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HR Structures in Different Workplaces


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HR structures can differ considerably from one workplace to another. It all depends on the size of the company, and the internal structures of that company.

Find out more about how structures can change in an HR department depending on the type of organisation.

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HR Structures in Different Workplaces

  1. 1. Responsibilities: ● Recruitment ● Employee contracts ● Employment equity Responsibilities: ● Consultations ● Disciplinary actions ● Conflict resolution ● Policy implementation Responsibilities: ● Training co-ordination ● Family programmes ● Staff health and safety ● Leadership development employees corporate structure HUMAN RESOURCES Employee relations HR director Recruitment Staff development HR manager HR STRUCTURES in different workplaces The human resource management structure within an organisation should reflect the structure of the organisation itself. There is thus a big difference between the HR structures of a small company and that of a large corporation. Small organisations Any company with more than 50 employees will need at least 1 full-time Human Resource Manager. As a company grows in terms of employees and internal structures, HR management becomes a job for more than one person. An HR department consists of multiple HR Managers who each become responsible for a specific aspect of HR management. DUTIES: ● Set basic policies and practices for hiring, training, and remunerating employees. ● Run HR administration. ● Resolve complaints and labour issues. ● Implement and enforce company policies. ●Manage employee relations. Larger organisations Responsibilities: ● HR reporting ● Finance and payroll ● HR recordkeeping HR STRUCTURES in different workplaces Big corporations Big corporations often have multiple branches or regional offices. The HR managers of each branch need to report back to the corporate HR department that oversees the entire corporation. To find out more about studying Human Resource Management via distance learning, visit: Or call: HR department Administration Responsibilities: ● Department management ● HR programs & strategies development ● HR staff recruitment ● Reporting to directors Corporate HR x5 Senior HR Manager 021 1100 200 Divisional HR An HR manager or department’s purpose is to make sure employees fit within the employment structures of an organisation in terms of legislation, policies, and work designation. Responsible for corporate strategies, policies, programmes, and guidelines that apply to divisional branches. Responsible for implementing corporate strategies, policies, programmes, and guidelines at divisional level.