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How to Stay Warm While Studying This Winter


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5 Points on how to stay warm while studying this winter.

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How to Stay Warm While Studying This Winter

  1. 1. Howtostaywarmwhilestudying thiswinter Getthoseblanketsout Grabahotdrink 03 HEATUPTHOSEHOT WATERBOTTLES 01 02 04 05 WEARWARMCLOTHING Stay warm with a cosy blanket while studying this winter. Boil some water to put in your hot water bottle for extra warmth. Boil the kettle and prepare a hot drink to enjoy while studying.   Prepare and enjoy warm soup to warm the body from the inside. Dress for success. Don’t be shy to add a few layers to help you stay warm during study time.  EATWARMSOUP WWW.OXBRIDGEACADEMY.EDU.ZA