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The Ultimate Contact Centre Management Survival Guide


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For a lot of people working in a contact or call centre starts as a stopgap until they feel they can find something better. But it is actually possible to build a lucrative career in a contact centre—if you move up from making calls to managing teams and departments!

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The Ultimate Contact Centre Management Survival Guide

  1. 1. SURVIVAL GUIDE The Ultimate Contact Centre Management
  2. 2. Managing a contact centre can be a tough job, with loud personalities to manage, countless meetings to run, and big targets to meet
  3. 3. Luckily: If you are a contact centre manager (or want to become one) We’ve got just what you need...
  4. 4. SURVIVAL GUIDE! The Ultimate Contact Centre Management
  5. 5. Chapter 1 Don’t indulge the drama
  6. 6. Contact centres attract a lot of Conflict, gossiping, and drama! Extroverted personalities This can be fun and exciting, but it can also lead to
  7. 7. So don’t TAKE PART in the drama Make sure your employees understand that this is a place of work and not a school yard. And stop conflict & gossip before it gets out of hand!
  8. 8. Maybe You should Take an online course in Conflict Resolution to help you manage those petty conflicts? Click here to find out more
  9. 9. Chapter 2 Distract them with a competition
  10. 10. Another way to prevent conflict is to give employees a healthy outlet can be a great distraction for your employees! A Department Competition between teams
  11. 11. Find out what your employees would like to win improve team work and help your department meet (and exceed) your targets! And offer it as the priZe Moreover, the competition will help
  12. 12. Chapter 3 Talk to upper management about improvements
  13. 13. If you’ve got a big idea for making changes, talk to upper management about getting the resources and support needed for implementing it. Your department can always improve
  14. 14. Besides, you want your - and showing initiative and drive will help you get noticed. Own career to move up
  15. 15. Chapter 4 Always have an open door
  16. 16. Like all relationships, the ones you have with your employees Should be based on communication.
  17. 17. will allow your employees to come to you with problems and concerns. Not only will they feel appreciated, but it will also help prevent problems. Having an open door policy
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  19. 19. Chapter 5 Be visible
  20. 20. Sometimes people in your department Walk the floor, be in their peripheral, and make sure that they know you are keeping a close eye on them. might not care about working hard.
  21. 21. every now and again and make sure that they are doing their job correctly. You can also listen in on agents’ calls
  22. 22. Chapter 6 Positive reinforcement is important
  23. 23. Do not just only punish those who don’t work hard, Reward top performers with vouchers, bonuses, or job perks. Also reward those WHO do.
  24. 24. with the whole team to make them know that they are doing a good job! Also share positive client feedback
  25. 25. Chapter 6 Get them to feel involved
  26. 26. Make people part of the idea brainstorming, strategic sessions, and feedback processes. they have a SAYin what’s going on Your staff will put in more effort when they feel that
  27. 27. keep your staff from becoming disengaged, disillusioned, and listless. This will also
  28. 28. Want to get ahead in your career?
  29. 29. Take a distance learning course in and get the skills and training you need. Contact Centre Management
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