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Mimma Living Lab

  1. 1. www.themegallery.com
  2. 2. Contents MIMMA LIVING LAB: Promote cultural heritage & local development About MIMMA To enhance Alliances and promotion of SME´s About MIMMA´s Living Lab Projects promoted Emotional Exhibitions
  3. 3. About MIMMA 2002 … 2012 Experience More than 400 pieces Emphatic Museum MIMMA operates in Málaga, Spain from its beginnings.. One of the most important collections of musical pieces in Europe Living Lab Value added offert Experimenting & testing with visitors
  4. 4. About MIMMA LIVING LAB One to one contents Text in here Text in here Aim to personalize services to different types of visitors of the museum Platform for testing new products & services related to culture Promote experimentation & SME´s Visitors involvement – co-creators
  5. 5. Projects promoted: Music in Action in Europe National Museum of Liverpool, Museo Stradivariano of Cremona, Curva Minore de Palermo, MIMMA of Spain, Town Hall of Málaga Promote a platform for transfering knowledge between museums of music Develop an european network of museums & organizations especialized on the area of music
  6. 6. To enhance… Enrich emphathy Opportunity to use technology in a friendly way : emphathy Visitors involvement & interaction: go beyond Enrich products & services through visitors expressed needs Test and correct before launching Fidelization of visitors testing
  7. 7. Living Labs Text in here Museum Focused consultancy Public´s studies Customized software Trainning Emphatic model Empathic exhibitions Audits Coaching Museum networking
  8. 8. Alliances and promotion of SME´s…
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