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[whitepaper] Cellular Technology simplifies Smart Water Meter Deployments


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Sierra Wireless and Orange Business Services are ready to partner with OEMs and utilities
building the new generation of smart water metering technology. Providing fl exible hardware,
strong security, and a comprehensive device-to-cloud solution, a joint solution from Sierra
Wireless and Orange can help OEMs capitalize on this growing global market and help
optimize the world’s water supply.

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  • A Smart Wireless Automated Water Meter for Residential Apartments 1. Water Cloud introduces first time in India, a new wireless multi-jet automated smart aqua meter. 2. To better manage and control water consumption, Apartments & commercial complexes are Installing water meters and saving upto 30% in each month. 3. Automated wireless Smart Aqua Meter is an IOT (Internet Of Things) water meter that connects to the internet using wireless technology and thus provides daily meter reading on user's mobile phone. 4. Each flat resident and also association members can monitor his daily reading which is available on Android app. Results in better control on water. 5. It is also generates complete billing of consumed water of entire Apartment as well as each flat by auto generating billing system in every month and we can check individually whenever it is necessary by selecting number of required days. 6. Calculation of total Apartment or each flat water usage available on daily and monthly bases. 7. Monthly Generated bill will be send separately to every residents, the total consumption bill details will only send to authorized Admins or association members. 8. Suitable for multi store apartments as well as commercial complexes. 9. It Helps to avoid leakages, overflow and open taps etc. 10. Due to water savings, the meter cost is recovered in a few months of time. 11. Supports notification in app in case of tampering. 12. Installation could be done on existing pipeline. 13. Very less re-plumbing results in cost savings, Much less in maintenance, No extra pipes needed for installation on terrace 14. Available on Affordable prices, reasonable AMC will be provided.CONTACT +91-9059141129
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