Compiling Competitive Portfolios: Why Telecom Agents Are Choosing Cablecos


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With cableco B2B revenues expected to quadruple by the end of this year, it’s no surprise that forward-thinking agents increasingly are opting to add cablecos to their portfolios. In addition to offering competitive and innovative services that suit an agent’s bottom line, cablecos present agents with benefits such as state-of-the-art infrastructure and established market presence. And with the demand for telecom services growing and the traditional telco market shrinking, cablecos are stepping in to satisfy the needs of a burgeoning market with whom, oftentimes, cablecos already have an established relationship. Whether it’s their robust offerings, their cost savings, or their trend-setting services, cablecos now “have emerged as the logical choice” for agents, Channel Partners reports.

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Compiling Competitive Portfolios: Why Telecom Agents Are Choosing Cablecos

  1. 1. Voice | Internet | Television | Network Services | Cloud Services Compiling Competitive Portfolios: Why Telecom Agents Are Choosing Cablecos
  2. 2. o Forward-thinking agents anticipate market trends and advanced customer needs. o They seize opportunity and identify the most promising providers. o Compile competitive portfolios that offer innovative products, tailored services, scalability, and redundancy. o They search for state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-notch customer care, and costs that suit their bottom lines.
  3. 3. Forward-thinking agents are choosing CABLECOS
  4. 4. Portfolio upgrades serve new market demands. Traditional telcos have left market niches under-served. Though the demand for telecom services is growing, the number of telcos is shrinking: Worldwide this year, there has been $308.2 billion in telecom consolidation deals. “That’s the highest volume of telecom mergers at this point of the year since 2000,” reports The Wall Street Journal.
  5. 5. Cable’s attention on B2B couldn’t be more fixed as they expand & innovate. • Cableco B2B revenues are forecasted to continue strong growth in 2013 and beyond • For cableco Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) has seen 13 consecutive quarters of 20+% of year-over-year revenue growth. • Channel Partners has called cablecos the “dark horse in the race to win market share” of the business sector. • Cablecos re-invest those revenues in network expansion and B2B telecom services.
  6. 6. Forward-thinking agents already are recognizing the ace-in-the-hole opportunity that cablecos offer: “Telecom agents are becoming increasingly interested in alternatives to the telcos as suppliers…. Cable companies have emerged as the logical choice.” (Channel Partners) In the Channel Partners’ 2013 State of the Market report, big changes were noted in channel partners’ perceptions of cableco services. One of the most significant was their recognition of cablecos as reliable network providers—an increase of 30% from last year alone.
  7. 7. Cablecos offer forward-thinking agents growth potential via an established base of clients. From the university-level to elementary school, cablecos already serve the education sector. NYU Law School adopted Metro Ethernet, for example, and Green Dot Public Schools recently upgraded to an Ethernet Wide Area Network (EWAN) solution for its California campuses. Health care constitutes a growing percentage of cableco revenues. As hospitals comply with federal mandates to digitize records, they will be required to upgrade to broadband and dedicated fiber—and security will top their list of demands. When the Hilton Palm Springs Hotel wanted to upgrade to a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) fiber service, the GM looked to TWCBC, with whom the hotel had a 23year partnership.
  8. 8. Forward-thinking agents offer competitive, diversified portfolios. They serve the needs of their clients— increasingly, those needs are met by cablecos.
  9. 9. Innovative products from cablecos threaten to outpace the competition. • Cablecos were Ethernet trendsetters with EPL, EVPL, and ELAN service. • Metro Ethernet is a staple of cableco services & many are Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified. • Increased security ranks high on cablecos’ lists— from Managed Security services to IP VPN solutions that encrypt data. • Well-versed in Cloud services—from online backup to hosted exchange—cablecos like TWCBC also offer advanced Cloud services (such as NaviSite.)
  10. 10. Forward-thinking agents serve clients’ needs by offering providers whose flexibility, scalability, and redundancy translate to customer satisfaction.  Cablecos are fluent in customer care; they deliver advanced communications solutions & offer 24/7 personalized service.  Bandwidth upgrades can be executed within a few business day’s time.  “Network is down” becomes an antiquated saying: With wholly-owned, facilities-based networks, cablecos like TWCBC provide an alternate route for data traffic, limiting the possibility of outages.
  11. 11. Forward-thinking agents choose providers who own and operate state-of-the-art infrastructure. • Last year, TWCBC completed a $120 million fiber-optic cable upgrade in Southern California. • Owning and operating the “last mile” has never been important for cablecos.
  12. 12. Forward-thinking agents pay attention to costs that suit everyone’s bottom lines. With cablecos’ ability to bundle services, the cost savings is remarkable— Cablecos “are able to save end customers oodles of money, which in turn enables them to build out their locations and move to next-generation technology sooner rather than later.” (Channel Partners)
  13. 13. Forward-thinking agents choose And TWCBC rewards that investment back to the partner: TWCBC’s Partner Program offers online tools and marketing support, attractive compensation, and program benefits such as online order management, pre- and post-sales support, field sales support, online training, automated commissions, and extensive marketing materials.
  14. 14. The choice is clear. For more information on Time Warner Cable, see “Cablecos Emerge as the Telecom Provider of Choice for Agents & Businesses Alike” at ration/cablecos-emerge-as-the-telecomprovider-of-choice-for-agents-businesses-alikefinal.