 3. Email Marketing (it works and it’s cheap) During a time when all marketers need to be smart with every dollar they spend, email is one of the few “go-to” tools with dramatically low cost and instantaneous accountability. *Blessing and a Curse*
  4. 4. What’s the value of an email address? - Email Marketing: an Hour a Day by Jeanniey Mullen and David Daniels).
  5. 5. 0.0035%
  6. 6. Your Audience 1. How Do They Find You? 2. Where Do They Land? 3. How Do You Get Them to Act? 4. How Do You Continue The Conversation?
  7. 7. Finding Thru Search: Paid vs. Organic
  8. 8. Finding you: Blogs/Social Media
  9. 9. 3 Email Program Components 1. Opt-in 2. Thank you / Welcome Email 3. First Touch
  10. 10. Opt-In
  11. 11. Your opt-in form needs to stand out in a crowd.
  12. 12. Every Page is a Landing Page: Tips for Opt-In on your Website 1. Call out your Email Opt-in on every page of your site. 2. Don’t expect them to find it (or read) 3. Links to samples are effective 4. Give subscribers choices! e.g. frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), event alerts, etc... 5. Tell them specifically what they’re signing up for & how often they’ll hear from you. Keep that promise. 6. Don’t make someone register (user/pass) for email 7. Remember, you can get more information later
  13. 13. Opt-in Questions – Good & Bad Good Too Much
  14. 14. If you ask them questions...
  15. 15. ...don’t ignore the answers. They will spread the word. Like I am doing now.
  16. 16. Get them in and start the relationship
  17. 17. Opt-In: Before/After
  18. 18. Welcome Email
  19. 19. 2 Types of “Welcome Emails”: 1. Account Registration/Thank You 2. Email Communications Opt-In (Double Opt-In is not viewed as a “Welcome Email”)
  20. 20. Thank You Email: Business Reasons 1. Immediate Recognition 2. Education for the Uninitiated 3. Tests Email Address Validity 4. Begins Behavioral Profile
  21. 21. Thank You: New Account 60% of new Twitter users drop the service within just one month. - Nielsen
  22. 22. Thank You: Registration  Thank Them  Confirmation of Success  Provide Account Details  Cross Promote  Link to Preferences
  23. 23. EventBrite: Thank You/Welcome  Branded “From” and Email  Confirmation  Account Details  Tools & Resources  Link to Preferences
  24. 24. Welcome Email A Welcome Email is the first email received after an opt-in and/or confirmation of subscription This will likely be your highest open rate ever. Make it count.
  25. 25. Welcome Emails drastically out perform Standard Emails on every metric: Open Rates: 145% Increase Click Rates: 165% Increase Conversion Rates: 442% Increase!
  26. 26. The Welcome Email: Business Reasons 1. Continued Conversation 2. Exposure to Additional Services/ Cross Promote 3. Subscription Management/ Progressive Profiling 4. Opportunity to Award/Reward
  27. 27. Welcome messages generate superior open rates and, done well, create a halo effect that boosts subscribers’ engagement with subsequent promotional and trigger emails.
  28. 28. Shopbop: Welcome Email  Special Offers  More Details  Calls to Action  Whitelist Instructions  Link to Preferences
  29. 29. Welcome: Not Pretty, But Effective
  30. 30. Welcome Email Anatomy
  31. 31. At the minimum, send the Welcome Email within hours. Ideally the first message should be received within 10 minutes of completing the opt-in process.
  32. 32. TEST, TEST, TEST
  33. 33. Avoid the Bad First Impression
  34. 34. Eight Steps to More Effective Welcome E-mails 1. Send your welcome message within 24 hours to people who sign up for your e- mail program. 2. Provide a link to your preference center so subscribers can manage their subscriptions. 3. Include a welcome offer or other incentive to make a purchase; be creative about incorporating this offer into the subject line without making it too long to display in subscribers’ inboxes. 4. Provide subscribers with information on the types of content they can expect to receive from you and how frequently. 5. Include white-listing instructions so subscribers can keep your e-mails out of their junk folders. 6. Although welcome messages likely are considered transactional under the CAN- SPAM Act, it’s still smart to include an opt-out link in case people change their minds about subscribing. 7. Try to personalize the content for maximum relevancy and subscriber retention. 8. Tell subscribers how you intend to use their e-mail addresses or provide a link to your privacy policy. A Welcome Message Study: Marketers Are Missing Opportunities to Pave the Road to Relevancy Return Path
  35. 35. Welcome Email Strategy
  36. 36. First Touch
  37. 37. The First Touch: Don’t Wait….Send it! 1. Speeds Up Engagement 2. Reduces List Churn 3. Inbox Recognition 4. Builds Brand
  38. 38. First Touch: Keep Educating & Keep Selling
  39. 39. You have 3 chances to set the relationship before you lose 80% of your future email marketing performance. - Email Marketing: an Hour a Day by Jeanniey Mullen and David Daniels).
  40. 40. So, What’s Next?
  41. 41. Be Good at 3 Things 1. Opt-In 2. Welcome Messaging 3. First Touch
  42. 42. Thank you. Alex Williams Sales & Strategy Discuss eROI with us on Twitter: @eROI @alexcwilliams with #OMS Questions?